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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mistress Ninian & Cherry boy - part 7, Cherry gets heated up

On the shelf behind where Cherry was chained were five candles. I wrapped my fingers around the tall red spirally one in the middle and pulled it out of its holder. The jostled wax poured over my hand. I sucked deeply at the delicious pain. The air smelled of berries from the candle, jasmine incense and the light rich musk of Cherry. It was intoxicating. I stepped up to his back.

He gasped as I dripped a line of wax across Cherry's upper back. I made a bloppy from his left shoulder to his right. Making him lean forward, I drew spirals and stars all over his back as he sucked in air and shivered.

"Oh! Are you still chilly?" I tisked. "We most definitely cannot have that." I set the candle back in its holder and take the two jar candles from either side. Walking around him, careful to duck under his arm, I came to stand in front of him. "Lean back," I command. He does so and I upended the two jars just below his shoulders so the wax streamed down his chest over his nipples. He howled.

Setting the candles on the floor, I ran fingernails through the wax. Pulling at the pieces, I clawed chunks off and made him whimper. As I went to walk around him I forgot to duck and slammed my forehead into his arm. Staggering backwards, I slid down the wall giggling.

"Um, Mistress? You alright?" The concerned look on his still blindfolded face sent me into a fit of laughter that toppled me over. Too funny!

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