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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mistress Ninian & Cherry boy - part 6, Cherry gets a little chilly

Taking the blindfold out of my pocket again, I put it back over his eyes. He inhaled sharply and stiffened visibly. I grabbed his face and kissed him. Pulling back, I ran my fingernails down his chest, his belly, his legs, still scratching I wrapped around to the back of his legs, up his hips (avoiding his ass) and clawed his back.

"I'll be back," I said. "Don't go anywhere!" I snickered my way up to the kitchen. I kicked off the shiny black heels I'd been wearing. I hate heels! But so many subs like them so I wear them for effect. I debated slipping on some slippers since the basement floor was cold, but decided that my stockings were warm enough. I grabbed a bowl, filled it with ice cubes and headed back down to the dungeon. Because I was no longer wearing the clompy shoes and the sexy trip-hop music I'd put on to set the mood, Cherry didn't hear me and practically jumped when I pressed the ice cube to his back. Sliding it up his spine, I leaned in and whispered, "you miss me?"

"Y-yes Mistress." He shivered as I ran the ice over his butt. "Tha-thank you, Mistress."

"My pleasure," I murmured, focusing on getting the last little sliver of ice to slip between his cheeks. Taking another cube out of the bowl, I sucked on it and walked around to stand in front of him. I removed the ice from my mouth and licked his nipples with my frosty tongue. His breath vibrated as I proceeded to rub an ice cube onto one of his nipples while I sucked, bit and tongued his other one. I sucked on some more ice, making sure to get my tongue stud nice and cold, then pressed it up against one nipple, then the other. "Such cute little nipples."

Setting the bowl of ice down, I grabbed both nipples and twisted them until he squeaked. "I like it when you squeak," I pinched them harder, he gasped. "I like that too." Grabbing his hard cock and yanking him almost off balance, he moaned. "In fact, I like all the little noises you make. You like what I do to make you make those lovely sounds, don't you?" I tightened my grip on his dick and bit down hard on his chest just above his left nipple.

He cried out, "Yes Mistress!"

Pulling back to admire my teeth marks in his flesh, I grinned. The ice in the bowl was almost all the way melted, so I took the last piece out and ran it along his shaft and over his balls. He moaned. I walked around him and poured the icy water over his rosy ass. He grunted loudly, then whimpered. "Is my little Cherry too cold?"

"Ye-yes Mistress."

I pressed my body up against his back, wrapped my arms around his chest and rolled his nipples between my thumb and finger and whispered, "we can't have that. I'm just going to have to warm you up."

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mistress Ninian & Cherry boy - part 5, bruised Cherry

I noticed that the switch had left a thin bruise horizontally across both butt cheeks. It was lovely. I pinched it causing him to yelp. I snickered. I stretched my arms and back and warmed up my joints before taking my first swing. The whip snapped, hitting just below the point of the dragons tail. It was beautiful! After several strokes and the squeaking sounds of Cherry whimpering, I realized that I'd only been marking one cheek. I repositioned myself on the other side him and began marking the other cheek. Once Cherry started crying, I paused.

We'd decided to use the "red light, yellow light, green light" safewords. Red for full stop, the scene ends, Cherry's unbound and we talk. Yellow for pausing the scene and checking in with Cherry. Green... well, green is to restart the scene after a yellow.

Cherry hadn't said a safeword, but I wanted to check in on him. Putting my lips up to his ear and in my sexiest, sultry voice whispered, "how's my little Cherry?"

He gasped, "good Mistress."

I smacked his ass with my palm, he jumped. "Good." Taking the lotion from the shelf, I massaged the salve into his cheeks. "Better?"

He nodded, his shoulders sagging a bit. "Are we finished, Mistress?"

"Oh no," I grinned, replacing the jar. "I'm far from done with you."

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mistress Ninian & Cherry boy - part 4, whipping boy

The stepping unexpectedly onto the cold concrete floor had caused Cherry to gasp, but he did not complain. As we stood at the entrance to the dungeon, I removed his blindfold and gave him a moment to take it all in.

