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Friday, February 22, 2008

Basement Bordello

A group of seven friends all living together decided to make one of the rooms in the basement the sex room. They called it their basement bordello. In that room, they each contributed several toys and a fish bowl full of a variety of condoms.

In the center of that basement, there was a load bearing pole. Just behind it, a rope hung loose from the rafter, looped twice over a wooden beam. After a wicked romp around the room where me and my lover lost all our clothes except my boots and his socks, we were panting. We'd used almost every one of the sensual toys including two condoms - one that tasted like cinnamon and another that tickled deep inside me. Then he led me to the pole. He turned me to face it, pressing me to it so that the pole was up against the center of my body, with my breasts on either side. Taking my wrists, he tied them tight with the dangling rope and stretched my arms up. He pulled until I was standing on my toes and I was making squeaky noises. Then he lowered me to where my boots could rest firmly on the ground.

He blindfolded me with the scarf I'd been wearing & gagged me by tying the tie he'd been wearing several times around my head until it sat in my mouth like a bit. Twisting my shoulder length hair around his hand, he roughly pulled my head back into his chest.

"Stomp your left foot twice to get me to stop. Understand?" I nodded as well as I could. "Lets hear you do it." I slammed my foot down twice. "Good."

Before letting go of my hair, he pushed my head down so that my chin was touching my chest. He wrapped a band around my hair & piled it on my head. The next thing I felt was hot wax being poured all over my back. I inhaled loudly though my gag as he continued down to my ass. It wasn't until every bit of flesh on my back and rear as well as parts of my arms, shoulders and legs was covered in wax that he stopped. Then I heard a crack. I knew they had a bull-whip down there, but I didn't know he knew how to use it. As the wicked tail bit through the wax to my flesh I found that he did. Once he'd completely removed all the wax, I heard him set the whip down. He was moving a few things around and I so wished I could see what he was doing. The next thing he used was hard and thuddy. I was pretty sure it was the heavy wooden paddle. He stayed on my ass for that one. But then he used a sharp and stingy rubber flogger that went all over my ass, my back and wrapped around to hit my hips and my breasts. I whimpered and moaned, but that seemed to encourage him. He walked around me and, using what I believe was a riding crop, he hit my nipples until I was crying.

"If you want me to stop, just stomp." I nodded into the pole but kept my feet firmly planted on the ground. Well, as firmly planted as I could since all of my toes were curling in my boots. He was behind me again with something long and thick. It seemed to thwack deep into my very bones, even though he was only using it on the fleshiest parts of my already flaming bum.

I heard him growl low, as he threw the instrument aside and pressed himself up to my back, his dick shoved into the cleave between the tops of my legs and the bottom of my ass as he grabbed both my breast and squeezed. I thrust my hips back, my bruises aching against his belly, trying to rub my dripping clit along his shaft. He untied my hands as he bit my shoulders harder and harder until I gave a muffled scream. Then he let go and moved away. I stood in the middle of the room, no longer attached to the pole, but still blindfolded and gagged, confused. He was quickly back again, removing my blindfold and gag. Then he grabbed me by my hips and lifted me off the floor as his condomed cock found my slippery pussy and rammed in. Wrapping his arms around my middle, he carried me over to the bed where he threw me down face first without losing contact. The sex was swift and furious but I was so turned on by the beating and the continued pressure on my bruising body, I came just as he did.

As soon as he was done, he slipped out of me, tossed out the condom, then pulled me up onto the bed with him.

"Did you like that?" His breathing was still ragged as he spoke. I opened my mouth to speak, found that I had no voice, and just nodded as my body spasmed in his arms.

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