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Thursday, February 7, 2008

short and sweet...

Okay... due to teaching demands and writing I needed to do before my Writers' Coven meeting, I don't have a proper post for this evening. But that's okay since I've never been much for "proper". ;> But I have been having some rather sensual dreams (I can't even imagine why) and waking up incredibly horny & just a bit sad.

I don't remember the details of the dreams... (if I do, I promise to post them) But the dreams involve me being sandwiched between the Philosopher & the Photographer. We're cuddling and stroking and rubbing up against each other and I am blissful... then I wake and they're not here. I am sad... but I'm also so horny that I have to "maul the maid" while continuing the fantasy with me eating her out while he fucks me from behind and.... oh my! I think I'm gonna have to go "tiptoe through the two-lips". Mrrrrrrrowr!!!

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