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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mistress Ninian & Cherry boy - part 8, All Wrapped Up

After releasing Cherry from his bonds and cleaning off the wax, I decided I wanted to play with something a bit different. I'd recently read about mummifying a person & I was curious as to what that would be like. And, as luck would have it, we has a huge roll of saran wrap. We worked out a safe signal since he wasn't going to be able to say the safeword. It was just a precaution... I'd never had a sub use their safeword.

Then I began to wrap. I started by wrapping his head, everything but his nose, making sure he could still breathe. Then I worked down his body. I kept his tender nipples exposed as I wrapped around his torso. I also wrapped his ass with fewer layers than the rest of his body. I swathed his inner thighs separately, making sure his cock and balls are out. I then wrap his legs together.

Once he's completely encased and quite immobile, I took a jelly cockring out of my pocket, removed it from its package and slid it around his unit and then his balls. He moaned as i put it on him. After it's in place, I stand him in the middle of the room. I pinched his nipples lightly, nibble at them then twist them harder until he's breathing heavy and groaning through his plastic gag. I could smell the musk of his sweat through his mummy wrappings. With my hand around his dick, I led him over to the bed. He took mincing steps because his bindings wouldn't let him take longer steps.

I laid him down on his stomach, arranging pillows under his chin and chest so that his face was not buried and he could breathe. Grabbing my riding crop, I began to thwack his ass. He moaned heaver as the hits grew in intensity. Tossing the crop aside, I grabbed my wooden hair brush and began beating at the same level of passion. Something about him being so helpless flipped my switch and I became much more brutal with beating him, forgetting that I'd already caused quite a bit of damage already. Through the thin plastic I could see the welts from his earlier beating becoming bruises and other welts were swelling on top of those. Seeing that fueled my desire to hurt him! So I tossed the brush aside and grabbed my plastic ruler. After only four hits from that, he lifted his legs, giving the safe signal.

Quickly I grabbed the scissors I'd brought down with me and cut him free of his mummification. He was crying, so I held him to my chest and stroked his long black hair. This tough tattooed Japanese biker dude was huddled in my lap, sobbing.

"I like what you do, but it was too much. You are not mad at your Cherry?"

"Oh no, Cherry. Here, lie down and I'll make it all feel better."

As he laid there, I salved his tender wounds. His whimpers became sighs until he was almost asleep. I helped him up, gave him back his clothes and led him to the front door.

"Did you have fun?" I asked.

His face flushed red and he swallowed three times before mumbling, "very muchly, Mistress."

Grabbing his chin, I kissed him long and deep. Then, with a swat to his still sore ass, I sent him on his way.

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