My dungeon is not one of those sweet little play rooms I keep seeing around town with their carpeted floors and fabric on the walls and squishy padded furniture strewn about the place. No, it has an actual dungeon feel to it. Don't get me wrong, the playrooms are nice.... they're just not dungeons. In my dungeon, along with the cold concrete floor, two of the walls are gray brick while the other two are black with stark silhouettes in white painted on them, one of two faces kissing and the other a figure in chains. Shackles hang from the ceiling, a small twin bed with metal barred headboard, a Victorian styled chair that had been duct taped purple, instruments of torture line the walls and an authentic straitjacket hangs in the corner. I'd also blocked the one window with a black curtain and lit candles all around the room.

"Who painted?" Cherry asks, entranced by the artwork.

"My roommate, the one who did all my tattoos."

He turned to look at me. "She is very good artist."

I smiled. "She is great, isn't she?"

He nodded, "if I got American tattoos, I'd have her do it." When we were at the cafe he told me that he got all his tattoos done in Japan.

Taking his hands, I secured first one then the other into the shackles. I stood behind him for a moment taking in the beautiful Japanese dragon tattoo crawling up the right side of his back. It was quite beautiful. The colors were bright and the line work was excellent. But the best part was that the tail made an S curve then ended in a point on his right butt cheek. A perfect spot to aim for.

I walked over to the wall of toys and selected three then laid them out on the bed. I wanted to get to each one of them, but not right away....

Placing a hand on his shoulder, I began to warm his ass with a barehanded spanking. Once one cheek was glowing red, I switched sides then warmed up the other cheek. Holding both palms about an inch away from his tender skin, I could feel the warmth coming off both cheeks. He was well warmed up.

"I'm going to give you three options. Tell me which one you like best." Taking the wooden switch, I thwaped a line across his ass. He sucked in air through his teeth and clenched. "That's choice one." Picking up the rubber whip with the many fine strands, I snapped it across his left cheek. He squeaked. "Choice two." Grabbing the ridding crop, I hit his left ass cheek. "And that's the third choice. Which do you choose?"

"If it pleases you Mistress," he gasped. "I choose the second one."

"Oh yes," I purred. "That does please me quite a bit."

Monday, January 28, 2008

Distracting Daddy (fiction)

My Daddy is sitting at the kitchen table doing homework. He is so annoyed and stressed out from his job that he hasn't had any time for his pet. I keep trying to get his attention with doing little things like placing my toys next to him and only wearing an oversize t-shirt and boxers, which he's always told me he finds super sexy, but he ignores me. All my whining about how he shouldn't have to do homework since he's not in school and I got all my stuff done so I have time for him and how unfair it is that I keep being ignored has only gotten me a stern lecture about how I'm not to bother him while he's working. I know I should leave him alone but I just don't care. He needs to pay attention to me!

I crawl under the table, kneel & run my hands along his inner thighs. I massage him through the fabric, testing the limits.
He grunts, but doesn't tell me to stop as he gets harder. Zipping open his pants, I stifle a giggle as his dick pops out like a Jack-in-the-box. Unaware of my amusement, he lifts his butt off the seat so I can slide his trousers down to his knees. I take his thick rod in one hand and gently massage his balls with the other. I swirl my tongue over the tip and suck on just the head as my hand strokes his shaft. Inch by inch, I take more of him into me as I tongue up, over and around the pulsing thickness. His hands are now in my hair, gripping and pulling. He moans as he thrusts his cock deeper into my mouth. I open wider, trying not to choke, to receive more of him until he is slamming into the back of my throat. He holds my head in place as he fucks my face. I gag and swallow as he shoots his cum into me and moans his orgasm. Even as his dick goes limp, I hold him in my mouth until I've sucked him clean.

Pushing his chair back, he yanks his pants up and tucks himself back in. Reaching under the table, he grabs me by the hair and drags me out. Slamming down on the seat, He throws me over his knees, yanks my shirt up and pulls down my boxers. Without a word, he smacks each cheek until they glow red and tears are streaming down my face. He pauses to readjust me so he can take off my shirt to pinch my nipples while continuing to beat my squirming ass with the wooden hairbrush I'd left on the table. As the beating gets more and more intense, I get more and more aroused. But just as I'm about to come, he stops and makes me stand in the corner with my boxers around my ankles. He orders me to hold my hands behind my back so I don't get into any funny business and stand with my legs as far apart as the elastic will permit. Ignoring my whimpers, he finishes the work I distracted him from.

