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Friday, January 25, 2008

Mistress Ninian & Cherry boy - part 1, in which we meet Cherry boy

There was a period in my life where I thought it might be a good idea to become a professional dominatrix. After all, I love dominating! Also, I'd had quite a bit of experience with it when it came to my more submissive lovers. Why not make money at something I enjoy doing? Yet, despite or possibly because of my extensive research & experimentation in BDSM along with the additional research I did on the pro-Dom world, I didn't feel that this was a field I wanted to venture into lightly. I have deep respect for all the pros out there, but the legalities of it all make me a bit crazy. Piss off the wrong person & suddenly you're accused of abuse or, worse, prostitution! (Dude, FELONY!) And there's also the issue I have with wanting to really know the person I'm with other than just ordering them around all the time.

I decided that before I try any of it for pay, I'd do a bit of amateur Dominatrixing.

I found my first "client", who I later called my Cherry boy, on-line. Or rather he found me. We met in person at Earwax, a hip little cafe in Chicago. It was a sunny day so we sat out on the patio. I was wearing my best friend's low-cut black vinyl dress, 'cause I didn't have my own, and looked uber-pro-Dom. Fortunately, it was also short and strappy so I didn't get too warm. Cherry was incredibly hot and tough looking. He was also quite the snazzy dresser with a biker / rock-a-billy flair and had a menagerie of tattoos cascading down his arms. When I got him back home I'd find out that there was green and red oriental dragon crawling up his back. His voice was rich but his words were halting as he'd just moved here from Japan a few months before. And though he'd not had much experience, he had lots of enthusiasm and ideas.

"I did have one time with this woman from Germany. We met in hotel and she would not let me walk the whole time I was with her. She put me to my knees and made me crawl and beg her to do what she wanted with me. She tied me up and she beat me on my bottom. She used a dildo in my ass, I had never had anything there before. She called me her little virgin slut girl and made me eat her pussy. After she came, she saw I was hard and told me how naughty I was. She beat my cock until I cried then tied my cock and balls to each other and put me in a skirt and called me a sissy girl."

(as it's almost midnight, I'm ending things here. More tomorrow!)

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