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Monday, February 18, 2008

Tantalizing Triad

I spent this past weekend with my bgoifriend, the Philosopher and the Photographer. The drive was a straight shot and I, the mistress of random navigation, actually managed to there without getting lost!

Once I arrived, I was taken on a tour of their apartment. It was a tour which involved lots of groping as Philo held and hugged me as we walked through the place... pausing for moments to kiss as layers of my clothes were removed. Photo flitted around saying "show her..." this or that. She'd run up and kiss me then would take off again. Once the tour was over I was topless. Philo & I wrestled in the living room in front of the large open windows. After a bit more making out and more clothes were removed... and they weren't all mine... then we moved into the much warmer bedroom and continued romping.

The thing about the visit wasn't just the sex... though the sex was amazing as well as the beatings and the bitings and the wrestling and the cuddling and the kissing and the licking and all that. But the part about the visit that was the best were the talks. I adore dating such am intelligent and thoughtful couple.

Maybe more later, but I MUST catch up on sleep!!! ;>

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