A few minutes later, he whispers, "thank you." I grin.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mistress Ninian & Cherry boy - part 3, Cherry boy is taken to the dungeon

The day my sweet Cherry came over for our first session I wore a black satin slip and a purple silk robe. He arrived wearing a red and black bowling shirt with a dragon on the back, blue jeans and a red and black striped newsies cap. His well muscled body had a slight quiver to it as his eyes darted around the living room. He absentmindedly rubbed my dog's head.

"So, what should I do?" His voice shivered.

As I put the dog upstairs, I left Cherry standing in the middle of the room. He held his hands behind his back. I circled him, looking him up and down. I sat on the couch. Smiling wickedly, I ordered, "strip."

The vibration in his hands increased as he struggled to unbutton his shirt. Taking pity on him, I stood up and helped him with the buttons. "Thank you ," he whispered as I pecked him on the cheek. I sat back down as he slid the shirt off, pulled his undershirt up over his head and blushed fiercely as he removed his belt and pants. He had to sit on the floor to take his boots and socks off so he could get his pants all the way off. I grinned as his penis pushed through the hole in his boxers. He gasped, put his penis back into his boxers, dropped his hands, put them on his hips then quickly dropped them again.

Blinking I asked, "why'd you stop?" He waved his left hand towards the large double window that had its shades up and the sun streaming through. A car drove by as I looked out the window. I looked back at Cherry, raised an eyebrow and shrugged. "Well?"

"I um..."

"Take the boxers off now." I said sternly. He yanked the boxers down to his ankles immediately. I stifled a giggle as the elastic waistband caused his dick to bob up and down. He looked up to see me grinning. At him furrowing his brows, I lost control & busted out laughing.

"You think my penis, it funny?"

"Oh no! Sweety, it's a very nice penis. It's just that when the head popped out of your shorts it looked like a cherry. Then when you pulled the shorts down, it bobbed a bit and..." I noticed he was going limp. Mentally I thwapped myself on the head. Of course, he wants to be humiliated. I stood up and walked over to him. Grabbing his cock that immediately went rigid, I pushed my face up to his and whispered, "that's what I'm going to call you. You're going to be my Cherry, my little Cherry slut. Do you like that? Do you want to be my little Cherry slut?"


"Yes... what?"

"Yes Mistress."

"That's right." I squeezed his dick and slapped him hard on his cheek. "And don't forget it."

"Yes Mistress."

Letting go, I took a blindfold out of my pocket and put it on him. Taking his hands, I led him through the kitchen, the studio and to the basement door. Warning him about the steepness of the stairs, I led him down to the basement and into the dungeon.

Mistress Ninian & Cherry boy - part 2, Cherry boy tells all

As Cherry told me about his encounter with the German woman, his dark cheeks flushed. We were sitting in a somewhat secluded spot on the patio with the three tables closest to us empty. The only person who could have overheard him was our server. Whenever she approached he would stop talking and lower his eyes to the table. His shy embarrassment intrigued me. Wickedly I asked him to describe, in detail, what he would want me to do with him.

"Um, here?" He asked. I nodded. He leaned across the table, almost knocking over my soda, and whispered, "but people will hear."

I looked around me at the empty tables then back at Cherry and cocked an eyebrow. "If that's the problem, maybe we should move to a table closer to the other patrons." I stood up and Cherry gasped, but he didn't try to stop me. I adjusted my dress as he slumped back, his eyes bugging out of his head. I smirked and sat back down. "Now," I said, settling in my seat, "I insist that you tell me what you want me to do to you."

He swallowed then licked his lips and nodded. Without lifting his eyes from his glass he began. "I want you to make me take off all my clothes and put them away so I can't leave without your permission and to tie me up and to beat me until I cry and you call me sissy and you make me crawl and eat your pussy and tell me how filthy I am and you pour hot wax over my body and put my cock and balls in a ring so even though I want to come I cannot." He stopped, panting with his cheeks burning hot.

I tilted my head. "Is that all?"

Lowering his head to his chest, he shook it.

"Look at me," I demanded. When his eyes were looking into mine, I said, "proceed."

