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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

On Cunning Linguists...

It is not so cunning to use teeth. I, as a connoisseur of pain, can honestly say that the scrap of teeth or, gods forbid, an actual bite on my clit is not the kind of surprise this pain monkey is into. A rather kinky friend of mine made that mistake… once. He thought that since I like being bitten and I like pain and I like cunnilingus, then I’d definitely like all three together. BIG mistake! (He narrowly avoided having his head crushed like a melon between my thighs.)

Commenting on the amount of hair, or lack thereof, down there while down there is not only lacking in cunning, but is ill form. This is a discussion, if you absolutely feel the need, for a time when you’re both upright and fully clothed.

Another thing to avoid is saying anything negative about the woman's smell or the taste. Even the most self-confident woman would have issue with such comments. Now positive remarks like, “mmmm, you’re tasty!” are quite lovely.

Tongues and lips
Length and tips
Pressure and suction
Beyond just function
Lapping is auspicious
It’s all so delicious!

My own cunning is still in question, as my current female lover tends to be shy. She has responded physically quite well and, when asked, says she enjoys herself. But I want more! (Greedy as I am for feedback.) I must try to winkle it out of her. ;)

And, it’s true, I like to be kissed with my taste in your mouth... it's a personal aesthetic.

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Father Robin said...

My girl Gryphon tells a story of one of the first boys to go down on her. He bit her clit. She reacted by doing an open hand palm strike to the top of his head that knocked him out (she is very physically powerful). She was sure she had killed him. She was terrified that she was going to go to jail and her parents would know she was having sex. I still laugh every time she tells that story.