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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Philosopher's in town!

Sorry I've been slackin' on the posting. Erm, yeah... is it obvious I've been distracted? In fact, he's nibbling on me right now. ;D

One of the more "special" customers who patronize the bookstore came in. He told us the Philosopher does not exist; that I made him up. He told us the Philosopher is made of wind and if I push my button he'd cease to exist.
He asked, "do you know what he's good for?"
I said, "yes."
He ignored me then proceeded to inform me that the Philosopher was good for carrying packages in the rain & keeping them from getting wet. Then he left.

While I agree that the Philosopher is quite good at carrying his package (hee-hee!), I'm not sure what all this not getting it wet is. I also happen to know first hand that he's oh so good at quite a few other things.

I asked the Philosopher if I could call him Windy... he said, maybe.

And also... the button is my bellybutton. Don't push it!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Live Reading!

I know it's short notice, but I'll be reading the second half of "the Cherry Chronicles" Friday night June 27th at Kate the Great's Book Emporium* for the RAW reading series starting around 7 pm. It's revised! And also, I recently went thrift store shopping... I loves me some costumey fun clothes! ;D

*5550 N. Broadway, Bryn Mawr Redline stop
just past the corner of Broadway & Bryn Mawr
metered street parking

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Austere: part 4 (fiction)

Constance’s sessions with Laderris became part of her routine. She charged him less than she did any of her other clients, telling herself that it was only fair since he was a college student like her. At first, she would invariably find herself wondering how he felt about her. But after a while, she incorporated her desires for him into the scenes they built and pretended that’s all it was… just part of the job.

Laderris liked to be punished for any small infraction. He’d keep a tally of all the mistakes he made during the time he was away from her and put it in a notebook for Mistress Constance to look over. After she read all the bad things he did aloud, she would rate each violation then scold and punish him accordingly. He would cry and beg for forgiveness, but she would always tell him he would have to be punished before he could be forgiven.
After he’d been scolded enough, Mistress Constance would then strap him to the giant black whipping chair in the middle of the room, or chain him to the large wooden Catherine’s wheel, his naked body in an X, or suspend him in shackles and whip him as he danced on his toes trying to keep his balance.

At the end of the scene, she would hold him while he cried and tell him that all was forgiven. The scenes would vary, but the ending stayed the same.

He also liked scenes he play different rolls in. The two they played the most often were the damsel in distress (he was the damsel) being captured by the fierce yet sexy pirate and the very manly warrior enslaved by the merciless guard. But his absolute favorite was the schoolboy caught masturbating in the classroom by his teacher.

About three months after his first session, Laderris arrived with an exciting new idea for a scene. He wanted to play himself, a college boy and for Constance to be a strict librarian who happened upon him napping in one of the reading chairs after the library was already closed.

“And you don't even have to change or anything. You can just adjust the teacher outfit you’re wearing.” He looked up at her from his place on the floor; his eyes shining with excitement. "Whadaya think?”

Constance, who was lounging on the chaise, grinned. “I think that makes you my favorite.”

Laderris blushed. “Really?”

Constance nodded. “It’s like pulling teeth to get most of my other subs to tell me what they want.” She snickered. “Or to get them to say something other than ‘whatever pleases my Mistress,’ for that matter.” She shrugged. “I don’t mind coming up with things, it is my job after all, but it’s nice not to have to figure out every detail all the time.”

He smirked. “Whatever pleases my Mistress.”

Constance nudged him with the toe of her boot. “Jerk!”

He grabbed the tip of her boot and shook it. Then, with a mischievous grin, bounced up onto on the Chaise and straddled his Mistress. He tilted his head and smiled slyly. “Yes Mistress.”

She pushed at his chest but he grabbed her hands. She tried to get up, but he had a better angle and fell on her, his nose inches from hers. “If we’re going to do that scene, we should probably get started.”

“Yeah,” he agreed, but he didn’t make any effort to get off of her. Instead, he got more comfortable and lowered his lips to hers. When she didn’t resist, he deepened the kiss until she was kissing back.

Constance, her business side thought, you shouldn’t be doing this. You know better! But the other side, the side that was fully involved in the kiss, the romantic side, grabbed the business side and gagged her. Constance hadn’t really kissed anyone in a long time and Laderris was an amazing kisser.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Austere: part 3 (fiction)

Landon never called. Constance wasn’t surprised, she hadn’t expected to hear from either of the two young attractive boys. After all, they could probably get something at least close to what she was offering for free. But three days after their meeting, she got a call from Laderris.
During the three days in between, she found herself distracted in all her classes, thinking of the messenger boy, wondering if he was going to call. She constantly reprimanded herself, when she realized what she was doing, only to find her mind wandering into a daydream of Laderris minutes later.

