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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pink Panties - part 7, Dressing up

"Did you bring your panties?"

Raising his head from where he was lying, pink nodded. I cocked an eyebrow. He gulped, "yes Mistress."

"Go put them on and wait for me in the living room." He left my room & went to get his clothes that were still crumpled by the back door. I picked up a bundle from my desk and carried it downstairs. About half way down, I became aware that my mood was much, much better. I snickered thinking, give me a boy to beat and my mood will improve. When I got to the living room, he was standing in the middle in just his socks and panties with his hands twitching at his side.

I smiled, sat on the chaise and had him sit on the floor at my feet. I unwrapped the bundle in my lap. The wrapping was a maroon velvet dress and sitting in the center of it was a collar, fingernail polish and makeup. I set the polish and the makeup aside. "Lean in." He did and I put the collar around his neck. I handed him the dress. "Go put it on in the bathroom. And, my pretty pink boy," I gave him the makeup, "make yourself all pretty."

"I don't know how..." I cocked an eyebrow. He lowered his head. "Yes, Mistress."

When he came out of the bathroom, he had a dress on that fit him like a second skin and his makeup looked like he was auditioning for the circus. I busted out laughing. He blushed from the crown of his head down to the collar of the dress. He turned to go back to the bathroom but I grabbed his wrist and pulled him back, still giggling. "Oh look at you! Aren't you my pretty pink boy?" I pinched his cheeks.

"I look stupid." He glowered.

I stopped laughing. "You look silly, but you don't look stupid. You cannot look stupid when you're doing what your Mistress told you to do."

"Yes Mistress," he pouted.

I rolled my eyes. "Let's just... paint your fingernails."

He furrowed his eyebrows. "I, umm, Mistress? I have to work tomorrow and I can't have..."

I snorted. "Fine!" I could feel my good mood slipping away. "You can paint my fingernails."

"I-I might mess up."

"And if you do, you will be punished. So don't mess up little girl. Okay?" He blushed again and nodded. His hands shook, but he managed to keep the nail polish just to the nails. When he finished, I had him blow them dry. "Good job." I placed my finger under his chin, leaned in and kissed his lips. "So, what would you like to do now?"

"Whatever Mistress wants."

I dropped his chin and sat back into the the chair and crossed my arms. "You have nothing that you want to do? You have no preference? You are going to contribute nothing?" He just shook his head. My pissy mood came back and roared. "Fine. I guess we're done then. You can get dressed and leave."

His head snapped up. "Y-you sure, Mistress?"

I cocked an eyebrow. "Unless there's something in particular you want to do." His head lowered again. "Then crawl into the bathroom and get dressed."

"Yes Mistress." On his hands and knees he ambled his way to the bathroom.

"And don't wash the makeup off!"

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