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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Toys - part 1

The first erotic toy I ever owned was incredibly typical of a female's first vibrator. It was small and pink and kind of looked like a swollen finger except smooth and it ran on one AA battery. I got it while I was in highschool and I called it Pinky. She sadly lost her vibration & had to be thrown away. Since then I've moved onto a vibrator that looks like a light saber and runs on two C batteries along with a dildo shaped like a large penis that glows neon green in the dark.

My first pair of handcuffs, which I still have, are stainless steel & have a security release on them. Some people go on and on about having handcuffs which are police issue and you can only get them off with the key. Personally, I would be terrified of dropping and losing the key. I like things I can get people out of pretty quick. Every other pair of handcuffs I own, even the menecing black ones, have a security release.

I was with a guy who had a spreader bar. It was soft and cushy and attached with velcro. It didn't fit my idea of what a spreader bar should look like (reference the first scene in the 2002 movie - Secretary) so it took me a bit out of scene when he talked about a spreader bar and this came out instead.

This wasn't originally going to be a multi-parter entry, but I'm currently visiting relatives & I fear I won't have a chance to get back to it tonight so I'm going to wrap this up here. But before I do, I am curious about what kind of toys my readers enjoy. Just a little comment would be nice. ;>


Anonymous said...

Its soooo all about the partner but umn...if I had to pick
Black Saran :P

Anonymous said...

Strap ons, to use on others, and g-spot vibes to use on self.

Anonymous said...

Strap ons, absolutely.And the Walgreens purchased Dr Scholls knock off of the Hitatchi Magic Wand. mmmmm. Cheap and durable.