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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Body Parts I like to Fondle - Penises! (part 3)

Penises... I like Penises! I like them whatever they're called.
Be it the Big Lebowski, Blow pop,
Bottle rocket, Cherry poppin' daddy, Meat stick, Crotch cobra, Cunt scrubber, Daddy Long-stroke, Danger the one-eyed ranger, Divining rod, Dribbling dragon, Dr. Feelgood, Fiddle stick, Fire hose, Gherkin, Hanging Chad, Happy Harry Hard-on, Heat-seeking moisture missile, Hot beef injection, Jake the one-eyed snake, Lollipop, Love muscle, Magic wand, Meat puppet, Muscle of love, Night stick, Sex pistol, Shaft of Cupid, Thunderstick, Tickle pickle, Twat torpedo, Vlad the Impaler, Wally the one-eyed wonder wiener, Wang or Woody*... Be they large or small or crooked or straight... (though not infected) I enjoy them.

I like to suck them, an oral sex connoisseur as per my previous post, but I also enjoy fondling them. Now this is not to be mistaken for giving a hand-job. I am not against manual stimulation by any means.
However, if I wish to get my male partner off, I prefer other methods... in fact I will only give a hand-job to someone I feel a great deal of affection for since it is not something I particularly relish. But I do enjoy fondling, caressing, stroking and manipulating the penis. I like tying my partner down and fixating on that small organ of pleasure. I like to tease and torture especially if it is something HE likes. (and, when I'm feeling particularly evil and mistressy, sometimes when it's something he doesn't like.) I take great pleasure in the feel of a penis growing under my touch.

*totally got all these from Woody's World of Penis Euphemisms!


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Ninian said...

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I give up.