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Friday, February 8, 2008

Remembering Virginity...

I was 18 when I lost my Virginity. Wait, no. 'Lost' is not what I did. I purposely got rid of my virginity... I chose to eradicate my virginal self... I OBLITERATED it!

It was a week after I went off to college. I was home for Labor Day weekend and I went out with BabyFace. (He was the drug dealer in my highschool. Not that I did drugs, but his moniker came from the fact that he got a lesser sentence because he looked so sweet and innocent.) Years ago, I had taken an oath with myself that I would not loose my virginity while living under my father's roof. Well, I was in college, so I was no longer under my father's roof. (I chose to ignore the technicality that since I was home I was under my father's roof again.)

BabyFace and I had been fooling around all summer and he said he'd been wanting to deflower me ever since he first met me. But he was fighting with his father, there was NO WAY it was going to happen at my house. We couldn't afford a hotel room so we drove my father's Taurus to an empty cul-de-sac in an area under development. We crawled into the backseat and began making out.

"You don't often wear skirts."

I took his hand and slid it up under my skirt, along my thigh and into my moist slit. "And I usually wear panties."

He giggled, flipped my skirt up and his pants were off in seconds. It was fast and hard but I was excited about getting rid of that sticky virginity so I didn't mind.

When I got home, I told my folks I'd spilled some soda on the seat as I got cleaning products to clean up the blood.

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