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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Chew Toy

He says he's gonna give me a bruise collar while they're visiting me.

I said, "as long as the bruises have faded by the time I go back to teaching next week." (I am NOT explaining a bruise collar to a bunch of teenagers.)

We laughed. A bruise bikini was also mentioned and accompanied by more giggles. He bit the side of my neck and left a huge hickey. But nothing more was mentioned so I thought he was joking...

NEVER assume a biter is joking about biting.

Last night, as we were wrestling, the Philosopher pinned me on the bed. He flipped me over and stared me in the eyes. "Remember that the safeword is banana-slug." I nodded.

As I was stuck under him, I struggled to get a better hold of him. But he had better leverage and I was soon pinned again with him biting and sucking the other side of my neck. I squirmed out from under him. He body slammed me, pushing me down half on, half off the bed and bit... HARD. The curious thing is that once he would get a particularly good hold of my neck with his teeth, my nerves go hay-wire and I go almost limp.

And now, as I'm typing this, he's sitting behind me and keeps pulling me back into him to fill in the spots that he didn't bruise last night. The only spot that's left is right in the center of my neck. That spot makes me nervous, even though he says he'll be gentle. (But part of the reason I'm nervous is that he might start in on the bikini...) :O

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Anonymous said...

pix plz;)(kidding ofc)
sounds like a wild time:)