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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First Date

Last night I had a first date with a potential sub. We met at one of my favorite restaurants. Even though he was coming from two hours away, I was the one who was late. I sent him a text saying, "Yeah, I'm the one who lives close & I'm stuck in stupid traffic. It's on purpose... I'm, umm, testing your patience."
To which he responded, "Test away!" Good boy.

When I finally arrived he was already there, waiting. I knew it was him, partially because of the picture he'd sent me, but also because he was the only other customer in the restaurant.
He was checking his phone 'cause I had just sent him a message. When he looked up, I grinned and watched his perplexed look change to relief.
"Hey sweety!" I looked up to see B, one of the servers. He had his prize winning dimpled smile on.
His dark skin flushing slightly as I winked at him. "How've you been?"
"Good, good. Better now that you're here." We giggled.
Another server that I had met maybe once before was standing behind B. He chewed his lower lip, "what color would you call your hair?"
"Bubble gum pink."
He grinned ecstatically. "I knew it would be something crazy. I would have just called it red."
I shrugged, "red would've worked. Bubble gum pink is just what the label called it."
B laughed. "So, you meeting your friend?"
I knew who he meant, so I shook my head. "Naw, the guy I'm meeting is already here."
"Oh?" Said B, cocking his eyebrow. I nodded, grinned & walked past them. I could hear them snickering behind me.

As I walked up to the table, sub-boy* grinned nervously. "They know you."
I chocked a laugh as I sat down. "Well, my friends and I come here every so often so, yeah." I could feel myself blushing. I quickly hid behind the menu.
He picked his up and began to peruse. "So, what's good?"
I looked over my menu at him. He had really pretty green-gray eyes. "Well, I can recommend all the vegetarian dishes. I have heard that their meat dishes are good too."
"Well, I figured I'd just have something vegetarian."
This pleased me. He had already told me he was a meat eater when my vegetarianism came up and I'd explained that I was fine with people eating meat in front of me. But the fact that he was willing to do that was pretty cool. After we got our food, we ended up talking for four hours. We covered polyamory, paganism, politics (well, in the way that neither of us wanted to talk about politics), vegetarianism, views on marriage, GLBT, the Trans CampOUT I'll be going to in July, my business plans, the small town he lives in, how there's nothing to do in the small town he lives in, his dogs, my dog, my cats, his sometimes allergy to cats, books, movies, we made a few jokes about crazy good versus crazy with a butcher knife... We talked a lot.

What we didn't talk about was BDSM or why he wants me as a Mistress or what I would want from him as my sub. Too often in the past I've delved too quickly into the kinkier side of things without getting to know the person and I've found that type of relationship doesn't work for me. I like the idea of taking things slowly. It's definitely going to be interesting to figure out what that means and how we go about it.

After dinner, we weren't quite ready to wrap things up. He suggested going for a walk, but it ended up being a bit too chilly, so I suggested we go back to my place and watch a movie since we'd talked about quite a few movies.
"Are you sure you'd be comfortable with taking me home?"
I grinned. It was sweet that he was concerned. "I'm fine with it. Are you?"
"Well, as long as the butcher knives are put away."
I smirked. "Yeah, sure. Of course they're put away." I widened my eyes and wiggled my eyebrows.
He laughed. "I guess I'll take my chances."

After we got to my house, he looked over the many movies we have. There were two he hadn't seen that he was particularly interested in, True Romance and Boxing Helena. As in many cases where I have two choices, I flipped a coin. Boxing Helena won.
Sub-boy was quite cool about it, but I'd forgotten that Boxing Helena, while a good movie for the most part, has a crap ending. It's also not the best movie for a first date.

When I dropped him off at his car, we hugged. He gave me a peck on the lips. "That's all for the first date." I thought about saying something, but decided to let it slide. After all, he's not my pet... yet.

Overall, it was a rather good date. I will be seeing him again.

*after I give him a proper nickname I'll go back & change it

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