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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

foot fetish

While dating me, a boy I dated, I'll call him Toe, discovered that something about my feet just drove him crazy! He discovered it one night when he was giving me a full body massage. (Oh, I do like massages... giving and receiving.) He started at my head and worked his way down my body. I wasn't surprised when he spent a great deal of time on my boobs and then on my ass, but the tender affection he gave to my feet was like nothing I'd ever felt before. I think at some point, I actually fell asleep or at least drifted off. When I drifted back, I felt him licking and sucking on my toes. It was a little strange to think about, but it felt oh so good. When he jacked off onto my feet, that was weird, but he cleaned them.

Since I was working in a cafe at the time and spending an excessive amount of time on my feet, Toe decided that whenever we had a date right after I had work that I needed to have a foot massage. Not only that, but he would clean my feet then massage them. It was amazing! I had the most pampered tootsies ever.

Then we began to experiment. Or rather I began to experiment. When we would sit across from each other at a restaurant, I would slip off a shoe and put a foot into his lap. He would get hard immediately. I found that if I let Toe massage and suck my feet for about half an hour before we fooled around, the sex would be amazing. The problem with that was, it would make me sleepy. But it felt so good and he quickly figured out ways to arouse me after relaxing me. Then I discovered that I could make him cum with my toes. That was much more interesting than sexy but I liked how it would make him blush. I love making boys blush.

I do not have a foot fetish. I do, however, have a certain love for feet and am sad when lovers do not want me to touch their feet. (I'm fine when they're a bit wary because they have ticklish or sensitive feet.) I like to massage feet, to suck on toes, to tickle insoles... I like how tender and tough feet are. Feet are wonderful.

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Beloved's girl said...

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If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you! During the presentation we'll discuss the basics of foot, boot and shoe worship, from psychological issues (Turned on by feet? What???) to the pragmatics of how to care for you or your lover's feet and footwear. We'll also discuss resource information for finding that oh-so-hard to procure perfect pair as well as brainstorming ideas for super-hot foot play scenes. Strap-on your stilettos, wedges, and Mary Jane's for this very "well-heeled" workshop!

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