The day he called she was in the bath. She had just finished a session with Tonya, her favorite cross-dresser. One of the things she really liked about Tanya was that Tonya loved to clean. Not the typical flouncing about with a feather duster with the intent of being punished, but actually crawling around on her hands and knees scrubbing with a toothbrush while Mistress Constance following her around and smacking her ass with a paddle telling her what a good girl she was and what a good job she was doing. After she finished, everything would be sparkling, except for Tonya. Then Mistress Constance would punish Tonya for getting so dirty, give her a shower with a garden hose and end by holding Tonya to her chest as Tonya cried and told Mistress Constance about all the ways she was dirty.

After Tonya left, Constance decided to take advantage of her freshly cleaned bathroom and luxuriate in a bubble bath with candles, a book and her cell phone in easy reach. She had one of those claw-footed bathtubs that she could lay back in, her arms over each side of the tub and relax. She had recently gotten a bath pillow that she suctioned to the part of the tub behind her head so she wouldn’t strain her neck while everything below her collar bone, except her nipples, was beneath the water. Even though it was a bit dangerous to do so, she found that she loved falling asleep that way. After reading for a bit, she set the book on the low vanity table by her phone, leaned back and closed her eyes.

Her ring tone was a soft lilting music that got louder and louder until she answered or it went to voice mail. Reaching out of the tub, she felt around on the table until she almost knocked her phone to the floor. Grabbing it on its last ring, she answered.


“Mis – I mean, Constance?”

The voice was deep and rich, just how she remembered it. She could feel her heart pounding as she sat up, splashing water everywhere.


Laderris let out a breath of relief. “Oh thank goddess! I dialed the wrong number the first time and I upset the man who answered ‘cause his wife’s name’s Connie.” His laughter hitched in his throat as if he couldn’t get enough air into his lungs. “Um, yeah. But we figured out it was a wrong number and… you’re not married are you?”

Constance snickered. “Would it matter if I was?”

“Ummmm, no ‘cause it’s not like a dating situation or anything like that. Not that I even thought it was something like that ‘cause I know that this is different and it’s your job which has nothing to do with whatever you do with your private life or your social life…”


“…and I wouldn’t want to presume anything at all since this is really just a business transaction… well, sort of, but of the odd sort that you’d need to be attracted…”

“Laderris!” Constance shouted.

He fell silent.

“Breathe.” She could hear him breathing.

“You,” he squeaked. “How’d you know my name?”

It was Constance’s turn to be flustered. “I, umm, well you have a very distinctive voice and I have a good ear for…” She shook her head. Why was she explaining herself to a potential client? She slapped her hand in the water.

“Are you in the tub?”

She could feel herself blushing. Come on Constance, she thought, pull it together! “And if I am?”

“I umm,” Constance could hear him blushing as he fumbled for the words. He barked a laugh. “That’s none of my business, is it?”

“Right. Now, why’d you call?”

“Well, I finished filling out that form and I was wondering if we could have a… I mean, if we could meet? Maybe at that café Buddha place? Maybe tomorrow?”

“I have classes all day tomorrow.”

“What’re you studying?”


“Undergrad or Grad?”

“Grad.” Constance bit her lip. What the hell was she doing? She was revealing too much of her life. It had to be because she was in the bath and so relaxed. “Hold on a sec.” She set the phone down, stepped out of the tub and put on her purple satin robe and sat on the toilet before putting the phone back up to her ear . “I’m free on Friday after three, you?”

“Yeah! Well, at four, is that okay?”

"That'll do."

“Then it’s a date!” Laderris gasped. “I mean, a… a…”

“An appointment?”

“Yeah, that. See you then.”

“Bye.” Constance flipped her phone closed. This one was gonna be tricky.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Austere: part 2 (fiction)

Though the Buddha Diner and Café was less than five minutes from Constance’s house, she gave herself half an hour to get ready. These things are always delicate and presentation is everything.

When she got there, she saw several young men sitting alone in the booths along the walls. She had told him that he and his friend, though she doubted there was a friend at all, should sit in a booth. As she gazed over all the single men in the dim lighting of the place, she heard someone call Mistress, then another voice call Constance over the sound of a waterfall that was coming through the speakers hidden in the high ceiling. A few of the lonely diners turned and watched the striking dark skinned red head as she looked over at the black and white booth with the two young boys in it. She had noticed them when first scanning the room, but they were sitting on the same side, so she had dismissed them as a couple; a very young couple. One of them, a tall Japanese boy with broad features, wearing a soft blue seventies leisure suit and a toothy grin motioned her over. Thinly drawn eyebrow raised, Constance strolled to the booth.

