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Friday, March 7, 2008

Body Parts I like to Fondle - Boobies! (part 1)

To quote my boyfriend, "I like boobies!"

Now I'm not going to go into a diatribe about the psychological implications that may or may not be inherent in the manual and/or oral appreciation of breasts. Instead, I'm going to explain my personal relationship with boobies.

They don't have to be a particular size to suit me. I like massaging them and feeling their weight and shape. If there are any scars, I'll run my finger along the different texture of skin. And then there're the nipples. I love to suck, lick, bite and kiss. I enjoy nipples that are innies who hide until they're aroused and ones that are outies too. I like boobies!

For myself, I enjoy all of that and more. I've had my dirty pillows clamped with clothes pins and have delighted in that sensation. My fun bags have been bitten until bruised and even spanked. (I was actually surprised at how much I liked that!) I didn't like the electro-shock, no electricity through my nipples please. But cover them in sticky... They've had honey and chocolate and whip cream and other things spread on them then licked off. I can almost cum with just my nipples being played with.

There was this one time...
My partner tied me to the bed, blindfolded and gagged me and informed me that he was going to ignore the rest of my body and only focus on my breasts. Since I was gagged, I couldn't reply but in my head I was thinking 'excellent'. He started by rubbing ice all over my breasts. Once I was shivering, he massaged them until I was quite aroused. Then hot pain dripped on each of my nipples. Hot wax, I surmised as he swirled the candle over my breasts. Once he was done with that, he scraped and washed the wax off.
"Such pretty pink boobies!" He exclaimed, delighted. He suckled on my incredibly tender nipples voraciously. Then he bit and licked them until I was squirming and squealing. Taking off my gag, he kissed me as he pinched and smacked my breasts. And as he bit each of them again, I came.

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