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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Body Parts I like to Fondle - boy nipples (part 2)

Now I want to talk about boy nipples. Almost as much as girl nipples, I like boy nipples.* I like them for much the same reason that I like girl nipples... I like to pinch, lick, nibble, twist, suck, blow and kiss. I like toying with boy nipples for the pleasure and enjoyment that is playing with boy nipples. But what I like best is hearing the moans and whimpers and squeals of pleasure from my partner.

He didn't want to go up to my room 'cause he would have to go home soon.
"That's fine," I said, "we'll just stay on the couch."
My roommate turned off the lights as she went up to bed and snickered. I pushed him back and pounced. Grinding my pelvis into his, I grabbed his wrists, held them together and thrust them against the arm of the chair above of his head.
"Keep them there," I growled into his ear. He nodded as I chewed on his ear.
Sliding down his body, I pulled his shirt up. He had the cutest pierced nipples... not that I could see them. But I'd seen their shiny bar bells before. At first I just licked. I licked and licked until he was squirming. Then I bit and, catching the metal with my teeth, I pulled up. He squeaked and brought his hands down as if he would stop me.
Grabbing his wrists, I tsked. "Do you need assistance keeping your hands where they belong?" I tweaked his nipples. He gasped and nodded. I slipped the sash from my robe and tied it around his wrists. Then, taking the long end, I pulled his arms over the side and looped it around the foot of the couch.
I went back to biting and sucking on his nipples until he was whimpering. I clawed at his sides, tickling and kissed him. After several minutes, I got up and undid his hands.
"It's time for you to go." I flipped on the light, pulled down his shirt and gave him an evil grin.
"You're wicked. You know that right?" I nodded and smiled even wider.

*I'd like them the same except girl nipples have the advantage of
having boobies attached to them and I like me some BOOBIES!!!

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