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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A bit tied up...

I spent a morning tied up in a car. In my little silver Nissan. I was in my mid-twenties and I was dating Army-boy. He suggested that since we couldn't go to his house, he wasn't allowed to have overnight guests when both his sister & her husband were home, and we were too far away from my house, that we would have fun in the car. I parked in the parking lot of his apartment and we crawled into the backseat. After we screwed like delinquent adolescents, Army-boy thought it would be fun to tie me up.

"I can't have you leaving while I pop inside to get some things." My laugh at his statement was muffled as he shoved my panties into my mouth and wrapped his tie three times around my head before tying it to securely hold them there. He blindfolded me with his scarf then tied my hands with my long wool scarf, looping it through the garment handle and securing it to the drivers side headrest. My legs were up over my head, tied together with his belt to a backseat headrest. This pushed my ass up towards the ceiling of the car. Did I mention that I was naked? As he got out of the car, the rush of cold air made me shiver. He smacked each cheek. "I'll be right back." He took my keys with him, locking the door and leaving me totally exposed.

As I heard the early morning commuters exit their apartments and getting into cars, I shivered at the idea of someone finding me in this position. I was glad for the gray sky outside and that our love-making had fogged up the windows, but I was still nervous that someone would find the right angle and see me. Nervous... and turned on. I was so bad. A part of me wanted to be caught. I quivered at the prospect.

As the car next to mine started up, my car door flew open and the frosty air shot in between my legs. I yelped.

"Sorry baby," I could hear the car pulling out of the parking spot behind him as Army-boy climbed back into the back seat, pulling the door shut behind him. "I just wanted to get something to warm you up." The hard smack of his wooden hairbrush caused me to gasp. Without any warm-up, he beat my ass until I was whimpering, paused to remove my shirt, kiss me and make sure I was alright, then beat me some more. He wasn't satisfied until tears were streaming down my face and I was moaning.

Pulling down his pants and slipping on a condom, he shoved his thick penis into my dripping pussy, grabbed my hips and fucked me fast and hard. After he came, he untied me, wrapped both of us in a blanket and held me. "I really like fucking you when your ass is burning hot and the rest of you is shivering cold." I snickered and nodded into his chest.

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