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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pink Panties - part 2, wearing the panties at work

Dear Mistress,
My first day of wearing panties wasn't so bad. Every time i thought about them i, of course, thought of You and what You're going to do to me. They're pretty comfortable except for one thing... It feels like someone is grabbing my entire package, pulling upwards and holding my balls. i would think it was Your hand and that got me hard which wouldn't help things since there isn't much room as it is with my panties on. I liked the text message too by the way... i am still wearing them and will continue to wear them until bedtime, since i am not sure if i'm allowed to take them off yet.
i can't stop thinking about Wednesday, please be gentle. i will bring my panties with me, and i will be there at 8. Is there anything else i should bring? Also will i have to model my panties? i will continue to wear them the rest of the night, unless i hear otherwise from you... but i can't wait to take them off because it will feel like the "hand grasp" will be free!
Thank You Mistress,
Your pretty pink boy

Dear pretty pink boy,
Mmmmm... nice that you thought of Me so much during your day. The idea of it being My hand holding your package made Me smile. And yes, since I didn't give you a specific time, waiting until bedtime to take them off was just what I would have had you do. I'm glad you liked the text. Was anyone around when you blushed? It would be a pity for a blush to go unseen. I'll just have to see if I can get you to blush for me on Wednesday. Of course, at least two of your cheeks will be blushing. I wonder, what do you prefer to be spanked with? As a naughty boy, you won't get to choose, but I am curious about your preference. A brush, a paddle, a ruler or just the palm of My hand? Perhaps we'll have to try them all to see which works best...
Since you have been a good boy in doing what you were told - wearing your panties all day, writing about it as well as writing the previous e-mail about your shopping experience & detailing the panties - I will be relatively gentle. Unless you were bad and touched yourself (other than to pee or clean) without permission or worse, it will not be too harsh of a punishment.
As far as bringing something other than your panties, that's entirely up to you. I do, however, like creative offerings.
Your Mistress,

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