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Monday, March 3, 2008

Voyeuristic Adventure with the Bgoifriend

When the Philosopher arrives home after class, the Photographer and I hide like monkeys under the blankets. (We're silly!) We pretend to be lesbians who don't like boys. Then, in the middle of a conversation about what to eat in which Philo is kneeling next to the futon mattress on the floor where we're lying, Photo zips opens Philo's pants and molests his penis.

After a few comments, she giggles and says, "I don't know, it was there." Yes... but she did have to open up his pants and...

Oh my! Now his dick is out and she's sucking on it. All conversation about food and tying people up to make food chess boards with their bodies has stopped as the sucking continues with a bit of ass smacking by Photo on Philo's now naked ass. So I start typing... but I keep getting distracted by kisses and, well, just the joy of watching my lovers please each other.

"I have a wedgy!" Announces Photo. We all giggle as Philo removes said wedgy along with her panties. Now he's going down on her. Heavy breathing ensues...

"Now this is a first," says Philo, indicating my typing about what they're doing. Though we did have a chat in which they typed the play by play, as he put it, while they had sex. The voyeur in me is quite deliciously aroused.

A condom is requested (I'm by the box o' condoms)... and now they've having hot and sexy intercourse, him on top, her underneath... with sexy little moans...

"Flip over," he says and now it's doggy style with a bit of ass smacking... then they flip again with her folded in half. They're so acrobatic, my lovers.

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