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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Teacher-ish Fantasy (Fiction) part 2

part 2

Serendipity tied my hands behind my back with the rest of the nylon. I knew that if I really wanted her to stop, she would. But I didn't want her to stop. She sat me on my chair and knelt in front of me. Taking the pink vibrator out of her pocket, she slid it under my skirt and rubbed it against my clit.

A moan shuddered me. "Oh my, you do like that don't you?" She reached up and pinched one nipple then the other. Removing the vibrator, she pulled my hips to the edge of the chair, then shoved the vibrator into my moist snatch. I gasped as she giggled. "Oh my! You are quite wet." Pushing my knees together, she said, "now keep that up in there. I wouldn't want it falling out." I nodded through my gag and clinched my thighs. Sitting up higher on her knees, she leaned into me and whispered, "if it does fall, you will be punished." Pulling back, she smiled wickedly.

She fondled my breasts, alternating between squeezing my nipples and slapping them. Her eyes stayed on my face, watching my changing expressions and listening to the increasingly higher pitch of my moans.

"I'm going to remove your gag, but you have to keep as quiet as you were when you had the gag on. Okay?" I nod. She removes my gag and and covers my mouth with kisses. Her tongue probes my mouth as her hands grab my breasts. My moans and groans went into her mouth as I tried to hold back my cries as I came.

Removing the vibrator, untying my hands and putting my panties back on, she pulled her chair away from the door. Taking her journal out of her bag, she started writing. I panted.

"Thanks for the inspiration," she whispered, not looking up.

Opening my bag, I took out my papers with shaky hands. I snorted a laugh. "Anytime Sere, anytime."

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