“Mistress Constance, right?” The waver’s eyes were wide with titillation. He wiggled in his chair like he was going to pee his pants.

“Just Constance,” she corrected, “only my subs may call me Mistress.” She sat across from them, “and you’re, Laderris?” The voice didn’t sound right, but he was the more out spoken of the two.

“Nah,” his grin was unstoppable, “I’m Landon. This,” he motioned to the quiet boy with a flip of his wrist, “is Laderris.”

With eyes still on Landon, she smirked, “Landon and Laderris?”

Landon giggled like a seven year old girl in a blender, “yeah, I know, it sounds corny. But hey, I knew three girls named Jenny who were best friends in High School.” He shrugged.

Turning her attention to the quiet dark man (or rather boy, they were both so young!) in the corner, she smiled, “so you must be...” her voice trailed off as she stared into Laderris’s charcoal eyes. His large hands fumbled with, almost knocking over, the drink in front of him. She tilted her head. “How did you...?”

Shaking his then shaggy afro-ed hair, he sputtered, “I swear, when Landon asked me to do this, I had no idea.”

“I mean, there’s nothing wrong with...”

“Oh, I know. It’s just weird, you know?”

“Yeah, especially with what happened last time.”

“Seriously, I was thinking about that when Landon asked...”

“You told him?”

“No, no, no... Oh no!”

“Not that there would be any...”

“Tell me what?” Landon whined. He’d been trying to follow their conversation, a tennis match in fast forward, but it was too confusing. He shook his head, “what the hell? You two know each other?”

Simultaneously, Laderris said yes and Constance said, sort of.

“Yeah, sort of, that’s better,” Laderris nodded, his dusky cheeks flushing slightly. “I mean, she’s on my route. I deliver packages to her all the time, and it’s weird ‘cause I didn’t know what she did until like last Tuesday.”

Constance smirked and rolled her eyes remembering how Mr. S., her irksome second Tuesday of the month gig, had been running around her house in nothing but ankle shackles and a Hello Kitty thong. He wasn’t a small man by any stretch of the imagination, but worse than his size, was his arrogance and his need to be punished for real infractions. The only problem was, to punish him was to reward him. It was quite vexing, but he paid really well and it was only once a month. The doorbell rang and, giggling like a naughty schoolgirl, he opened it - which is strictly forbidden - even beyond running around the house in nothing but a thong. Seeing the bike messenger (he’d probably been hoping for a Jehovah’s Witness or some scouts selling cookies or Mormons), he screamed.

“Yeah,” Laderris laughed, “there was some dude running around naked...”

“Uh-uh,” she grinned, “he had on a thong on.”

“Yeah, well he freaked out when he opened the door. Then you came storming up from the basement in that amazing black vinyl dress, yelling at him to get back in the dungeon and you called him, what was it? Oh yeah, a stupid pussy bitch.”

“That’s ‘cause he is a stupid pussy bitch,” she growled, then smiled, pulling two pens out of the inside pocket of her tuxedo jacket and setting them in the middle of the table.

“Wow. That’s quite the story,” Landon said, looking at Laderris, “and you never told me.”

Laderris shrugged, “It’s only been a week.”

“Huh,” Landon sounded, still looking at his friend. Shaking his head, he looked back at Constance nervously, “so, what do you think?”

“About what?”

“Well, us, I guess.”

“Do you come as a pair?” She asked, grinning.

“No,” the boys intoned in unison, then snickered.

“Would it be cheaper if we did?” Laderris grinned.

“You mean two for the price of one?” Constance asked, enjoying the friendly banter.

“Yessssss!” Landon squealed.

Constance took a moment and looked at the both of them. To them, it was still completely unreal, but she knew the reality of it all. “I’m not a sandwich shop. I charge per person and per hour, not per session.”

Laderris blushed, something he seemed to do a lot and she was beginning to enjoy thoroughly, “I was, umm, kidding.”

“No need to say that. It was a valid question. After we’ve had a few sessions and if I feel so inclined, there is a possibility of deals being worked out.” She steepled her black gloved fingers on the table and leaned her chin on them, “I am a fan of customer loyalty and I like to reward my favorite servants.” Leaning back, she looked at them critically, “but to answer your question, what do I think? Well, I think you both look rather young.”

Landon furrowed his face defiantly, “we’re of age, I swear.”

“No need to swear, just prove it.” The boys looked at each other, then took out their drivers licenses, proving that they were both over twenty; much younger than her normal clientele, but still of age.

