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Friday, February 29, 2008

Cuddle Slut

I can't even begin to explain how much I love to cuddle.

The funny thing about this is that my primary relationship with the Artist, a wonderful woman who just so happens to be heterosexual, is not a very touchy relationship. Sure, every once in a while we'll cuddle and we hug all the time and, at a few parties, have even made out a few times. I've chained her up in the basement and beaten her and she's done the same for me. But that's not the normal state of our relationship. The Artist and I tend to sit across the room from each other. When camping we'll often sit directly across from each other around a bonfire. (We actually didn't realize this until someone pointed it out.)

What brought my musings of cuddling about is twofold:

Last night I hung out with the Wolf and the Gypsy and watched movies. We were all sitting on the couch when the Gypsy leaned back into the Wolf (he, in his ever so subtle way, had finagled the spot between us) and he leaned into me. After a bit of tickling and squirming it became a comfortable puppy pile. It was lovely!

This got me thinking about my couple...

Tomorrow I go visit my couple. As much as I'm looking forward to talking, hanging, eating, planning and (of course) having sex with them, I'm looking forward to cuddling them. Almost more than (or at least equal to) everything else, I'm anxious to CUDDLE with them!!! I LOVE cuddling them! Seriously, if we didn't have sex all weekend but cuddled the whole time, I'd be the happiest Cuddle Slut ever! Not that I don't want to have sex 'cause HELL yeah, they're fun!!! But just cuddling's great...


Thursday, February 28, 2008

An Early Morning Post...

As I'll be busy this evening, I thought it would be prudent to post now & not chance the "maybe I'll be home in time tonight." Unfortunately, I'm not much of a morning person, so it might prove to be a bit of a ramble. I'll try to organize.

On Waking Up Horny

Waking Up Horny alone...
The good thing about being alone when waking up horny is not having to worry about another person's mood or level of horniness. It's all me! If I have time (which I so rarely do) a bit of fluffin' the muffin will not only calm the ravenous wildcat that resides inside but will give me a certain level of focus and clarity throughout the day. Now, if I don't have time, this means that the beast will be growling all day. This is not necessarily a bad thing... especially if I'm to see a lover (or lovers) during the day or later that evening. It is, however, not such a great thing if I will not be seeing any lovers anytime soon and my libido is distracting me from what I should be focusing on. It can be funny though... but then, I am rather twisted. (Hee-hee!)

Waking Up Horny with a lover / lovers...
This has the same pitfalls as waking up alone and horny when I have to leave right away. And if the lover(s) are not in the mood, this is pretty much the same as not having time, at least as far as my libido goes. An interesting thing happens when my horniness is matched with my lover(s)... instead of quailing my feelings of horniness, this tends to make me even more horny. I will be going about my day when I'll suddenly be accosted by a physical memory that vibrates my body. And if there are bruises... oh boy! I could be resonating from that for weeks with or without morning sex. But I do like me some morning sex!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

On Cunning Linguists...

It is not so cunning to use teeth. I, as a connoisseur of pain, can honestly say that the scrap of teeth or, gods forbid, an actual bite on my clit is not the kind of surprise this pain monkey is into. A rather kinky friend of mine made that mistake… once. He thought that since I like being bitten and I like pain and I like cunnilingus, then I’d definitely like all three together. BIG mistake! (He narrowly avoided having his head crushed like a melon between my thighs.)

Commenting on the amount of hair, or lack thereof, down there while down there is not only lacking in cunning, but is ill form. This is a discussion, if you absolutely feel the need, for a time when you’re both upright and fully clothed.

Another thing to avoid is saying anything negative about the woman's smell or the taste. Even the most self-confident woman would have issue with such comments. Now positive remarks like, “mmmm, you’re tasty!” are quite lovely.

Tongues and lips
Length and tips
Pressure and suction
Beyond just function
Lapping is auspicious
It’s all so delicious!

My own cunning is still in question, as my current female lover tends to be shy. She has responded physically quite well and, when asked, says she enjoys herself. But I want more! (Greedy as I am for feedback.) I must try to winkle it out of her. ;)

And, it’s true, I like to be kissed with my taste in your mouth... it's a personal aesthetic.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Favorite sexual positions

I recently had a conversation about my NEW favorite position with my lovely couple... going down on her with him fucking me from behind and there's quite a bit of nipple play and biting and ass smacking... (Oh my, I'm turned on just thinking about it!) It's not the only position I like with them since I've liked everything we've tried & look forward to trying more. But thinking about it got me to thinking about all the different favorite positions I've had ever since I started having sex.

What makes a favorite position for this lascivious honey pot? Why, I'm glad you asked. When I first started having sex, I didn't think too much about it. Having sex was enough fun! It took a while for me to realize that with some lovers, certain positions worked really well and others didn't. The way our bodies fit, each person's enjoyment, the talents of certain lovers can make all the difference.

For the longest time, my favorite sexual position was to be on top. I liked the control, the tease, the fact that I could lean way back or forward if I wished and touch him wherever and he could touch me, but only when I let him.

I had a mate with whom my favorite position was spooning. I'd never had sex spooning before and it was quite amazing. But when I tried it with other lovers, it just didn't work.

Then I had sex in a chair. That's AWESOME!!! I'm guessing I'd really like one of those sex swings things.

I've alway liked cunnilingus, but it only became my favorite with one boy. He could do amazing things with his tongue. (Too bad he had so many other issues.)

I've had several lovers with whom I've found the folded in half position to be amazingly delightful. It's good to be flexible.

Monday, February 25, 2008

No post tonight...

Actually, by writing this, I guess that means that this is the post. So I guess what I meant was... no EROTICA or story time tonight. More tomorrow night!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Overwhelmed & Thoughtful

I had a scene with a Dom today. I've never played with a Dom before... many switches and a few subs, but never a Dom. While there were some great aspects of what we did, there was a point at which we hit my sub limit.

