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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

As I'll be busy this evening...

...and I'm trying to be very good about posting each day, I thought I'd write a little something different this morning. (It is still morning, right?) A little something about names. As this is mostly memoir material & I didn't go to all my previous or present lovers for permission to write about them, I do not use their names.

What's in a name except the air of identification? What I call someone is what they mean to me. If I call them by their given name, then it is that face that I know; the breath which they present to the world. But if I name a lover....

Oh, if I name you, that means that I have claimed you; you are mine. You have no say. It is how I identify you. Sometimes, I will share these names with my lovers but often, they are my secrets; my hidden names for you, my lovers, for myself.

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rachael said...

Thank You for sharing my name with me Mistress,