"I - I want you to... I want you to do whatever you want with me. I want you to use me."

I smiled as the server came by and dropped off our check. When she left I said, "I just might have to do that."

Friday, January 25, 2008

Mistress Ninian & Cherry boy - part 1, in which we meet Cherry boy

There was a period in my life where I thought it might be a good idea to become a professional dominatrix. After all, I love dominating! Also, I'd had quite a bit of experience with it when it came to my more submissive lovers. Why not make money at something I enjoy doing? Yet, despite or possibly because of my extensive research & experimentation in BDSM along with the additional research I did on the pro-Dom world, I didn't feel that this was a field I wanted to venture into lightly. I have deep respect for all the pros out there, but the legalities of it all make me a bit crazy. Piss off the wrong person & suddenly you're accused of abuse or, worse, prostitution! (Dude, FELONY!) And there's also the issue I have with wanting to really know the person I'm with other than just ordering them around all the time.

I decided that before I try any of it for pay, I'd do a bit of amateur Dominatrixing.

I found my first "client", who I later called my Cherry boy, on-line. Or rather he found me. We met in person at Earwax, a hip little cafe in Chicago. It was a sunny day so we sat out on the patio. I was wearing my best friend's low-cut black vinyl dress, 'cause I didn't have my own, and looked uber-pro-Dom. Fortunately, it was also short and strappy so I didn't get too warm. Cherry was incredibly hot and tough looking. He was also quite the snazzy dresser with a biker / rock-a-billy flair and had a menagerie of tattoos cascading down his arms. When I got him back home I'd find out that there was green and red oriental dragon crawling up his back. His voice was rich but his words were halting as he'd just moved here from Japan a few months before. And though he'd not had much experience, he had lots of enthusiasm and ideas.

"I did have one time with this woman from Germany. We met in hotel and she would not let me walk the whole time I was with her. She put me to my knees and made me crawl and beg her to do what she wanted with me. She tied me up and she beat me on my bottom. She used a dildo in my ass, I had never had anything there before. She called me her little virgin slut girl and made me eat her pussy. After she came, she saw I was hard and told me how naughty I was. She beat my cock until I cried then tied my cock and balls to each other and put me in a skirt and called me a sissy girl."

(as it's almost midnight, I'm ending things here. More tomorrow!)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Pleasure of Pressure (fiction)

i’m kneeling on the bed completely naked & my lover, who i call Daddy, has my hands tied together in front of me. He puts my arms around His neck as we kiss and His hands explore my body. i giggle and squirm when He brushes a ticklish spot. Daddy likes it when i squirm. He slips free of my arms, pushes me back and attaches my bound wrists to the eyehook in the wall behind my head and soon has me writhing with laughter and moans as He alternates between tickling, pinching, kissing and biting.

“Daddy, i have to pee,” i gasp.

“Do you?” He's straddling me and i can feel through his slacks how hard His cock is as it presses against my thigh. Even though i desperately need to pee, i want Him inside me. As if reading my thoughts, He removes his pants and repositions Himself so that His dick is sliding between my trapped thighs and pushing up against my pussy. i whimper. He rubs His hand down my sternum and my belly until it’s resting over my bladder. He presses down, hard.

“Daddy would be very upset with His little gurl and have to punish her most severely if she peed in his bed. But Daddy isn’t done torturing His little gurl and it would upset Him to release her before He’s done. You don’t want to upset your Daddy, do you?” i bite my lip and shake my head. He takes his hand off my belly and strokes my face. “So you’re going to control yourself and make your Daddy happy, right?”Inhaling deeply, i nod. “Good gurl.”

After slipping on a condom, He parts my legs and pushes just His cock head into me. i’m holding everything so tight it almost hurts. He shoves in further and harder causing me to cry out. The howl of pain is tinged with pleasure as i’m extremely sensitive. It feels so good, but i’m afraid to let myself go. My Daddy has the longest, thickest dick i’ve ever seen or felt and it fills me completely. i love having Him inside me.