I can't say what exactly did it, but I had a sudden urge to throw him through the wall. It wasn't that he did anything wrong, I was just overwhelmed by a sense of incredible violence... the dominant side of me HATED this whole idea of submitting.

After everything was over, we talked. He said if we had taped the scene, he would have been able to point to the moment in which my switch was flipped. This amused me.
The fact that he was willing to talk about it and was very understanding made it comfortable for me to explore what I was feeling. He was understanding (though somewhat disappointed) that I didn't feel like it would work between us.

But I must say, it was all very interesting...

I learned that I might be WAY more dominant than submissive on the Kinsey Scale of Kink.

I also learned that I DO NOT like Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) - OWWWW! I mean seriously, OW! Not ow like, "oooh ow, mmmmm, that's fun!" like the amazing beating I got that's left some fabulous bruises on my ass, but OW like... "nonononononono!!" I endured it to see if it would get better. It did not. It felt like the thinest needles being shoved through my nipples... kind of like getting tattooed except without the soothing vibration and it felt as if it was going much, much deeper. And my NIPPLES!!!! Yeah, so not gonna happen again.
He was going down on me at the same time. That was confusing because my upper half was in pain while my lower half was super turned on. Then he told me to, "come for Daddy." I said I didn't think I could. But then I realized that if I cum, he'd remove the clips. So I focused on the good feelings and ignored the pain and, and... then it was over.

I actually used my safeword. I've never done that before. That was when he put the TENS to a higher setting. That felt like knives stabbing. (Yeah, ow!)

The thing that got to me the most was that the entire time, my mind kept wandering to the Philosopher & the Photographer. I didn't feel guilty, like I was doing anything wrong, but I felt like I wanted to be with them and not anyone else. Maybe doing something like this so early into our new relationship was too soon. I'm just so smitten with my bgoifriend that they're the only people I want to be involved with right now.

Polyfidelity perhaps? Mmmm, must give this more thought...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

an erotic wrestling story (fiction)


His green eyes sparked as I broke free of his hold and flipped around to face him. Throwing him down, I pinned him to the mattress on the floor with his arms crossed over his chest and held him by the wrists. He gasped a laugh and tried to lunge up at me with his head. I held him firm with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.

"You've been working out, " he panted.
With a quick bob of my head, I pecked his lips, but pulled back before he could kiss me. After a few more minutes of struggling against my hold, he relaxed. "So now that you've got me, what do you plan to do with me?"

I licked my lips, wondering how I was going to bind him without releasing him in the process. As I looked around the room for a way to tie his limbs, he followed my look and laughed.

"You're trying to find something?" His voice held amusement and scorn.

Behind his head, I saw dangling from the window the
curtain's cord. Crawling up along his torso, I drew his wrists to lay beside his hips and kneeled on them As I leaned over him to grab the cord. He snapped at my breasts as they hung over his face. I grunted but didn't allow him to distract me as I yanked the cord free of its track.

"Hey!" He tried to turn his head so he could see what I was doing, but I smothered his face with my bosom. "What're you breaking?" His voice was muffled in my flesh.

"Nothing," I sang. Lifting my knees and grabbing his hands, I pulled them above his head. I lifted my breast from his face and quickly tied his wrists... even as he bit me hard, I cried out but kept tying him until his bonds were tight.

Rolling him over I reached under the mattress and pulled out the birch switch I'd stashed there when I'd arrived. I thwacked him lightly across the ass.

He twisted around. "Hey, what's that?" I shoved him back down and sat on his back. "What're you d- owe! Doing?" I snickered, thwacking him three more times in quick succession. He rolled over, throwing me onto the ground. He rolled on top of me, trapping me beneath him. I tried to push him off, but he held me down, kissing me as I shoved against his arms. "guess what?" He asked.


He put a wrist in my face. "I got free. And also..." he held up my switch. "Looky what I found!"

Squirming out from under him, I tried to grab the switch. But he tossed it across the room and grabbed my hands instead. He made quick work of tying my hands before throwing me on the mattress then running across the room to grab the switch.

I quickly slipped out of the terrible bondage and tackled him from behind. We went skidding across the room, biting, scratching and tickling. The switch slid into the other room as clothes were pulled off and we forgot the fight as our mouths locked and hands roamed and we screwed like monkeys.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Basement Bordello

A group of seven friends all living together decided to make one of the rooms in the basement the sex room. They called it their basement bordello. In that room, they each contributed several toys and a fish bowl full of a variety of condoms.

In the center of that basement, there was a load bearing pole. Just behind it, a rope hung loose from the rafter, looped twice over a wooden beam. After a wicked romp around the room where me and my lover lost all our clothes except my boots and his socks, we were panting. We'd used almost every one of the sensual toys including two condoms - one that tasted like cinnamon and another that tickled deep inside me. Then he led me to the pole. He turned me to face it, pressing me to it so that the pole was up against the center of my body, with my breasts on either side. Taking my wrists, he tied them tight with the dangling rope and stretched my arms up. He pulled until I was standing on my toes and I was making squeaky noises. Then he lowered me to where my boots could rest firmly on the ground.

He blindfolded me with the scarf I'd been wearing & gagged me by tying the tie he'd been wearing several times around my head until it sat in my mouth like a bit. Twisting my shoulder length hair around his hand, he roughly pulled my head back into his chest.

"Stomp your left foot twice to get me to stop. Understand?" I nodded as well as I could. "Lets hear you do it." I slammed my foot down twice. "Good."

Before letting go of my hair, he pushed my head down so that my chin was touching my chest. He wrapped a band around my hair & piled it on my head. The next thing I felt was hot wax being poured all over my back. I inhaled loudly though my gag as he continued down to my ass. It wasn't until every bit of flesh on my back and rear as well as parts of my arms, shoulders and legs was covered in wax that he stopped. Then I heard a crack. I knew they had a bull-whip down there, but I didn't know he knew how to use it. As the wicked tail bit through the wax to my flesh I found that he did. Once he'd completely removed all the wax, I heard him set the whip down. He was moving a few things around and I so wished I could see what he was doing. The next thing he used was hard and thuddy. I was pretty sure it was the heavy wooden paddle. He stayed on my ass for that one. But then he used a sharp and stingy rubber flogger that went all over my ass, my back and wrapped around to hit my hips and my breasts. I whimpered and moaned, but that seemed to encourage him. He walked around me and, using what I believe was a riding crop, he hit my nipples until I was crying.

