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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


When I was a younger, I liked to play hide 'n' seek even when nobody was seeking. It continued into my teen years that I would hide & wait to see how long it was before anyone noticed that I was gone. Often I'd take a book and read in really odd places and sometimes I'd nap.

But there was this one time... you knew there had be a "one time", didn't you? ;>

This one time I was at my aunts house. I wasn't getting along too well with my cousins or my sisters and my parents had banned me from the TV 'cause we'd all been watching a rated R movie... even though I was practically 18. (My folks were incredibly strict. "As long as you're living under my roof..." was a common statement with my dad.) Somehow, it was my fault. So in a pout disguised as a rage, I stormed up to my cousin's room with the intent of hiding in her huge walk in closet. When I got up there, I realized that this would be the first place they would look. So I went into the guest bedroom. I thought about hiding under the bed or even just laying on the bed. But I really didn't want to be found. I opened the door to the small closet in the room. It was tiny, but there were only winter coats in it and nothing on the floor.

I climbed in and pulled the door shut behind me. I'd originally planned to nap, but I was still so wired from being so upset. I started opening the door to go get my book out of my cousin's bedroom where I was staying, but then I heard my sister and my cousins coming upstairs so I stayed put.

I was restless. The enclosure of the closet and the fact that my body was folded in on itself was turning me on. I pulled the elastic of my shorts and panties out so I could get my hand in. I slid my middle finger between my slit and flicked my clit with the soft pad. After a few strokes, I began to whimper and moan. Fearful that someone might hear, I pulled a coat down off the rack and buried my face in it as I continued to stroke myself. I could hear them walking by the room. The possibility of getting caught turned me on more and more as I touched myself. I shoved my finger up inside my dripping pussy and I came in a muffled howl. Sliding my hand out of my pants, I panted.

A few minutes later, I heard them calling for me. Someone even poked their head in the room as I was trying to fix my shorts. I froze, but they moved on. I quietly put the coat back on the rack, snuck downstairs and told everyone I'd fallen asleep in the spare room.


rachael said...

WoW - such a crumby situation with such a HOT result -

thank you for sharing,

Father Robin said...

could you be so kind to tell me what you get out of recalling these wonderful stories for us?

Ninian said...

Rachael - mmm, yeah.

Father Robin - There are many reasons, not the least of which being that I'm a writer & a bit of a narcissist so I like the immediate response I get from posting on such a public & easily accessible forum.