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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Poly Dating

I wasn’t going to do this… I wasn’t going to have another lover who lived in another state. After my adventures with the Mad Monk of Idaho, I was done. Completely, totally and utterly done with long distance relationships. It’s just too frustrating. I spend my nights alone fingerpainting… flicking the bean… petting the beaver… strumming the clitar. While I love myself, and I find massaging the mistress to be a wonderful way to express that, I would like to have a lover (or lovers) to fiddle my middle on, at least, a somewhat regular basis. But nearby… no more of this long distance shit.

And yet… and yet it’s happened again. Not quite as far since that area of Wisconsin is less than two hours away. But some how, the fact that it’s over state lines makes it seem further. Perhaps when I drive the route, it won’t be quite so bad. Plus this time, there’s two of them. Not two separate lovers who live apart, but a couple… husband and wife who both just so happen to dig me… a bi girl’s dream.

I’ve tried dating couples before. I mean hell, I’m bi, I’m poly… it just makes sense, right? But it never worked out. There was the couple I met for coffee at Dennys. She was delightful. My heterosexual lifemate, even liked her. But he… he was the skeeziest fuck we’ve ever met. Sitting next to his wife and across the table from two gorgeous women, his eyes roamed through the restaurant… ogling every female. His aura was mucousy and just being that near him made me want to vomit.

Then there was the couple I met at Earwax, an oddly named café in Chicago. They were beautiful. He was tall with black hair, green eyes and sharp, chiseled greek-god-like features. She was a tiny little thing with long brown hair done up with chop-sticks. Her eyes were black and her skin was porcelain. But after the third mention of the hippy girl who lived across the hall from them, I knew they were already in deep smit and had only met with me because they said they would. I wasn’t surprised when communication dropped off. A little disappointed, but not surprised.

There were a few other prospects that never panned out. And there was the whole attempt at dating Puck, who said he liked things simple yet somehow made everything complicated. His wife, the person I’d been stalking online originally, was convinced that she and I were related… distant cousins, somehow. As I got to know her better, I didn’t dissuade her from the thought. He and I, after a few dates, fizzled out.

Then in December, the Philosopher began pursuing me. He gives great great e-mail and his profile’s steller and, if the pictures proved to be true, he’s quite the cutie. Plus, in the first e-mail, he mentioned his wife and linked me to her. There was no sense of cheating or any impropriety about him. His wife, the Photographer, never e-mailed me back… I feared that it might be the Puck situation all over again. But then they came to visit.

I had no expectations… especially sexually. After all, she could hate me… he could not be attracted to me… there could be jealousy issues… any number of things could make this visit go terribly, terribly wrong. Plus the fact that they were staying from Thursday night until Sunday night had me feeling a bit apprehensive. Then their bus was over an hour late due to the crap weather.

As I mounted the stairs to the food court, I saw the identifying santa hat and shorts worn by the Philosopher and standing next to him was the Photographer in her Ducky scarf. They were the most adorable couple I’d ever seen. He’s about 6 foot with a fuzzy goatee and intense green eyes. She was bundled in many layers with her face poking out. Her eyes shone like midnight marble and her lips were pursed in a slight smirk. They were both ten times cuter than their pictures.

By the time I got them home, we were talking and joking like we'd known each other for a long time. We sat on the couch to watch movies, but we never got to the movies (edit - we did watch "But I'm a Cheerleader"... everything just got confused with my brain from the mush of the weekend) due to an explosion of tickling and wrestling and ended up going up to my bed since every time they pinned me the dog got upset. I think they liked me... at least a little.

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