Before He comes, He pulls out and removes the condom. Unhooking my hands from the wall, He sits me up then reties them behind my back. Kneeling before me, He grabs the back of my head and guides His cock into my mouth. i taste the salt of Him as i massage His length with my tongue. i open my mouth wider and take Him deep into my throat. i try not to, but He’s so huge i gag. He chuckles as he tightens His grip on my head and drives even deeper. His free hand reaches down my body and seizes a breast, gripping it so hard i know there’ll be bruises tomorrow. He thrusts deeper and harder until He’s grunting. He cums. His delicious juice flowing into me as i swallow every last drop.

He lays back and i get up to go pee.

“Where do you think you’re going, young lady?” The young lady freezes me. My father used to say that when i was in trouble.

“To the bathroom,” i say, turning to Him.

He sits up tilting His head at me. “I don’t recall giving you permission to even leave my bed.”

“But Daddy,” i whine, “i really have to pee.”

His voice goes deep and stern. “Did I ask for excuses? Come here right now and lay across my lap.”

Meekly i do as ordered. He repositions me so that my ass is as high in the air as it can be with my bladder pressed against His knee. There is no gentle build up, he goes right into a sound spanking. After a few minutes, i’m crying, but instead of stopping, he grabs the wooden hair brush off the bedside table and beats my ass harder.

“Daddy,” i cry. “i don’t know if i can hold it in any longer.”

Without a word, He lifts me off His knee and lies me on my back with my legs dangling over the side of the bed. “But you will though. Right?”

“Yes Daddy,” i breathe as He slides a finger into me. my back is arched due to my hands still being tied. He finds this to be a good angle. His tongue and teeth gently coax little moans out of me as His fingers continue to push inside me.

“Come for Daddy,” He growls.

“i’m afraid i’m gonna pee!” i pant.

“No, you’re not,” His voice is thick with the taste of me.

i release to the orgasm that’s been threatening to explode inside me for the last hour as he fingers my clit and watches my face. Standing me on wobbly legs, He guides me to the bathroom and sits me down on the toilet.

He stokes my head as i pee, whispering, “Good gurl,” over and over again.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

As I'll be busy this evening...

...and I'm trying to be very good about posting each day, I thought I'd write a little something different this morning. (It is still morning, right?) A little something about names. As this is mostly memoir material & I didn't go to all my previous or present lovers for permission to write about them, I do not use their names.

What's in a name except the air of identification? What I call someone is what they mean to me. If I call them by their given name, then it is that face that I know; the breath which they present to the world. But if I name a lover....

Oh, if I name you, that means that I have claimed you; you are mine. You have no say. It is how I identify you. Sometimes, I will share these names with my lovers but often, they are my secrets; my hidden names for you, my lovers, for myself.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

When I get wet...

Over ten years ago on a rainy day in park on Washington Island in Door County, Wisconsin I was with my Mentor. He and I were watching the sun dance over the lake, his arms around my waist & his chin resting on the top of my head. I couldn't remember when I'd ever been so happy. The sky darkened, hiding our frolicking sun. A downpour overturned entire picnics as people fled, squealing. My Mentor & I laughed and reveled in the rain. I pulled him with me to jump in puddles & splashed his tidy shirt and jeans with mud. Pretending to be mad, he chased me as I ran screaming over and under picnic tables. He caught me against a tree & kissed me hard, with a viciousness that I'd never before known him to have. I was delighted! Yanking up my skirt, he ripped off my panties & fumbled with his belt. I slapped his hands away and got his pants down to his knees in two seconds flat. A condom came out of his pocket & onto his dick in seconds. Pushing me into the tree, he lifted me up and thrust into me. The sex was rougher than anything we'd done before. I felt myself become wetter and wetter as he held me up and I wrapped my legs around him. We were kissing, biting and scratching to the rhythm of the thunder. Lightening flashed across the sky and we came together for the first time.


"I'm goin' in."

It wasn't until the words had popped out of my mouth that I realized how ridiculous they sounded. My pale cheeks flushed as my friends giggled at me. But what could I do except peer down between my breasts & brush the crumbs out? I tried to play it cool & willed my cheeks to stop blushing. But, as I looked at the grinning faces around me, I could see that their amusement was only enhanced by my embarrassment. And me the girl who doesn't embarrass.

Hours later as we made out in my car before I drove him home, the Whiskey boy whispered in my ear, "I'm goin' in." Before sliding his hand into my shirt to fondle my breasts. I couldn't stop laughing.