"If you want me to stop, just stomp." I nodded into the pole but kept my feet firmly planted on the ground. Well, as firmly planted as I could since all of my toes were curling in my boots. He was behind me again with something long and thick. It seemed to thwack deep into my very bones, even though he was only using it on the fleshiest parts of my already flaming bum.

I heard him growl low, as he threw the instrument aside and pressed himself up to my back, his dick shoved into the cleave between the tops of my legs and the bottom of my ass as he grabbed both my breast and squeezed. I thrust my hips back, my bruises aching against his belly, trying to rub my dripping clit along his shaft. He untied my hands as he bit my shoulders harder and harder until I gave a muffled scream. Then he let go and moved away. I stood in the middle of the room, no longer attached to the pole, but still blindfolded and gagged, confused. He was quickly back again, removing my blindfold and gag. Then he grabbed me by my hips and lifted me off the floor as his condomed cock found my slippery pussy and rammed in. Wrapping his arms around my middle, he carried me over to the bed where he threw me down face first without losing contact. The sex was swift and furious but I was so turned on by the beating and the continued pressure on my bruising body, I came just as he did.

As soon as he was done, he slipped out of me, tossed out the condom, then pulled me up onto the bed with him.

"Did you like that?" His breathing was still ragged as he spoke. I opened my mouth to speak, found that I had no voice, and just nodded as my body spasmed in his arms.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Meeting Daddy J...

We met in a small breakfast place near my house. I was nervous... not nervous as unto, "what if he doesn't like me?" (I'm far too cocky for that.) but nervous because if everything worked out, this will be my first Dom. I've had lots of experiences with subs and some switches, but not much with someone who identifies as a Dom.

I was pleased to get a booth. One near the window, so I could watch for him yet kind of tucked away in the corner so it had a sense of privacy to it.

He arrived a few minutes after me. I breathed a sigh as He looked just like his picture, lovely salt & pepper hair and piercing blue eyes. We ordered, we ate, we talked. He spoke with ease and comfort and I spoke freely, though still a bit flustered.

I was so comfortable that when he suggested driving somewhere, I immediately smiled and agreed. I'd been hoping He'd say something like that. Because He wanted me to feel safe, He let me choose which car we went in. I surprised myself by suggesting that we take His car. I'm not usually so quick to trust, but there was something about Him.

He drove us to a forest preserve and we parked in the lot. Adjusting the seats, He turned to me and ran a finger along the side of my face. A chill went through me. He leaned in and kissed me, probing my mouth with His tongue. His hand grabbed my left breast and he pinched my nipple through the fabric of my shirt and my bra. i could feel the moisture building up between my thighs.

With His lips at my ear, He whispered, "you want to please Daddy, don't you?"

i nodded into his coat. "Yes, Daddy."

"Good." His voice was strong. He slid his hand under my shirt, pulled my breast free of the bra and twisted my nipple as he kissed me harder & deeper. i gasped and kissed back.

He took the hand that i was clumsily pressing against his thigh and guided it to where His cock was straining against His pants. i stroked and massaged Him through the fabric as He pulled me closer to him.

"You want to feel it, don't you? You naughty girl. You want to put your mouth on it, you dirty little slut."

Blushing furiously and unable to speak, i nodded into his chest. i expected him to make me take His penis out and go down right then, but He pushed me back and took my nipple into His mouth. i moaned, twining my fingers in His soft hair as i felt my panties become drenched with my own juices.

As He leaned back, i saw that He had opened His pants just enough to let His penis head out. i reached over and stroked it as He slid his pants open and more of His erect member came into view. He was quite lovely. Thick but not too long and wrapped in veins. i wanted to suck it.

As if reading my mind, He said, "you want this in your mouth don't you?"

"Yes Daddy," i whispered. But i was hesitant to act on my want. He put his hand to the back of my head and with a gentle yet firm pull, brought my face to his crotch.

i was so naughty, so slutty going down on this man i'd just met. But He smelled good and tasted so nice I just couldn't resist. He moaned and pinched my nipple and stroked my back as i pulled all of him into my mouth. He hit the back of my throat, nearly causing me to gag, then pushed a little further in. i sucked up along his shaft and breathed before sliding back down the length of him.

"Mmmmmm, Daddy likes that."

We had to stop before Daddy was able to cum because some other cars had parked close and it was nearly time for me to go to work. He pulled me to him and kissed me. Twisting my nipple even harder than before, He whispered into my hair, "Daddy's gonna have a lot of fun with you on Sunday."

I nodded, biting my lip and shivered in anticipation.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mistress Ninian & Cherry boy - part 8, All Wrapped Up

After releasing Cherry from his bonds and cleaning off the wax, I decided I wanted to play with something a bit different. I'd recently read about mummifying a person & I was curious as to what that would be like. And, as luck would have it, we has a huge roll of saran wrap. We worked out a safe signal since he wasn't going to be able to say the safeword. It was just a precaution... I'd never had a sub use their safeword.

Then I began to wrap. I started by wrapping his head, everything but his nose, making sure he could still breathe. Then I worked down his body. I kept his tender nipples exposed as I wrapped around his torso. I also wrapped his ass with fewer layers than the rest of his body. I swathed his inner thighs separately, making sure his cock and balls are out. I then wrap his legs together.

Once he's completely encased and quite immobile, I took a jelly cockring out of my pocket, removed it from its package and slid it around his unit and then his balls. He moaned as i put it on him. After it's in place, I stand him in the middle of the room. I pinched his nipples lightly, nibble at them then twist them harder until he's breathing heavy and groaning through his plastic gag. I could smell the musk of his sweat through his mummy wrappings. With my hand around his dick, I led him over to the bed. He took mincing steps because his bindings wouldn't let him take longer steps.