Smiling she picked up her black briefcase and put it on the table. As she began to rummage through it, Laderris asked, “How old are you?”

She paused and looked into his onyx stare. Normally, she would have given the line of; it’s impolite to ask a lady and all that. But for some reason, he made her feel the need to share everything with him. “I’m thirty-five,” she said.

“Prove it,” he demanded, not taking his eyes from hers.

She smirked, “if I did that, you’d know my real name.”

“Are you afraid of that?” As his dark eyes dared her gray ones, she felt the rest of the world slip away. There was no friend, no restaurant, no contract to be filled out. She hypnotically removed her wallet from her pocket, her eyes never leaving his, and held it up so he could see the state ID sitting in the little plastic window. He glanced at it, grinned, then captured her gaze once again.

“Your real name IS Constance.” She smiled, putting the wallet away. “Thank you,” he murmured, looking down at the table.

Released from the hold of his eyes, she nodded. Fighting the fluttering in her belly, she began talking in her most business like manner. “Other than needing to know you’re both over eighteen, I can’t say as I’ve come to any opinions as of yet. There’s a bit of business we have to do before I even begin the consultation. Is that all right?” Landon glanced at Laderris nervously and nodded. Laderris raised his head slowly and she looked away. “Good,” she swallowed taking out three packets, one for each boy and one for herself, “let’s begin.”

The contract was standard, beginning with a fill in the blank quiz on their understanding of what BDSM is; if they’re more into the Bondage and Discipline or the Dominance and Submission or the Sadomasochism or any combination of the three and what it all means to them. Since Constance had done this more than a dozen times just within the last year, she already had hers filled out. The beauty of that was that she could observe the boys responding and help with any questions they might have. Landon kept cracking jokes, making it painfully obvious that this might be a bit too intense for him. But Laderris was serious and focused; paying little attention to his friend’s remarks. He read it completely without filling anything in, then flipped back to the first page and began reading it again, slowly, and filling it out.

Licking her lips, Constance snuck a peek at her watch. She had been there for over an hour and a half, far exceeding the time she usually liked to spend on a first consultation, even with two possible clients. “Listen, I have another appointment to get to, so why don’t you take those home and give me a call when you’ve filled it out. That way, each of you can have a private consultation. Don’t worry,” she added, patting a gloved hand on each of their naked ones, “that will be free as well. I only charge for the sessions.”

Laderris smiled and nodded gravely as Landon hopped up and threw his arms around her neck in thanks. As she stood to leave, Laderris slid out of the booth, took her hand gently in his, slid the glove down passed the heel of her hand and kissed the inside of her wrist as he knelt on one knee. Looking up into her opulent eyes, with her hand still in his, he whispered, “I am your servant.”

Several hours later in her kitchen making some stir fry for dinner, she found herself staring dreamily out the window as she stroked her wrist where he kissed her. Snickering at herself, she sighed, “oh Constance, don’t go falling for a client.”

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Austere: part 1 (fiction)

It was a rainy Wednesday. As with all rainy days, Mistress Constance anticipated a call from Charlie. She woke from her nap on her living room couch to a ringing above her head where she’d tossed the phone after the long day of classes. Even before she touched the phone, she was certain it was Charlie. She’d actually been expecting Charlie’s call ever since the tail end of her acting class when she’d heard the thunder. He had a rain fetish and she was the only Dominatrix in the area, or so he claimed, that would work with his erratic scheduling and short notices. If there was a prediction of rain, he would schedule a session ahead of time. But if no rain came, he would always cancel. She got him to agree to pay for the first half hour if he actually showed up, but she wouldn’t charge him any cancellation fees if he called ahead, even if it was only minutes before his session; something most dominatrices would not do. She’d even allow him to call up at the first drop of rain, ask if she was busy and if she wasn’t, she’d take him right then.

But it wasn’t Charlie. The voice on the line was much younger than her fifty year old client. It was a voice that held all the qualities of a dandelion in fall. The boy said his name was Laderris and his friend wanted to meet her.

She tried to keep the smirk out of her voice. “Your friend? Don’t you want to meet me?”

There was the familiar rattling, as if the boy had lost control of the receiver or his hand, then he croaked, “yes, but I’m scared.” Laderris cringed within himself at the admission of his fear. What if she took that as a sign of weakness? What if she wanted nothing to do with someone so new to all of this?

But this refreshingly straightforward honesty endeared Constance to him. “You’ve never done this before, have you?”

“No,” Laderris admitted, blushing and feeling himself become aroused at just the sound of her voice. “My friend has. He’s had prostitutes before, but...”

