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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bookstore Fantasy (fiction)

I'm idly looking out the big bay window at the downpour as I price books at half an hour 'til closing time. I see you hurrying across the street as thunder shakes the store. I lower my head, pretending to be engrossed in my work as a smile and a flush takes over my face. My happiest days are when you come in.

You enter the store, dripping from the rain. You shake off & make a lame joke about the weather. I laugh, just a little too loud and long, and you laugh with me. The laughter dies to an uncomfortable silence as you shuffle your feet.

"Um, do you have..." You name an obscure title I've never heard. I look it up, find the author and lead you to our Literature section even though I know it won't be there. I step up on the first rung of the small ladder we have to get a better view of the shelf it should be on and scour it intently, without taking in a single title.

"Sorry we don't have..." I feel your breath at my neck. You wrap your arms around my waist and press your wet head into the spot just above my shoulder blades in the center of my back. My voice wavers. "I um..." You shush me. I hold perfectly still in your embrace.

Another clap of thunder takes out all the lights except the exit signs. We stand in near darkness as you help me off the ladder. You turn me around to face you. I'm swallowed by the shadowed need in your eyes.

"Why don't you lock the door?" Your voice is a husky whisper in my ear. You release me. I lock the door then walk back to you. I know my face is blazing red, but it doesn't matter because it's dark. As soon as I reach you, I push you against the bookshelves. I want to kiss your lips, but you're taller than me so I instead kiss your collarbone. The laugh that had been spilling out at my aggressive push turns into a moan as I pull your shirt collar down and suck and bite your flesh. You grab a handful of my hair and wrench my head back and kiss me. Your hand is under my shirt and grasping my breast as my own hand has found your throbbing member straining against your jeans. I stroke it through the fabric.

Grabbing your wrist, I lead you over to the futon couch and pull you on top of me. We grind like teenagers, exploring each other's bodies with our hands. You pull my shirt off then my bra and suckle on my nipples. I moan, mentally encouraging you to bite. I kiss the top of your head, turn you slightly and
swirl my tongue in your ear as I nibble the lobe and undo your belt.

Before I'm able to release your dick, you slide down my body and pull my pants down. With your face in my crotch, I moan as you write your name with the tip of your tongue on my clit. You write my name, the name of the bookstore and names you want to call me like pet and naughty little girl as I become way more than moist. You slide two fingers up inside me and I scream and buck as you stroke the G cord and continue to write dirty smut with your tongue. Even after I cum, you do not stop.

I am limp as you slip a condom on then lift me up. You carry me and
press my naked back against a bookshelf. You shove your cock up inside me. We rock in place as my fingernails claw ribbons down your back. I orgasm over and over again until you cum with me. You stumble backwards, still inside me, still holding me, until you fall onto the futon with me on top of you. We kiss gently before falling asleep.

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