I laid him down on his stomach, arranging pillows under his chin and chest so that his face was not buried and he could breathe. Grabbing my riding crop, I began to thwack his ass. He moaned heaver as the hits grew in intensity. Tossing the crop aside, I grabbed my wooden hair brush and began beating at the same level of passion. Something about him being so helpless flipped my switch and I became much more brutal with beating him, forgetting that I'd already caused quite a bit of damage already. Through the thin plastic I could see the welts from his earlier beating becoming bruises and other welts were swelling on top of those. Seeing that fueled my desire to hurt him! So I tossed the brush aside and grabbed my plastic ruler. After only four hits from that, he lifted his legs, giving the safe signal.

Quickly I grabbed the scissors I'd brought down with me and cut him free of his mummification. He was crying, so I held him to my chest and stroked his long black hair. This tough tattooed Japanese biker dude was huddled in my lap, sobbing.

"I like what you do, but it was too much. You are not mad at your Cherry?"

"Oh no, Cherry. Here, lie down and I'll make it all feel better."

As he laid there, I salved his tender wounds. His whimpers became sighs until he was almost asleep. I helped him up, gave him back his clothes and led him to the front door.

"Did you have fun?" I asked.

His face flushed red and he swallowed three times before mumbling, "very muchly, Mistress."

Grabbing his chin, I kissed him long and deep. Then, with a swat to his still sore ass, I sent him on his way.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oral Sex!

A bit on blow-jobs...

Okay, I promise to have a post on cunnilingus later. Ummmmm... yes, I do like muff diving as the diver and the muff. But that's not what this post is about.

This post is about fellatio... giving head... painting the pole... sucking cock and my relationship to it. For the longest time, I didn't like going down. I have a relatively small and narrow mouth. (My dentist told me so!) I wanted to learn how to do it right, but didn't quite know how to ask for that instruction. Being the nerd that I am, I did tons research. But the research didn't translate to practical application and anytime I tried to explain this to my various lovers, they'd first try to "train" me, then get frustrated with me. So, despite my desire to become better, I went back to giving a few licks, a token suck and moving onto other sexual activities. Since I was more than willing to do other things, and teaching me was too difficult, my lovers did not push for it. That is... until I met the Mad Monk.

The Mad Monk's a hummer connoisseur and he had quite the sausage to suck! He was long and thick and liked being deep throated even more than any other sexual activity. So when his desire for head collided to with my "meh" attitude, he decided to acquaint me with the joys of going down.

As I've always been interested & turned on by the idea of oral sex, the Mad Monk made it his mission to change that. Over several hours, he patiently guided me and I learned all sorts of things about giving head that I'd never even thought about. We found what worked and what didn't. I discovered that while certain positions were uncomfortable or awkward, with a bit of a shift, I could make just about any position work for me. And as for him being too long and thick for my poor little mouth, he helped me "feel out" (ha!) different ways to use my hands and, even more excitingly, my tongue and my breasts.

I wouldn't say that my fellatio skills are the best, but I am quite enthusiastic about it. And the pay off? I love to suck cock!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Tantalizing Triad

I spent this past weekend with my bgoifriend, the Philosopher and the Photographer. The drive was a straight shot and I, the mistress of random navigation, actually managed to there without getting lost!

Once I arrived, I was taken on a tour of their apartment. It was a tour which involved lots of groping as Philo held and hugged me as we walked through the place... pausing for moments to kiss as layers of my clothes were removed. Photo flitted around saying "show her..." this or that. She'd run up and kiss me then would take off again. Once the tour was over I was topless. Philo & I wrestled in the living room in front of the large open windows. After a bit more making out and more clothes were removed... and they weren't all mine... then we moved into the much warmer bedroom and continued romping.

The thing about the visit wasn't just the sex... though the sex was amazing as well as the beatings and the bitings and the wrestling and the cuddling and the kissing and the licking and all that. But the part about the visit that was the best were the talks. I adore dating such am intelligent and thoughtful couple.

Maybe more later, but I MUST catch up on sleep!!! ;>

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Naughty Bits

  • tickle tackle nibble & bite
  • an inny & an outy? awesome!
  • playing: who's in the middle?
  • SMACK!
  • stinging bottom
  • kissing, kissing, kissing...
  • ring of bites along the back of my neck
  • waking the roommate to ask for lube
  • holding hands
  • playing drums along the skin
  • licking, sucking, biting
  • stroking palms & wrists
  • bondage in the basement!
  • sharp & stingy
  • beaten & bruised
  • favorite position... my mouth in her pussy, him fucking me from behind
  • textures & ice
  • biting, sucking, licking
  • kissing, kissing, kissing...
  • hair pulling
  • teasing
  • tasty!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Another first...

He was like a sliver, an eyelash in the corner of my eye. That's what I shall call him, eyelash. He managed to catch me in the corner between two doors inside a mission house where we, the Americans from the north (as far as Texas) were missionaries.

His dark eyes had narrowed in me the first day we stepped off the bus. I noticed but figured it was just my imagination. The other girls, older girls, were all so much prettier than I. At 15 my face was an oil field, my body was awkward and I had monkey arms. But he came up to greet me as the other boys of the mission flocked to my petite older sister and her friends. And while the boys of the town greeted the missionary boys with joking and crazy banter, my Eyelash kept his focus on me.

Oh we great Christians of the north going South to minister to those who've been corrupted, for the most part, by the teachings of the Catholic Church. Aren't we so grand, so very noble? I've been further south, but the ministry was a sideline for my family then; an afterthought, while it was the main thrust of the Mexico trips. Though that's all quite beside the point.

