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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mistress Ninian & Cherry boy - part 4, whipping boy

The stepping unexpectedly onto the cold concrete floor had caused Cherry to gasp, but he did not complain. As we stood at the entrance to the dungeon, I removed his blindfold and gave him a moment to take it all in.

My dungeon is not one of those sweet little play rooms I keep seeing around town with their carpeted floors and fabric on the walls and squishy padded furniture strewn about the place. No, it has an actual dungeon feel to it. Don't get me wrong, the playrooms are nice.... they're just not dungeons. In my dungeon, along with the cold concrete floor, two of the walls are gray brick while the other two are black with stark silhouettes in white painted on them, one of two faces kissing and the other a figure in chains. Shackles hang from the ceiling, a small twin bed with metal barred headboard, a Victorian styled chair that had been duct taped purple, instruments of torture line the walls and an authentic straitjacket hangs in the corner. I'd also blocked the one window with a black curtain and lit candles all around the room.

"Who painted?" Cherry asks, entranced by the artwork.

"My roommate, the one who did all my tattoos."

He turned to look at me. "She is very good artist."

I smiled. "She is great, isn't she?"

He nodded, "if I got American tattoos, I'd have her do it." When we were at the cafe he told me that he got all his tattoos done in Japan.

Taking his hands, I secured first one then the other into the shackles. I stood behind him for a moment taking in the beautiful Japanese dragon tattoo crawling up the right side of his back. It was quite beautiful. The colors were bright and the line work was excellent. But the best part was that the tail made an S curve then ended in a point on his right butt cheek. A perfect spot to aim for.

I walked over to the wall of toys and selected three then laid them out on the bed. I wanted to get to each one of them, but not right away....

Placing a hand on his shoulder, I began to warm his ass with a barehanded spanking. Once one cheek was glowing red, I switched sides then warmed up the other cheek. Holding both palms about an inch away from his tender skin, I could feel the warmth coming off both cheeks. He was well warmed up.

"I'm going to give you three options. Tell me which one you like best." Taking the wooden switch, I thwaped a line across his ass. He sucked in air through his teeth and clenched. "That's choice one." Picking up the rubber whip with the many fine strands, I snapped it across his left cheek. He squeaked. "Choice two." Grabbing the ridding crop, I hit his left ass cheek. "And that's the third choice. Which do you choose?"

"If it pleases you Mistress," he gasped. "I choose the second one."

"Oh yes," I purred. "That does please me quite a bit."


Bekbek said...

It'd hard to say whether I like the fiction or the fact better!
I think you may have mis-spelled instrument toward the middle on this entry, just sayin'.

Ninian said...

Yippy!! the not knowing which to like better! Like them both!! ;>

And I fixed instrument. Thanks!