“I am NOT a prostitute,” Constance stated firmly. She truly had no qualm with that age old profession, but it wasn’t what she did and for legal reasons, she would not tolerate being lumped into that category. “Is that going to be a problem? Because if you’re just looking for sex, you need to look elsewhere. There is NO sex in my dungeon.” The statement wasn’t entirely true, she had taken lovers down there, but she never fucked her clients.

“Th-that’s fine,” Laderris whispered, afraid he had insulted her, “I’m sorry.”

“No need to be sorry,” Constance’s voice softened, cajoling him. “Why don’t you come with your friend for the consultation? That way, if you don’t see anything you like, you can just say that you went as moral support.”

“Do you charge for that?” His voice was a bit steadier, as the perspective clients often were, when discussing money.

“Oh no, dahhhhhling,” she purred into the phone, falling easily into the roll of seductress, “never will I charge for moral support.” She smirked at her own joke, “But neither do I charge for the consultation. It’s kind of like getting an estimate for construction. You decide if I’ve got what it takes to give you what you want and I decide of you’re worthy of my skills.”

“W-where do we meet?” His voice had once again become fragile.

“Any restaurant of your choosing.”

“Can we meet today?” He asked quickly, the words melting into one another.

If she hadn’t heard that question asked a thousand different times in the same way, she probably wouldn’t have understood him. But it was familiar and always gave her a silent chuckle. “Well, I’m expecting a call from a client. But if he doesn’t call within the next half hour, I’m guessing he’s not going to and I sure as hell am not waiting around. So, I could call you. Can I get your number?”

Hesitating, Laderris glanced around his parent’s basement where he lived, wrapping the phone cord around his finger, wondering if he should give her what she wanted. What if his Mom answered?

“I promise to only use it this once,” Constance purred from the other end of the line, “if I ever need it again, I’ll ask you for it. You have to start trusting at some point.” She imagined him chewing this over in his head. “Please?” The quick question was out of her mouth before she thought it. She bit her nail, wishing she could take the uncharacteristic word back.

Why did I say that, she thought, shaking her head, unable to remember the last time she’d even used that word. But there was something about his voice that brought a softness out of her. He gave her the number, sounding satisfied to have heard her say please. Since Charlie never called, she phoned Laderris two hours later. It was good to make them wait. He could think of no restaurant he would want to meet at, a common occurrence with many submissives - especially novice subs - so she made all the arrangements to meet him at the Buddha Diner and Café where she met most of her clients.

“I’ll be the woman with the briefcase wearing a top hat and tuxedo jacket. You will call me Constance.”

“I’ll be wearing nothing but a cock-ring,” he replied then quickly recanted, “I’m just kidding. I-I’ll be wearing a blue tee-shirt and jeans. My friend’ll probably be wearing something much more flamboyant. He usually does.” He paused, "so it's a date?"

Constance grinned. "It's a consultation."

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I am a Volcano

You told me,
I was a Volcano.
All day
Every day
My flesh is hot.
I stand naked
In snow and
Within minutes,
It becomes
A boiling puddle.
My juices have flooded
And valleys
And anyone
Who got too close…
Poor Wolf,
Saturated in my lava flow,
He had no chance!
But lava cools.
Let's hope
I do not harden.

Friday, June 13, 2008

I am not stunning

In my dream a toad like man with horn-rimmed glasses questions the veracity of my erotic writings.
“I mean no offence, but…”
Right away, my ire goes up. Any question or comment starting with that phrase is certain to be offensive. Why don’t people understand that the ‘but’ negates whatever came before it? Breathing deeply, I listen to the rest of what the squat man has to say.
“I mean no offence, but other than your weirdly colored hair and tattoos, aren’t you a bit too plain for anyone to believe that you’ve actually had all these adventures?”
I feel compelled to answer him, to explain myself, to justify my life…

Then I wake with a bad taste in my mouth and a disharmonious vibration in my ears. I feel deflated, as if his questioning me has left me questioning myself. It’s a strange sensation. I am self confident & cocky, not self-doubting & insecure.

My horoscope today had this to say:

“Take a good long look in the mirror and remind yourself that while you might not be the hottest person on earth, you are definitely something special -- especially in the eyes of the people who love you. Having a healthy level of confidence is more important than having a conventionally attractive outer shell. After all, it's just a shell. The magnetic energy you create when you believe in yourself is undeniable. Boost your ego, and you'll see proof of this today.”

I can’t help but wonder; is the universe or my subconscious or both trying to tell me something?

