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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Shower Sex

You start with the intention of getting clean. And what better way to conserve water than for both of you to take a shower together? (It'd be all three but you tried that before and it was cramped, crowded and awkward.) Just the act of removing clothes... Or rather, the act of two insatiably horny individuals, whose pheromones weave sonnets in the other's nostrils, removing clothing leads to kissing and groping and biting and licking salty skin and, before you've even stepped in the tub, you're kneeling on the bathmat with his dick in your mouth as your hands kneading his ass.

The water hasn't even been turned on and the mirror's already fogged up.

On the other side of the door, your cat meows in response to your lover's moans. You snicker, but you don't stop. He has one hand pressed against the wall for support as the other grabs a handful of hair. He stops you before he cums then spasms as you run the ball of your tongue stud along the underside of his highly sensitive organ before kissing the head and rising to your feet. He kisses you deeply, then turns you around and smacks your ass, motioning you into the shower.

You climb in and start the water, leaning over to find the right temperature. He comes in behind you and makes appreciative grunts as he massages your upturned butt. Once the water is right, you turn on the shower, the first cold blast hitting your back, and you start to stand. He puts a hand to the back of your neck and gently pushes you down. You comply by widening your stance and using your hands to balance yourself against the wall. He begins to spank you, gently, at first. But the strength and intensity rapidly grows. You moan and whimper when he pauses to reach between your legs and rub your clit. When you're just about to cum, he bites your ass, hard. He is now finger fucking you as he sucks and bites a bruise into the reddest spot of one ass cheek (you know this because he tells you later) then the other. The water is running rivers down your face and back, dripping tiny waterfalls from your nipples as you moan. His other hand, the one that doesn't have three (or is it four?) fingers shoving in and out of your dripping cunt, reaches around and underneath you and fondles your breasts, twisting your nipple until you cry out. Then he pulls harder and you cum painfully; deliciously. He stops as you gasp, smelling your own tangy juices, and pulls his fingers out of you. Leaning onto you, his hard cock pushing against your ass crack, he kisses your neck.

You start to stand, to turn to him, but he holds you in place. So you turn just your head and you kiss his mouth. As he pulls away, standing back up, he keeps one had pressed firmly on the small of your back so you know to stay as he opens the curtain. The cold air sends a shiver through you, but the water keeps you warm. The curtain closes again and you hear the tearing of a condom wrapper. He grabs your hips and enters you from behind, slowly. He quickly builds to slamming into you. You thickly gasp as he scratches your back leaving red welts you'll admire later in the mirror. Every few strokes he slaps your ass, causing you to have many mini orgasms. The big one's building deep inside you with each thrust getting faster and faster. You explode with a howling scream, igniting his orgasm. You cum together in grunts, screams and moans. He pulls out of you and tosses the condom into the trash as you stand back up. He pulls you back into him, pressing his body against yours. You reach up and behind, tangle your fingers in his hair as you kiss him over your shoulder.

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