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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oral Sex!

A bit on blow-jobs...

Okay, I promise to have a post on cunnilingus later. Ummmmm... yes, I do like muff diving as the diver and the muff. But that's not what this post is about.

This post is about fellatio... giving head... painting the pole... sucking cock and my relationship to it. For the longest time, I didn't like going down. I have a relatively small and narrow mouth. (My dentist told me so!) I wanted to learn how to do it right, but didn't quite know how to ask for that instruction. Being the nerd that I am, I did tons research. But the research didn't translate to practical application and anytime I tried to explain this to my various lovers, they'd first try to "train" me, then get frustrated with me. So, despite my desire to become better, I went back to giving a few licks, a token suck and moving onto other sexual activities. Since I was more than willing to do other things, and teaching me was too difficult, my lovers did not push for it. That is... until I met the Mad Monk.

The Mad Monk's a hummer connoisseur and he had quite the sausage to suck! He was long and thick and liked being deep throated even more than any other sexual activity. So when his desire for head collided to with my "meh" attitude, he decided to acquaint me with the joys of going down.

As I've always been interested & turned on by the idea of oral sex, the Mad Monk made it his mission to change that. Over several hours, he patiently guided me and I learned all sorts of things about giving head that I'd never even thought about. We found what worked and what didn't. I discovered that while certain positions were uncomfortable or awkward, with a bit of a shift, I could make just about any position work for me. And as for him being too long and thick for my poor little mouth, he helped me "feel out" (ha!) different ways to use my hands and, even more excitingly, my tongue and my breasts.

I wouldn't say that my fellatio skills are the best, but I am quite enthusiastic about it. And the pay off? I love to suck cock!

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Father Robin said...

You know the more I read your blog the more I like your attitude. Alot of people will assume they are good at oral sex but once you have really experienced the real thing you realize most people are kind of flat even if they can keep you hard. -Glances around secretivly- Even my lovly wife has that problem though I have not the heart to tell her. I applaude you for learning from direct experience but just as much for trying to learn before that. If only others had as much enthusiasm and a little less ego the world would be happier... at least from the waiste down.