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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mistress Ninian & Cherry boy - part 3, Cherry boy is taken to the dungeon

The day my sweet Cherry came over for our first session I wore a black satin slip and a purple silk robe. He arrived wearing a red and black bowling shirt with a dragon on the back, blue jeans and a red and black striped newsies cap. His well muscled body had a slight quiver to it as his eyes darted around the living room. He absentmindedly rubbed my dog's head.

"So, what should I do?" His voice shivered.

As I put the dog upstairs, I left Cherry standing in the middle of the room. He held his hands behind his back. I circled him, looking him up and down. I sat on the couch. Smiling wickedly, I ordered, "strip."

The vibration in his hands increased as he struggled to unbutton his shirt. Taking pity on him, I stood up and helped him with the buttons. "Thank you ," he whispered as I pecked him on the cheek. I sat back down as he slid the shirt off, pulled his undershirt up over his head and blushed fiercely as he removed his belt and pants. He had to sit on the floor to take his boots and socks off so he could get his pants all the way off. I grinned as his penis pushed through the hole in his boxers. He gasped, put his penis back into his boxers, dropped his hands, put them on his hips then quickly dropped them again.

Blinking I asked, "why'd you stop?" He waved his left hand towards the large double window that had its shades up and the sun streaming through. A car drove by as I looked out the window. I looked back at Cherry, raised an eyebrow and shrugged. "Well?"

"I um..."

"Take the boxers off now." I said sternly. He yanked the boxers down to his ankles immediately. I stifled a giggle as the elastic waistband caused his dick to bob up and down. He looked up to see me grinning. At him furrowing his brows, I lost control & busted out laughing.

"You think my penis, it funny?"

"Oh no! Sweety, it's a very nice penis. It's just that when the head popped out of your shorts it looked like a cherry. Then when you pulled the shorts down, it bobbed a bit and..." I noticed he was going limp. Mentally I thwapped myself on the head. Of course, he wants to be humiliated. I stood up and walked over to him. Grabbing his cock that immediately went rigid, I pushed my face up to his and whispered, "that's what I'm going to call you. You're going to be my Cherry, my little Cherry slut. Do you like that? Do you want to be my little Cherry slut?"


"Yes... what?"

"Yes Mistress."

"That's right." I squeezed his dick and slapped him hard on his cheek. "And don't forget it."

"Yes Mistress."

Letting go, I took a blindfold out of my pocket and put it on him. Taking his hands, I led him through the kitchen, the studio and to the basement door. Warning him about the steepness of the stairs, I led him down to the basement and into the dungeon.


a. lake said...

"Oh no! Sweety, it's a very nice penis. It's just that when the head popped out of your shorts it looked like a cherry.

That line made me giggle so hard!!! teeheeheeheeheeheehee!!!

I enjoy this blog immensely.. should start a new one of my own..

Ninian said...

YesyesyesYES!!! You totally should!! I'm ever so pleased that you're enjoying it.