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I hate being sick... especially when it makes me feel all curmudgeonly, cranky and not like writing. (Damn, I couldn't come up with another hard C... Cunt?) Yeah, I'll post tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Theater Distraction: part 4 (fiction)

I held my hand out to Rachael for the tiny flogger she had. Pushing Laderris’s legs further apart, I flicked the whip along the inside of his thighs.

"That's for not trusting me," I said as he winced with each strike. He yelped as two thwacks stung his penis. "Shhhh!" I hissed, looking quickly around to see if we had been heard. Fortunately, the movie was at a party scene so no one heard us at the back of the theater. I nodded curtly at Rachael, who obediently lowered her mouth onto his cock. "Don't make a sound," I whispered as a grunt escaped Laderris. He pressed his lips tight and squeezed my hand. Reaching over, I gently guided his neck to my mouth. He moaned as I nibbled and bit his skin and Rachael licked and sucked, bobbing up and down and grazing him lightly with her teeth. The slurping blended with the moans coming from the party scene turned orgy on the screen at the front of the theater. Spying a floor walker, I pulled back and said urgently, "You might want to hurry up. We might have company."

Laderris gasped as Rachael took him deep into her throat and began working her well trained muscles. He clasped his left hand over his mouth and his right hand gripped my upper thigh. Convulsing silently with Rachael working him harder and faster, he exhaled a loud, "oh gods," then went limp. The noise from the orgy scene covered his words so not even the theater attendant heard him.

Rachael sat up, licking her lips. "Mistress, may I be excused?" She smiled sweetly. "I have to go to the ladies room."

"Yes," I said, taking her offered hand. "You've done well." She pulled my hand to her lips and kissed it without taking her eyes off me, then shuffled to the aisle and skipping down the steps. "You too," I said to Laderris, who had just managed to get his pants back up. He grabbed his t-shirt, kissed my cheek and staggered out of the theater.

As the movie ended, Rachael and Laderris made their way to me. They sat on either side of me; Rachael wrapping her arm around mine while Laderris held my hand to watch the credits roll down the screen.

"You miss us?" Rachael asked.

"Terribly," I said kissing them each on the cheek.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Theater Distraction: part 3 (fiction)

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that the film was starting. "But now," I said, settling into my seat. "We watch the movie." Obediently, Laderris turned his face to the screen.

It was right at the point in the movie where the young French ingénue was standing on a step stool and peeking through holes that were the eyes of the painting of a dog to see the butler giving the maid a spanking that Rachael sauntered her way up to where we were seated. She moved my coat and sat right next to Laderris.

"This is my favorite part," she sighed into his ear. Ignoring her, he shifted closer to me until our legs were pressed together to let Rachael know that he was mine.

Leaning into him, I whispered, "Pull your pants down." In the flickering light from the screen, I could see him glancing nervously at Rachael who was sitting forward to watch the movie, her long braid flipped over her shoulder. He pursed his lips tight, as if trying to keep himself from protesting, and nodded. After he shifted a few times, I sternly said, "Now."

"Yes Mistress," he whispered as he quickly buttoned up his trench coat before pulling in his arms. He wiggled around until his pants were down to his knees. I stifled a giggle at his arms popping back out through the arm holes. Technically, he'd done exactly what I'd told him to, so technically, he wouldn't be in trouble. Unfortunately for him, I never was a technical Mistress. I cleared my throat and shook my head.

"Okay, now spread your legs, wide." I watched as he pushed his legs out, trying to obey without unbuttoning his coat. After about a minute of him struggling to the tune of a loud orgasm being yelled out from the screen, I whispered, "guess you'll just have to open your coat."

"But Mistress…" he whimpered, his eyes brimming with tears.

I wiggled a finger through the space between the third and forth button of his coat and
yanked the chain between his nipples. "Now!" My voice was sharp and loud enough for Rachael to hear. She giggled, causing him to become even more flustered. As he bent his head down to work on the buttons, I glared over at Rachael who mouthed, sorry, at me.

Having only undone two of the buttons, Laderris stretched his legs open wider. He was looking up at me from under his eyebrow ridge with the saddest puppy dog look I'd ever seen him make. "Mistress, is this okay?"

Tilting my head, I leaned onto his shoulder. "No. Open it the rest of the way." He hesitated, looking at Rachael, who had her chin propped on her arms where she was leaning on the seat in front of her pretending to be completely absorbed by the movie. He shivered as he undid the rest of the coat. When he was done, he widened his legs but adjusted the sides of the coat to cover himself and folded his hands in his lap over his crotch. I reached over and gently placed his right hand on my thigh then moved the other to the armrest between him and Rachael. "And keep them there," I murmured into his ear. His eyes pleaded with me not to do what he knew I was going to do. But I just smiled and opened his coat to reveal a nice thick fully erect cock.