The point was that I had caught the Eyelash's eye and, in doing so, he had my fancy. I would have noticed him sooner, but so many of the boy were so beautiful and I was just opening. His attention was intense. He had a jaw that was set and solid. A low pouty lip that sprang full when he smiled. And his eyes... Mahogany wells veiled in a rich curtain eyelashes that persistently found my face. He knew no English, but my Spanish was strong... if only he'd talk. He never said more than 'si' or 'no', but he'd find excuses to be near me. He'd carry supplies to the classroom where I was the assistant bible school teacher and he'd lean against the door frame watching me until he was dismissed.

The day he trapped me between the doors, I'd gone back to the classroom to get a pile of something... I forget what - pictures? supplies? - something. All the kids had been take home on the bus we'd driven across the border in. All except his group of teenage boys who lived right by the mission and walked everyday. They'd gone home almost half an hour after the bus had left. Yet somehow, despite the diligence of the adults of our group to see that all the kids (especially the teen boys) had left, he managed to stay or sneak back in.

The place he had hidden was a V shaped area between two doors that swung inwards and often hit each other when they were both opened at the same time. My Eyelash had hidden himself in that narrow corner, the only spot you couldn't see when looking through the window of either door. As I carried the pile of things and pushed through one of those doors, I lost my grip and the stack tumbled to the floor. As the door swung shut, I dropped to my heads and knees and began to pull the pile together again. That's when I saw his shoe. I looked up the length of him and he lowered himself to his knees in front of me, pressing a finger to his lips. It was an unnecessary gesture for I knew the punishment for staying behind was banishment for a day. That I did not wish.

He helped me gather my papers and maneuvered us so that when we stood, his hands touching mine, I was in the corner against the wall and he in front of me. He set my stack aside and took my hands. Both thumbs ran along my knuckles as he stepped closer and closer until my back was firmly pressed into the space where the walls met. Dropping my lifted hand, he stroked my cheeks then said, "beso?" The only word I'd heard him say besides yes or no was to ask me for a kiss. How could I refuse? Blushing, I nodded yes.

Holding my chin, he touched his lips to mine, soft as a whisper. In increments, he pressed his body against mine as his tongue gently slid between my lips. I felt the touch of his h ard-on before he pulled his hips back, his skin was hot. But he did not stop the kiss that was soft and forceful all at the same time. I forgot how to breathe. The a sound in the hallway beyond flipped his head around.

He smirked at me. "Que bella! Manana?" I nodded, the silent one now. He'd called me pretty and promised more for tomorrow.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

And a Happy V-Day to you too!

Instead of a regular post, for V-D I'm going to ask my readers to comment about what they would like to read. As I'll be out of town (visiting the Philosopher & the Photographer... squee!) this weekend, I'll be posting twice on either Friday or Saturday... or, if I get really adventurous, both!

  • Do I write more "firsts"?
  • Other adventures?
  • Should I continue (and finish!) the Cherry Chronicles?
  • More poly adventures?
  • More kink?
  • More erotic fiction & is there some specific details (i.e. location, activity, characters involved) you'd like me to write in myerotic fiction?
  • Anything else?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


When I was a younger, I liked to play hide 'n' seek even when nobody was seeking. It continued into my teen years that I would hide & wait to see how long it was before anyone noticed that I was gone. Often I'd take a book and read in really odd places and sometimes I'd nap.

But there was this one time... you knew there had be a "one time", didn't you? ;>

This one time I was at my aunts house. I wasn't getting along too well with my cousins or my sisters and my parents had banned me from the TV 'cause we'd all been watching a rated R movie... even though I was practically 18. (My folks were incredibly strict. "As long as you're living under my roof..." was a common statement with my dad.) Somehow, it was my fault. So in a pout disguised as a rage, I stormed up to my cousin's room with the intent of hiding in her huge walk in closet. When I got up there, I realized that this would be the first place they would look. So I went into the guest bedroom. I thought about hiding under the bed or even just laying on the bed. But I really didn't want to be found. I opened the door to the small closet in the room. It was tiny, but there were only winter coats in it and nothing on the floor.

I climbed in and pulled the door shut behind me. I'd originally planned to nap, but I was still so wired from being so upset. I started opening the door to go get my book out of my cousin's bedroom where I was staying, but then I heard my sister and my cousins coming upstairs so I stayed put.

I was restless. The enclosure of the closet and the fact that my body was folded in on itself was turning me on. I pulled the elastic of my shorts and panties out so I could get my hand in. I slid my middle finger between my slit and flicked my clit with the soft pad. After a few strokes, I began to whimper and moan. Fearful that someone might hear, I pulled a coat down off the rack and buried my face in it as I continued to stroke myself. I could hear them walking by the room. The possibility of getting caught turned me on more and more as I touched myself. I shoved my finger up inside my dripping pussy and I came in a muffled howl. Sliding my hand out of my pants, I panted.

A few minutes later, I heard them calling for me. Someone even poked their head in the room as I was trying to fix my shorts. I froze, but they moved on. I quietly put the coat back on the rack, snuck downstairs and told everyone I'd fallen asleep in the spare room.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Teacher-ish Fantasy (Fiction) part 2

part 2

Serendipity tied my hands behind my back with the rest of the nylon. I knew that if I really wanted her to stop, she would. But I didn't want her to stop. She sat me on my chair and knelt in front of me. Taking the pink vibrator out of her pocket, she slid it under my skirt and rubbed it against my clit.

A moan shuddered me. "Oh my, you do like that don't you?" She reached up and pinched one nipple then the other. Removing the vibrator, she pulled my hips to the edge of the chair, then shoved the vibrator into my moist snatch. I gasped as she giggled. "Oh my! You are quite wet." Pushing my knees together, she said, "now keep that up in there. I wouldn't want it falling out." I nodded through my gag and clinched my thighs. Sitting up higher on her knees, she leaned into me and whispered, "if it does fall, you will be punished." Pulling back, she smiled wickedly.

She fondled my breasts, alternating between squeezing my nipples and slapping them. Her eyes stayed on my face, watching my changing expressions and listening to the increasingly higher pitch of my moans.

