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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pink Panties - part 1, shopping

Mistress Ninian:
This weekend you must do two things. First, you are to purchase some panties. I don't care where you get them from, what they look like or what story you make up about why you, a grown man, are buying panties. (But keep in mind, that you are going to be wearing them for me.) Second, You will describe - in detail - the panties, the shopping excursion and how you felt about it. And that's all... for now. ;>

Pink sub:
i have bought my panties for You today. They're rose/pink in a "Bikini" style. They have a lacy almost see through front, with a swirly heart design. The back is a solid pink color, and they are very soft. i have not worn them because i wasn't sure if i was allowed to or not. (They are still on the hanger and have the tag on them.) i hope that i look good in them to You.
i was a little nervous about shopping for them. When i first walked into the store, i went to the lingerie section, and there were a lot of people shopping. So i went on a different section... after about 15 Minutes in the store, i went back. There was only one other person there and she was on the other side. I found a rack of nice looking panties. i was in the section practically alone for about 4 minutes, it seemed like 45, when out of nowhere two women came from behind me and started looking at the same rack i was! i kinda jumped because they didn't say anything until they were right behind me. (i'm not sure if they saw me jump or not.) i saw the pink panties, grabbed them and went to the checkout.
It was kinda embarrassing but i knew i had to do it for You. Ever since then i have kept wondering when i'll get to wear them for You. i hope You like them Mistress.

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