"Oh my, that's pretty." Rachael's eyes sparkled as she rested her left cheek on her arms and looking back so she could view us. "Can I touch it?" Laderris gasped as I said yes. Reaching over, Rachael gently ran a finger down the length of his shaft. "Mmmmm," she sighed. "May I… lift the divider?" The whites of Laderris's eyes were glowing as he turned a horrified expression to me while his penis quivered in delight.

Placing my hand on his, I looked past him to Rachael. "Sure."

Rachael removed his drink, placed his hand under the divide and lifted the armrest between them. She shifted closer until she was practically kneeling on his hand and her pert breasts were pushing against his arm. She wrapped her hand around his dick and nibbled on his ear, causing him to moan. "Such an arrogant little man showing off like this," she breathed, squeezing his cock. "Should he be punished?"

Wrapping one finger in the chain on his chest, I ran two fingernails along his inner thigh and pretended to muse on this. "What did you have in mind?"

Letting him go, Rachael reached behind and grabbed her purse. "Well, I just so happen to have a bag of tricks right here."

"Why yes, you do." I smiled, taking the bag from her. Leaning over Laderris, I gave her a kiss. "And you should be rewarded for being so obedient."

"You know her?" Laderris asked, shock & relief mingling in his voice.

Sitting back in my seat, I stoked his dick and looked into his eyes. "Do you really think I'd let just anybody touch you when you're so vulnerable?"

"No Mistress. I mean, it was kind of a thrill not knowing for sure, but I'm glad." As he spoke, I could feel him going soft in my hand.

"We could still get caught," I growled, gripping his member and yanking his chain.

"Yes Mistress," he gasped as his whole body went rigid.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Theater Distraction: part 2 (fiction)

I led Laderris into the theater, up the stairs and to the back of the audience. There were only a few other moviegoers besides us and they were all sitting close to the screen so they could read the subtitles. It was part of the reason I'd chosen this rather plot-less but highly erotic flick. No one, except for Rachael, was going to bother us. Laderris had been talking nonstop about how he liked my coat and that my eyes had some gold to them and that he liked how glossy my black hair was and something about the film classes he was taking and wasn't it odd that I had suggested a foreign film when he was the film buff (I rolled my eyes at that one) and on and on like that.

"Enough," I said over my shoulder. He fell silent.

As we got to our seats, I stood watching him as he sat down. As soon as he noticed, he popped back up. "Did I um, should I get you something?"

I shrugged, just looking at him. After his being late, I was in no mood to explain.

"Oh, your coat!"

I nodded. He tenderly removed and folded the coat before setting it next to him. As he started to remove his own coat, I said, "Keep it on." He did so without question. As the theater went dark, I had him stand in front of me. With me sitting and him being well over six feet tall, I was at eye level with his crotch. "Open your coat," I murmured, appreciating the bulge in his jeans. I slid my hands up under his shirt and gently ran my nails along the sides of his slightly round belly. Unbuttoning the first two buttons of his pants, I was careful not to accidentally brush where his member strained against the fabric. He inhaled a sharp breath as I trailed a finger through the top edge of course fur. He was wearing no underwear. "Good boy," I breathed. "However, you were late and it took you almost an entire minute to remember your manners. I believe that deserves some punishment, don't you?"

"Yes," he whispered, his body slumping at the disapproval in my voice.

I raised my eyebrow. "Yes what?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Hand me my coat." I took the little bag out of the pocket. Behind him, the screen flashed with previews giving him a glowing halo. "Now lift you're shirt to your chin." He did so as I took my new toy from its pouch. I couldn’t see very well, but I could feel the cold metal and the rubber. "Kneel." I commanded. The space between my seat and the seats in front of us was narrow and he had trouble folding his long legs, but he crouched down as well as he could. Attaching the small clamps to his nipples, I screwed them tighter and tighter until his body shuddered with each shaky breath. I tugged lightly on the chain that connected them and he squeaked. "Oh, this is fun," I grinned, pulling a little harder. Opening the drink he had set in the armrest between us, I fished out two ice cubes. He whimpered beautifully as I pressed them onto his sensitive nipples. Once the ice was fully melted, dribbling rivers down his chest and belly, I licked the water off his musky skin, pausing frequently to bite marks into his soft flesh.

Moving the drink, I lifted the armrest that divided our two seats and patted the cushion next to me. "You can sit now." He climbed into the seat pulling down his shirt and reached to button his pants, but my hand on his wrist stopped him. "No."

"Yes, Mistress." This was the first time he'd used my title without me prompting him. The demureness of his voice was delightful.