"I'm going to remove your gag, but you have to keep as quiet as you were when you had the gag on. Okay?" I nod. She removes my gag and and covers my mouth with kisses. Her tongue probes my mouth as her hands grab my breasts. My moans and groans went into her mouth as I tried to hold back my cries as I came.

Removing the vibrator, untying my hands and putting my panties back on, she pulled her chair away from the door. Taking her journal out of her bag, she started writing. I panted.

"Thanks for the inspiration," she whispered, not looking up.

Opening my bag, I took out my papers with shaky hands. I snorted a laugh. "Anytime Sere, anytime."

Monday, February 11, 2008

As promised... A Teacher-ish Fantasy (Fiction) part 1


At the college I went to there were rooms in the office where more experienced students would tutor the newer ones. These rooms were small, windowless and boring. The florescent lights drained all color out of the tan carpet and made the undecorated white walls glare. I always hated those rooms but that was where we got our teaching chops... it was required for the MFA teaching program.

But then I met Serendipity.

Serendipity was about my age but about a foot taller than me. She had taken a few years to travel before she decided to go to college. She had rich caramel skin, black eyes an the longest dreadlocks I'd ever seen. She wore baggy black jeans, a faded red hoody and about a million different black leather cords with different pagan pendants dangling from them. She was oozing punk defiance and attitude. But after a few sessions she dropped the attitude and warmed up to me and began bringing in some amazing erotica. We began walking to the El together and chatting about our personal lives. She shyly let slip that she wished I weren't her teacher so we could date. I was attracted to her too, but I couldn't tell her that... I was her teacher. But when we hugged goodbye, she snuck a kiss on my cheek.

One day I came into the cube a little late. Serendipity was already there. She was sitting on the floor with her back to the door.

"Hey Sere, sorry I'm late." I set my stuff on and around the chair facing the one her coat and book bag were on. "Did you get my text? I was gonna..." I paused with my jaw hanging open halfway between gonna and go and completely lost my train of thought as the door closed behind me. Serendipity had turned around and in her hand was a ribbed pink vibrator... vibrating. "What're you doing?"

She waved the wand in the air with a wicked glint in her eyes. She jumped up, blocked the door with her chair and stuff and snarled, "we've got two hours." Setting the toy down on the chair, she reached into her bag and took out a skein of nylon. "And I need some inspiration." Then she tackled me to the ground.

"Wait, " I gasped as she nibbled on my neck and yanked my teeshirt up over my head before throwing it aside. "We can't..."

Breathing in my ear she said, "yes we can. And you need to be quiet or else everyone is going to hear." She reached under my skirt, yanked my panties off, shoved them into my mouth and tied some of the nylon around my head.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Robbing Peter to pay Paul

Okay, so I totally stole this from my personal blog 'cause I'm swamped with teacherly work. (Maybe tomorrow I'll write a "teacher" fantasy.) ;>

I recently saw "Fingersmith"... a Victorian era lesbian love story with a wicked twist adapted from a Sarah Waters novel. I want to watch it again so I can see where the twists started! It was amazingly well done. And now permanently on my list of smart & sexy movies/shows. The list includes:

Tipping the Velvet - another Sarah Waters adaptation... I now must READ her novels!!
Bound - Jennifer Tilly & Gina Gershon... HOT!
Secretary - mrow! BDSM goes to work
Splendor - hot & sexy polyamory

There are more, but I should get back to work.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mistress Ninian & Cherry boy - part 7, Cherry gets heated up

On the shelf behind where Cherry was chained were five candles. I wrapped my fingers around the tall red spirally one in the middle and pulled it out of its holder. The jostled wax poured over my hand. I sucked deeply at the delicious pain. The air smelled of berries from the candle, jasmine incense and the light rich musk of Cherry. It was intoxicating. I stepped up to his back.

He gasped as I dripped a line of wax across Cherry's upper back. I made a bloppy from his left shoulder to his right. Making him lean forward, I drew spirals and stars all over his back as he sucked in air and shivered.

"Oh! Are you still chilly?" I tisked. "We most definitely cannot have that." I set the candle back in its holder and take the two jar candles from either side. Walking around him, careful to duck under his arm, I came to stand in front of him. "Lean back," I command. He does so and I upended the two jars just below his shoulders so the wax streamed down his chest over his nipples. He howled.

Setting the candles on the floor, I ran fingernails through the wax. Pulling at the pieces, I clawed chunks off and made him whimper. As I went to walk around him I forgot to duck and slammed my forehead into his arm. Staggering backwards, I slid down the wall giggling.

"Um, Mistress? You alright?" The concerned look on his still blindfolded face sent me into a fit of laughter that toppled me over. Too funny!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Remembering Virginity...

I was 18 when I lost my Virginity. Wait, no. 'Lost' is not what I did. I purposely got rid of my virginity... I chose to eradicate my virginal self... I OBLITERATED it!

It was a week after I went off to college. I was home for Labor Day weekend and I went out with BabyFace. (He was the drug dealer in my highschool. Not that I did drugs, but his moniker came from the fact that he got a lesser sentence because he looked so sweet and innocent.) Years ago, I had taken an oath with myself that I would not loose my virginity while living under my father's roof. Well, I was in college, so I was no longer under my father's roof. (I chose to ignore the technicality that since I was home I was under my father's roof again.)

BabyFace and I had been fooling around all summer and he said he'd been wanting to deflower me ever since he first met me. But he was fighting with his father, there was NO WAY it was going to happen at my house. We couldn't afford a hotel room so we drove my father's Taurus to an empty cul-de-sac in an area under development. We crawled into the backseat and began making out.

"You don't often wear skirts."

I took his hand and slid it up under my skirt, along my thigh and into my moist slit. "And I usually wear panties."

He giggled, flipped my skirt up and his pants were off in seconds. It was fast and hard but I was excited about getting rid of that sticky virginity so I didn't mind.

When I got home, I told my folks I'd spilled some soda on the seat as I got cleaning products to clean up the blood.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

short and sweet...

