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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Naughty Bits

  • tickle tackle nibble & bite
  • an inny & an outy? awesome!
  • playing: who's in the middle?
  • SMACK!
  • stinging bottom
  • kissing, kissing, kissing...
  • ring of bites along the back of my neck
  • waking the roommate to ask for lube
  • holding hands
  • playing drums along the skin
  • licking, sucking, biting
  • stroking palms & wrists
  • bondage in the basement!
  • sharp & stingy
  • beaten & bruised
  • favorite position... my mouth in her pussy, him fucking me from behind
  • textures & ice
  • biting, sucking, licking
  • kissing, kissing, kissing...
  • hair pulling
  • teasing
  • tasty!

1 comment:

Father Robin said...

I could probably respond to your responce with a responce but to be honest I havn't figured this blog style to well yet. I am flattered you are reading me and may link. Now I am going to go read some of your yummy erotica.

Thank you,