"And you can keep the coat on, but you have to take off that shirt." He slipped off his coat, removed the t-shirt and quickly put his coat back on. I leaned my shoulder up against his arm and twined fingers in the chain, pulling one side then the other. I yanked it a bit, drawing him to me with it. "Do you like my new toy?"

"If it pleases my Mistress," he gasped as I jerked it harder.

"That's not what I asked. I asked; do you like it?"

Laderris whimpered, "I do."

"Good," I said gently. I tugged on the chain. He leaned closer, tilting his head. My lips captured his; my tongue explored his mint flavored mouth as he melted into me.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Theater Distraction: part 1 (fiction)

Thunder rumbled with the arrival of my tall man. He was wearing a black trench coat and matching cowboy boots that slapped the wet asphalt as he hurried across the street. Pulling his collar up to his ears, he stopped just in front of the shadow where I was under an awning and stood with his back to me. I watched the thick mass of brown dreadlocks sway from side to side as he looked around.

"Laderris," I whispered.

He practically jumped. "Mistre - I mean, Constance?"

"You're late," I snapped, adjusting my leopard print coat.

His dark skin flushed a hint of crimson as he lowered his head. "I'm sorry, I..."

I touched a finger to his cheek. "What have we said about excuses?”

He lowered his head. “Yes Mistress.”

“We should get in out of the rain." I turned and walked briskly into the building. After a stunned second, he followed.

Rachael was leaning against the far corner of the concession stand watching the meandering patrons. Her long black hair was up in a glossy bun and she was wearing a short red dress with fishnet stockings. Her round face had a glazed look to it, but perked up as soon as she saw me.

I pulled Laderris down to my lips. "Be a good boy and get us a drink to share. You can get whatever else you want for yourself. Then meet me in front of the women's washroom." I lightly squeezed his ass and pushed him towards the counter.

Walking past Rachael, I could smell her lavender perfume, but I didn't look at her. She followed me at a trot. Once we were in the bathroom, I had her get on her hands and knees to check under all the stalls, making sure nobody else was with us.

"Did you bring everything?" I asked as I adjusted my vinyl skirt and checked my make-up. I was actually watching her crawl with her pert round butt bobbing up and down as the dress slid up past her waist, revealing matching red panties.

"Yes Mistress," she said, standing up by the stall closest to the door. She brushed off her hands and knees then put an Out of Order sign on the outside of the door and locked it. Taking the black purse from her shoulder, she handed it to me. "And," she held up a clear plastic bag, "this came in the mail today."

I lifted the bag to the light and inspected my new toy. "Oh, pretty!" I grinned. I put it in my coat pocket then rummaged through Rachel's bag. Everything was in it; she had done exactly what she was supposed to. Well, I thought looking at her hopeful face, almost exactly. "I expressly remember telling you to have your hair in braids." Her mouth fell open then snapped shut.

Quickly unraveling her hair, she stuttered, "I, I'm, I am sorry; it's just that I was rushing from work and…"

She fell silent as my right eyebrow cocked at the word sorry. I reached into her bag and took out a small wooden paddle. "Grab. Your. Ankles." Emphasizing each word with a clap of the paddle against my palm. She bent over and I gasped her hips to position her, sliding her dress to the middle of her back and pulling her panties down. That's when I saw the tattoos. On each pale cheek were two words: spank me on the right one and whip me on the left. "I don't remember giving you permission to get tattooed."

She giggled nervously as I tapped the paddle against my thigh by her face. "Sorry Mistress, I wanted to surprise you."

"And it's fresh."

"Well, you did smack this ass just last night."

I traced the letters with the edge of the paddle, causing Rachael to shiver. "You got this today." She nodded. "Shame," I muttered, pulling back my arm and landing the first blow on the spank me cheek.

"Uh!" she grunted. Gulping, she asked, "Wh-what's a shame, my lady?"

"It's a shame," I stated, landing another thwack on that same spot, "that you only want me to spank one side." Thwack, thwack, the paddle fell in a series of hard blows causing Rachael to whimper and the tattoo to ooze. Her hands tightened to white knuckles around her ankles as she yelped at the pain. "Don't you dare scream," I growled as the paddle hit faster and harder. Her whimpering grew with each smack, but she refrained from screaming.

I yanked her up by her hair, pulled her face to mine and licked each salty cheek. "You will spend the first part of the movie in one of these stalls thinking about how you've displeased me. However, because you did everything else you were supposed to, you may join us after half an hour. And clean this up." I shoved the sticky paddle at her face.

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress." With her panties around her ankles, she hobbled to the sink and cleaned off the paddle before limping into the closest stall as I left.