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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shopping Drains Me... Thrifting is FUN!

This is not a very sexy post... not kinky... not erotic. In fact, it's not much of a post at all... it's more of a ramble if anything.

Shopping, which I find necessary on occasion, drains me. It's not that I hate shopping... it just drains me. I went to two thrift stores to find costumes for the show I'm directing and to the grocery store today. The grocery store was a necessity & I had a list (always so much better then when I don't... I get bleary-eyed and zoney when I have no list) so, except for the way discounted Easter candy, I was in & out with only what I needed.

Thrifting's a bit different. Instead of being a drudgery that must follow a list, it's more like treasure hunting. It still exhausts me, but it's a much more fun than tiring... unless I'm looking for something specific... like costumes for a play... which I was.

The first store had nothing I could use, which was frustrating. I found some possible substitutes, but I needed to talk to my co-director before I made any costume changes. So I stopped looking at costume stuff and began looking at fabric for for the Pagan bookstore I will one day have. That was fun!

At the second store, after talking to my co-director, I found some pieces that were better (and cheaper) for the costumes. And I got some pretty pillows for the bookstore. Yippy! I like finding shiny and fancy or soft and smooshy pretty things.

And now, I go sleep.


Beloved's girl said...

oh my god! Another Thrifter! *waves* I adore thrifting. I can lose hours in a single store. Most of our worldly goods have come from thrift, but some of my favorite finds have been more "kinky"...awesome leather pants, cute tops, boots, etc.

But you are right, it is a treasure hunt, NOT shopping!

Beloved's girl said...

oh my god! Another Thrifter! *waves* I adore thrifting. I can spend hours in a store and walk out with nothing and still have had a great time!

Most of our worldly good have come from thrift or freecycle, but some of my favorite finds have been for our "kinky" collection. Leather coats cut for floggers, cute tops, knee-high boots that look NEW, pleather pants...

*grin* it's my happy place!

Ninian said...

I LOVE freecycle! Trash picking & Dumpster Diving! Woo-hoo!