Okay... due to teaching demands and writing I needed to do before my Writers' Coven meeting, I don't have a proper post for this evening. But that's okay since I've never been much for "proper". ;> But I have been having some rather sensual dreams (I can't even imagine why) and waking up incredibly horny & just a bit sad.

I don't remember the details of the dreams... (if I do, I promise to post them) But the dreams involve me being sandwiched between the Philosopher & the Photographer. We're cuddling and stroking and rubbing up against each other and I am blissful... then I wake and they're not here. I am sad... but I'm also so horny that I have to "maul the maid" while continuing the fantasy with me eating her out while he fucks me from behind and.... oh my! I think I'm gonna have to go "tiptoe through the two-lips". Mrrrrrrrowr!!!

Poly Dating

I wasn’t going to do this… I wasn’t going to have another lover who lived in another state. After my adventures with the Mad Monk of Idaho, I was done. Completely, totally and utterly done with long distance relationships. It’s just too frustrating. I spend my nights alone fingerpainting… flicking the bean… petting the beaver… strumming the clitar. While I love myself, and I find massaging the mistress to be a wonderful way to express that, I would like to have a lover (or lovers) to fiddle my middle on, at least, a somewhat regular basis. But nearby… no more of this long distance shit.

And yet… and yet it’s happened again. Not quite as far since that area of Wisconsin is less than two hours away. But some how, the fact that it’s over state lines makes it seem further. Perhaps when I drive the route, it won’t be quite so bad. Plus this time, there’s two of them. Not two separate lovers who live apart, but a couple… husband and wife who both just so happen to dig me… a bi girl’s dream.

I’ve tried dating couples before. I mean hell, I’m bi, I’m poly… it just makes sense, right? But it never worked out. There was the couple I met for coffee at Dennys. She was delightful. My heterosexual lifemate, even liked her. But he… he was the skeeziest fuck we’ve ever met. Sitting next to his wife and across the table from two gorgeous women, his eyes roamed through the restaurant… ogling every female. His aura was mucousy and just being that near him made me want to vomit.

Then there was the couple I met at Earwax, an oddly named cafĂ© in Chicago. They were beautiful. He was tall with black hair, green eyes and sharp, chiseled greek-god-like features. She was a tiny little thing with long brown hair done up with chop-sticks. Her eyes were black and her skin was porcelain. But after the third mention of the hippy girl who lived across the hall from them, I knew they were already in deep smit and had only met with me because they said they would. I wasn’t surprised when communication dropped off. A little disappointed, but not surprised.

There were a few other prospects that never panned out. And there was the whole attempt at dating Puck, who said he liked things simple yet somehow made everything complicated. His wife, the person I’d been stalking online originally, was convinced that she and I were related… distant cousins, somehow. As I got to know her better, I didn’t dissuade her from the thought. He and I, after a few dates, fizzled out.

Then in December, the Philosopher began pursuing me. He gives great great e-mail and his profile’s steller and, if the pictures proved to be true, he’s quite the cutie. Plus, in the first e-mail, he mentioned his wife and linked me to her. There was no sense of cheating or any impropriety about him. His wife, the Photographer, never e-mailed me back… I feared that it might be the Puck situation all over again. But then they came to visit.

I had no expectations… especially sexually. After all, she could hate me… he could not be attracted to me… there could be jealousy issues… any number of things could make this visit go terribly, terribly wrong. Plus the fact that they were staying from Thursday night until Sunday night had me feeling a bit apprehensive. Then their bus was over an hour late due to the crap weather.

As I mounted the stairs to the food court, I saw the identifying santa hat and shorts worn by the Philosopher and standing next to him was the Photographer in her Ducky scarf. They were the most adorable couple I’d ever seen. He’s about 6 foot with a fuzzy goatee and intense green eyes. She was bundled in many layers with her face poking out. Her eyes shone like midnight marble and her lips were pursed in a slight smirk. They were both ten times cuter than their pictures.

By the time I got them home, we were talking and joking like we'd known each other for a long time. We sat on the couch to watch movies, but we never got to the movies (edit - we did watch "But I'm a Cheerleader"... everything just got confused with my brain from the mush of the weekend) due to an explosion of tickling and wrestling and ended up going up to my bed since every time they pinned me the dog got upset. I think they liked me... at least a little.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A bit tied up...

I spent a morning tied up in a car. In my little silver Nissan. I was in my mid-twenties and I was dating Army-boy. He suggested that since we couldn't go to his house, he wasn't allowed to have overnight guests when both his sister & her husband were home, and we were too far away from my house, that we would have fun in the car. I parked in the parking lot of his apartment and we crawled into the backseat. After we screwed like delinquent adolescents, Army-boy thought it would be fun to tie me up.

"I can't have you leaving while I pop inside to get some things." My laugh at his statement was muffled as he shoved my panties into my mouth and wrapped his tie three times around my head before tying it to securely hold them there. He blindfolded me with his scarf then tied my hands with my long wool scarf, looping it through the garment handle and securing it to the drivers side headrest. My legs were up over my head, tied together with his belt to a backseat headrest. This pushed my ass up towards the ceiling of the car. Did I mention that I was naked? As he got out of the car, the rush of cold air made me shiver. He smacked each cheek. "I'll be right back." He took my keys with him, locking the door and leaving me totally exposed.

As I heard the early morning commuters exit their apartments and getting into cars, I shivered at the idea of someone finding me in this position. I was glad for the gray sky outside and that our love-making had fogged up the windows, but I was still nervous that someone would find the right angle and see me. Nervous... and turned on. I was so bad. A part of me wanted to be caught. I quivered at the prospect.

As the car next to mine started up, my car door flew open and the frosty air shot in between my legs. I yelped.

"Sorry baby," I could hear the car pulling out of the parking spot behind him as Army-boy climbed back into the back seat, pulling the door shut behind him. "I just wanted to get something to warm you up." The hard smack of his wooden hairbrush caused me to gasp. Without any warm-up, he beat my ass until I was whimpering, paused to remove my shirt, kiss me and make sure I was alright, then beat me some more. He wasn't satisfied until tears were streaming down my face and I was moaning.

