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Monday, January 28, 2008

Distracting Daddy (fiction)

My Daddy is sitting at the kitchen table doing homework. He is so annoyed and stressed out from his job that he hasn't had any time for his pet. I keep trying to get his attention with doing little things like placing my toys next to him and only wearing an oversize t-shirt and boxers, which he's always told me he finds super sexy, but he ignores me. All my whining about how he shouldn't have to do homework since he's not in school and I got all my stuff done so I have time for him and how unfair it is that I keep being ignored has only gotten me a stern lecture about how I'm not to bother him while he's working. I know I should leave him alone but I just don't care. He needs to pay attention to me!

I crawl under the table, kneel & run my hands along his inner thighs. I massage him through the fabric, testing the limits.
He grunts, but doesn't tell me to stop as he gets harder. Zipping open his pants, I stifle a giggle as his dick pops out like a Jack-in-the-box. Unaware of my amusement, he lifts his butt off the seat so I can slide his trousers down to his knees. I take his thick rod in one hand and gently massage his balls with the other. I swirl my tongue over the tip and suck on just the head as my hand strokes his shaft. Inch by inch, I take more of him into me as I tongue up, over and around the pulsing thickness. His hands are now in my hair, gripping and pulling. He moans as he thrusts his cock deeper into my mouth. I open wider, trying not to choke, to receive more of him until he is slamming into the back of my throat. He holds my head in place as he fucks my face. I gag and swallow as he shoots his cum into me and moans his orgasm. Even as his dick goes limp, I hold him in my mouth until I've sucked him clean.

Pushing his chair back, he yanks his pants up and tucks himself back in. Reaching under the table, he grabs me by the hair and drags me out. Slamming down on the seat, He throws me over his knees, yanks my shirt up and pulls down my boxers. Without a word, he smacks each cheek until they glow red and tears are streaming down my face. He pauses to readjust me so he can take off my shirt to pinch my nipples while continuing to beat my squirming ass with the wooden hairbrush I'd left on the table. As the beating gets more and more intense, I get more and more aroused. But just as I'm about to come, he stops and makes me stand in the corner with my boxers around my ankles. He orders me to hold my hands behind my back so I don't get into any funny business and stand with my legs as far apart as the elastic will permit. Ignoring my whimpers, he finishes the work I distracted him from.

A few minutes later, he whispers, "thank you." I grin.

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