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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Witchy-woman & an Intro to Poly

When I was 19, I was in The Crucible. Along with several other women, we all wore Puritanical garb, screamed and wailed as we were possessed by the witches. She, the married woman who caught my eye, was one of the witches. My Witchy-woman. Because she was married, I didn't allow myself to think of her sexually. (Well, after the initial, 'wow, she's hot!' before I knew she was married.) We became friends, started hanging out before and after rehearsal. She was a hugger; often coming up behind me and cuddling me from behind. But that's not uncommon among theater folk; we were just friends. She was married... I kept reminding myself.

Then, at the cast party, everything changed.

After I'd been there for a few hours, and drinking the entire time, my Witchy-woman found me. She was friends with the woman who was hosting the party & knew the house really well. She grabbed me and led me up to one of the dark bedrooms upstairs. She locked the door behind us and pushed me against the wall and kissed me.

I pushed her away. "You're married!"

She grinned. "Why yes, yes I am." Then she leaned in and kissed me again. Her kiss was soft yet firm, her tongue gently probing my mouth as her hands slipped under my shirt and played across my ribs.

I didn't want her to stop, but I squirmed out from under her arms and stepped away from her in the dark room, nearly tripping over a chair. "Look, I really like you and you're totally hot, but I'm not into helping anyone cheat."

She threw back her head and laughed. "Is that the problem? Aw sweety! All this time, I was worried you just weren't into me." She easily moved in the dark room, placed her hands on my shoulders, and sat me in the chair. "Wait right here. I'll be back, okay?" I nodded as she left the room, the door standing wide open.

I could hear the party still going on downstairs. I thought about taking off... from the room, from the house. But the alcohol was catching up to me and I'd been planning to crash there. As my head spun, I sat there and watched the lit hallway. Soon two shadows stumbled their way into my light.

"This is my husband," my Witchy-woman smiled as she held her hand out to me. I stood up from my chair and shook her husband hand. "Now tell her you're okay with me making out with women."

Her husband smirked. "I'm fine with you fucking my wife." He smirked. "I wouldn't mind staying and watching, but I wouldn't want to make things awkward." Then he left the room laughing.

My Witchy-woman closed & locked the door behind him. Stepping up to me, she guided me over to the bed while kissing me. Pushing me back to the bed, she purred, "there you go. You okay with me now?"

I nodded breathless as she yanked my top off and began kissing my neck. I reached around behind her and unzipped her. She slipped out of her dress, pushed me down and yanked off my skirt and panties. We giggled as we helped each other out of our bras, continuing to kiss and touch each other. We fell backwards on the bed with a hand on each other's breasts and fingers dipping into each other's honey pots.

I kissed down her body until my nose was buried in her fur as I lapped at her juices. She moaned as I gently sucked on her clit and pinched a nipple with my other hand. She bucked and moaned and gasped and keened until her body shuddered to stillness.

"Wow," panted my Witchy-woman. "You do that really well. You've done this before, haven't you?"

"No," I said. "I never had."

Pushing me back, she climbed on top of me. "Never? You've never done this before?" I grinned and shook my head. "Have you ever had a girl go down on you?" I shook my head again. She kissed me hard then slid down my body.

Her tongue swirled over and around my clit as she slid two fingers up inside me. She flicked her tongue back and forth until I was squirming and squealing. I came as her fingers hit my G spot. Once I lay still, she moved to lay up beside me and kissed me.

"You're quite tasty," she murmured. I nodded and sighed as she squeezed me tight and laughed.

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this was quite juicy! :)