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Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Poem I wrote from a dream a year ago


Deviant & vague philosophies

Of sketchy scribes
Etch erotic flirtations
Into my skin
And leave me wanting more.
Not that I've ever been one
For the boastful boys
Much preferring ones who whimper
And prostrate before me
Ones who giggle like girls
And are more feminine than I'll ever be.
As of late...
I've been dreaming...

Dreaming of manly men
Who grab me by the hair
And smack my bottom bruised.
It intrigues me since
My tastes usually salivate
Towards dominant women or submissive men.
As of late...
The girls

Who submit and yield
And the men
Who wish to dominate
Have been catching my eye
And holding it on
Their sticky tongues.

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