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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Favorite sexual positions

I recently had a conversation about my NEW favorite position with my lovely couple... going down on her with him fucking me from behind and there's quite a bit of nipple play and biting and ass smacking... (Oh my, I'm turned on just thinking about it!) It's not the only position I like with them since I've liked everything we've tried & look forward to trying more. But thinking about it got me to thinking about all the different favorite positions I've had ever since I started having sex.

What makes a favorite position for this lascivious honey pot? Why, I'm glad you asked. When I first started having sex, I didn't think too much about it. Having sex was enough fun! It took a while for me to realize that with some lovers, certain positions worked really well and others didn't. The way our bodies fit, each person's enjoyment, the talents of certain lovers can make all the difference.

For the longest time, my favorite sexual position was to be on top. I liked the control, the tease, the fact that I could lean way back or forward if I wished and touch him wherever and he could touch me, but only when I let him.

I had a mate with whom my favorite position was spooning. I'd never had sex spooning before and it was quite amazing. But when I tried it with other lovers, it just didn't work.

Then I had sex in a chair. That's AWESOME!!! I'm guessing I'd really like one of those sex swings things.

I've alway liked cunnilingus, but it only became my favorite with one boy. He could do amazing things with his tongue. (Too bad he had so many other issues.)

I've had several lovers with whom I've found the folded in half position to be amazingly delightful. It's good to be flexible.

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Father Robin said...

As I Dom I love to have my lover on top. I love to see her reactions and I have my hands free to do all kinds of delightful things. Nothing is better than seeing a face change just before, during and after an orgasm. I think I may like that as much as cuming.