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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mistress Ninian & Cherry boy - part 5, bruised Cherry

I noticed that the switch had left a thin bruise horizontally across both butt cheeks. It was lovely. I pinched it causing him to yelp. I snickered. I stretched my arms and back and warmed up my joints before taking my first swing. The whip snapped, hitting just below the point of the dragons tail. It was beautiful! After several strokes and the squeaking sounds of Cherry whimpering, I realized that I'd only been marking one cheek. I repositioned myself on the other side him and began marking the other cheek. Once Cherry started crying, I paused.

We'd decided to use the "red light, yellow light, green light" safewords. Red for full stop, the scene ends, Cherry's unbound and we talk. Yellow for pausing the scene and checking in with Cherry. Green... well, green is to restart the scene after a yellow.

Cherry hadn't said a safeword, but I wanted to check in on him. Putting my lips up to his ear and in my sexiest, sultry voice whispered, "how's my little Cherry?"

He gasped, "good Mistress."

I smacked his ass with my palm, he jumped. "Good." Taking the lotion from the shelf, I massaged the salve into his cheeks. "Better?"

He nodded, his shoulders sagging a bit. "Are we finished, Mistress?"

"Oh no," I grinned, replacing the jar. "I'm far from done with you."


.me said...

I find the way a dom (domme? whatever) has to read a client's body language interesting. It's a skill that, strangely enough, is important to develop in some of the more dangerous gaming circles as well. The subtleties of voice and expression, the flexing of the imagination between tension and catharsis; these are tools that help people find each other's emotional and thematic limits, and push against those limits without poking holes in them.

Ninian said...

Yeah, poking holes in people is bad. Unless that's their kink. ;>