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Saturday, February 23, 2008

an erotic wrestling story (fiction)


His green eyes sparked as I broke free of his hold and flipped around to face him. Throwing him down, I pinned him to the mattress on the floor with his arms crossed over his chest and held him by the wrists. He gasped a laugh and tried to lunge up at me with his head. I held him firm with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.

"You've been working out, " he panted.
With a quick bob of my head, I pecked his lips, but pulled back before he could kiss me. After a few more minutes of struggling against my hold, he relaxed. "So now that you've got me, what do you plan to do with me?"

I licked my lips, wondering how I was going to bind him without releasing him in the process. As I looked around the room for a way to tie his limbs, he followed my look and laughed.

"You're trying to find something?" His voice held amusement and scorn.

Behind his head, I saw dangling from the window the
curtain's cord. Crawling up along his torso, I drew his wrists to lay beside his hips and kneeled on them As I leaned over him to grab the cord. He snapped at my breasts as they hung over his face. I grunted but didn't allow him to distract me as I yanked the cord free of its track.

"Hey!" He tried to turn his head so he could see what I was doing, but I smothered his face with my bosom. "What're you breaking?" His voice was muffled in my flesh.

"Nothing," I sang. Lifting my knees and grabbing his hands, I pulled them above his head. I lifted my breast from his face and quickly tied his wrists... even as he bit me hard, I cried out but kept tying him until his bonds were tight.

Rolling him over I reached under the mattress and pulled out the birch switch I'd stashed there when I'd arrived. I thwacked him lightly across the ass.

He twisted around. "Hey, what's that?" I shoved him back down and sat on his back. "What're you d- owe! Doing?" I snickered, thwacking him three more times in quick succession. He rolled over, throwing me onto the ground. He rolled on top of me, trapping me beneath him. I tried to push him off, but he held me down, kissing me as I shoved against his arms. "guess what?" He asked.


He put a wrist in my face. "I got free. And also..." he held up my switch. "Looky what I found!"

Squirming out from under him, I tried to grab the switch. But he tossed it across the room and grabbed my hands instead. He made quick work of tying my hands before throwing me on the mattress then running across the room to grab the switch.

I quickly slipped out of the terrible bondage and tackled him from behind. We went skidding across the room, biting, scratching and tickling. The switch slid into the other room as clothes were pulled off and we forgot the fight as our mouths locked and hands roamed and we screwed like monkeys.

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