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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An Ode to Morning Sex

I wake with your arms around me,
Your naked body pressed to mine,
I feel your arousal,
And mine grows deep within,
Just outside the birds sing.

The birds sing as you kiss my neck,
I moan and press back into you,
I reach behind myself,
And grab your throbbing cock,
Just as the sun rises.

The sun rises as you rise too,
I turn my head for your sweet kiss,
Our lips lock as tongues touch,
And you whisper to me,
"Honey, I'll be right back."

"I'll be right back," is what you say,
But you suckle on my nipples,
Sighs and moans escape me,
Then peck me on the cheek,
I breathe as you get up.

As you get up for a condom,
You return back to bed so quick,
Ripping package open,
Then you flip me over,
And then you slide it in.

You slide it in, I pull you deep,
You grab my breasts as I claw you,
We screw until we reach,
A screaming orgasm,
Great way to start the day!

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