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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Reflection on Marks

I like marks... giving them and receiving them. For tonight, my focus is on the receiving end.

I enjoy touching these bruises after my lover has left and remembering the delight in all we did when I received them. Be they whip marks, paddle marks or even just bite bruises, I enjoy them all. I especially like being bitten... being bitten so hard that I'm whimpering; on the verge of crying.

The Philosopher delights in biting and seems to have a special fondness for biting me. And he does it so well! I go practically limp whenever he chomps down. He is amazing at figuring out where to bite, when to bite and how hard to bite and he somehow knows to lessen his hold at just the right moment. I lose my ability to speak. He is a very attentive paramour, listening when I have no words.

I've never had someone so in tune with my... pain-monkey nature. It's quite wonderful.

There are teeth marks on my back and ass and bruises on my breasts. I'm sad that they're already starting to fade. The bruise collar has already healed. (Damn my body & it's fantastic healing capabilities!)

I guess the next time I'm no longer teaching - my current position ends before May - we might just have to make another collar of bruises. And this time, we may take pictures. ;>

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