Pulling down his pants and slipping on a condom, he shoved his thick penis into my dripping pussy, grabbed my hips and fucked me fast and hard. After he came, he untied me, wrapped both of us in a blanket and held me. "I really like fucking you when your ass is burning hot and the rest of you is shivering cold." I snickered and nodded into his chest.

Monday, February 4, 2008

A blast from the past... (fiction)

Giving Head

The first time I ever gave head was when I was in high school.

I had this friend named Charles who was, how should I put it, contrary to everything. He was a member of the Young Republicans because his parents were hippies. He would do very well in class, until he discovered that his teacher liked him then he'd begin to fail and goof off. He even answered every SAT question, or so he told me, completely opposite of what he thought the answer should be. He still managed to do quite well. This, as he put it, demonstrated just how stupid he was. Then he'd throw back his head and laugh because we all knew he was very smart. A little crazy, maybe, but smart.

But the one thing, or rather the one group of people, he hated the most were the Punks. My high school was littered with punks and pseudo-punks and wanna-be-punks. Not a week went by where he didn't get into at least one fight. But the apex of his detest for all punk-kind came the day he asked me to give him head.

We were in his living room, where we often hung out, playing Donkey Kong and he turned to me and said, "You wanna give me head?"

"Charles," I said, "we're not that kind of friends."

"We could be," he grinned. He had a great crooked grin that showed off a dimple on his left cheek. "But that's not what I was referring to. I meant, shave my head."

"Oh," I said, only a little disappointed. "So after all your declarations of hating punks, you're going to become a skin head?"

"Don't be ridiculous," he snarled. "I want you to give me an anti-Mohawk." He explained that he wanted me to shave a thick line from his forehead to the base of his skull.

"I don't know if that qualifies as an anti-Mohawk," I said. "If people don't see the back of your head, they'll just think you have weird male pattern baldness."

"Good point," Charles said rubbing his scalp as he leaned back in his bean bag.

"Well, why don't we just shave a big X in your head?" I laughed at my own suggestion thinking he'd never go for it.

"That's it!" He whooped and jumped up. "Come on, let's do it now."

It took us a while to find something to shave his head with. His father, being a dedicated hippy, never shaved. Charles, having recently discovered the joys of pissing off the Young Republicans, had stopped shaving as well. Finally, we found a pink Lady Bic hidden in his mother's make-up cabinet. She had, within the last few years and much to her husband's dismay, landed herself a job with Avon. In two years, Charles's parents would be divorced because of Avon.

The shaving itself took a long time, but eventually, he had a huge X pattern crossing his skull and revealing his scalp. Once he got out of the shower, I couldn't stop staring at it.

"Can I touch it?" I asked. He shrugged, his attention back on the TV screen as I gently ran my fingers along the shaven paths. "Can I ummm, lick it?" Pausing the game, he flipped his head and stared at me as I flushed all over. "Never mind," I mumbled, picking up my own controller and taking the game off pause. In high school, I was very shy.

He paused it again, not taking his eyes off of me. "Repeat that."

I shook my head, then looked at my watch and jumped up. "Oh hell, I'm gonna be late for dinner I better…"

But before I could dash out the front, he grabbed me around my knees and knocked me to the floor then climbed on top of me. Breathing taco breath in my face, he said, "I said, repeat that."

Squirming around, I managed to get on my stomach, but I couldn't get away from him. "Fine!" I spat through clenched teeth. "I said I want to lick your head. Ya happy now?"

Climbing off of me, I could feel his grin. "No, I won't be happy 'til you lick it." But it wasn't his head he offered me, at least not the one on top of his neck. Turning even brighter red, I scooted back from him, but my eyes stayed transfixed on the long veiny penis he had pulled free of his pants. Up until a few months before the only penis I had ever seen was my dad's when he accidentally left the bathroom door open. Charles's dick looked nothing like dad's. I stood up, still staring, when his mother came in through the front door. I grabbed my book bag and rushed past her with a fast hi, gotta go, before she could ask any questions. I heard her scream all the way out to the sidewalk and knew that Charles was very pleased.

Everyone at school teased him asking if X did mark the spot. He just laughed and said he had another X on his other head and would they like to see it. But he avoided me entirely and started hanging out with the Punks and eventually dropped out of school.

Everyone I dated after that afternoon with Charles, was bald. I found that I had a fetish for baldness. If I couldn't lick it, I wouldn't get off. If you weren't bald, don't even bother. If you started growing hair, the relationship would end. But deep down, there was only one scalp that I really wanted to lick.

Seven years later, I saw Charles again. He was completely bald at that point. When he saw me, he grinned that cocky grin and asked, "You wanna give me head?" then leaned his head forward and I licked it.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sad departure

I was sad to see them go. I'll be visiting them soon. It's not so far. I just can't get over how much I like them both as friends and lovers. I had such a wonderful time this weekend! I am a resident of the land of goosh and pining.

Tomorrow will once again be a regular post as my two lovely distractions have left. *Le Sigh*

Saturday, February 2, 2008

And lo the distraction continues!!

I am enjoying the visit from the Philosopher and the Photographer more than I even thought possible. I am in great goosh over this couple!! Both as a couple and as incredibly awesome and unique individuals. Let's just say there's been dancing on the squeeky bed, much cuddling, kissing and even a jaunt to the dungeon. (Mrowr!!) PLUS, they're both incredibly smart, sexy, silly, witty, super fun, adorable, patient, cool... and sooooo much more!! But now I must return to play games with them and the Freak Family. Squee!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Rather delightful distraction...

So there will be no fiction or true-life erotic adventures for this post as I have two guests in town, the Philosopher & the Photographer*. Poor dears had to travel through the slosh that was last night's weather conditions. But I think they're having a good time... I know I sure am! **wicked grin**

*but fret not, dear readers, they will appear in a later post
(or posts) after I've digested the events of this weekend. ;>