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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Austere: part 3 (fiction)

Landon never called. Constance wasn’t surprised, she hadn’t expected to hear from either of the two young attractive boys. After all, they could probably get something at least close to what she was offering for free. But three days after their meeting, she got a call from Laderris.
During the three days in between, she found herself distracted in all her classes, thinking of the messenger boy, wondering if he was going to call. She constantly reprimanded herself, when she realized what she was doing, only to find her mind wandering into a daydream of Laderris minutes later.

The day he called she was in the bath. She had just finished a session with Tonya, her favorite cross-dresser. One of the things she really liked about Tanya was that Tonya loved to clean. Not the typical flouncing about with a feather duster with the intent of being punished, but actually crawling around on her hands and knees scrubbing with a toothbrush while Mistress Constance following her around and smacking her ass with a paddle telling her what a good girl she was and what a good job she was doing. After she finished, everything would be sparkling, except for Tonya. Then Mistress Constance would punish Tonya for getting so dirty, give her a shower with a garden hose and end by holding Tonya to her chest as Tonya cried and told Mistress Constance about all the ways she was dirty.

After Tonya left, Constance decided to take advantage of her freshly cleaned bathroom and luxuriate in a bubble bath with candles, a book and her cell phone in easy reach. She had one of those claw-footed bathtubs that she could lay back in, her arms over each side of the tub and relax. She had recently gotten a bath pillow that she suctioned to the part of the tub behind her head so she wouldn’t strain her neck while everything below her collar bone, except her nipples, was beneath the water. Even though it was a bit dangerous to do so, she found that she loved falling asleep that way. After reading for a bit, she set the book on the low vanity table by her phone, leaned back and closed her eyes.

Her ring tone was a soft lilting music that got louder and louder until she answered or it went to voice mail. Reaching out of the tub, she felt around on the table until she almost knocked her phone to the floor. Grabbing it on its last ring, she answered.


“Mis – I mean, Constance?”

The voice was deep and rich, just how she remembered it. She could feel her heart pounding as she sat up, splashing water everywhere.


Laderris let out a breath of relief. “Oh thank goddess! I dialed the wrong number the first time and I upset the man who answered ‘cause his wife’s name’s Connie.” His laughter hitched in his throat as if he couldn’t get enough air into his lungs. “Um, yeah. But we figured out it was a wrong number and… you’re not married are you?”

Constance snickered. “Would it matter if I was?”

“Ummmm, no ‘cause it’s not like a dating situation or anything like that. Not that I even thought it was something like that ‘cause I know that this is different and it’s your job which has nothing to do with whatever you do with your private life or your social life…”


“…and I wouldn’t want to presume anything at all since this is really just a business transaction… well, sort of, but of the odd sort that you’d need to be attracted…”

“Laderris!” Constance shouted.

He fell silent.

“Breathe.” She could hear him breathing.

“You,” he squeaked. “How’d you know my name?”

It was Constance’s turn to be flustered. “I, umm, well you have a very distinctive voice and I have a good ear for…” She shook her head. Why was she explaining herself to a potential client? She slapped her hand in the water.

“Are you in the tub?”

She could feel herself blushing. Come on Constance, she thought, pull it together! “And if I am?”

“I umm,” Constance could hear him blushing as he fumbled for the words. He barked a laugh. “That’s none of my business, is it?”

“Right. Now, why’d you call?”

“Well, I finished filling out that form and I was wondering if we could have a… I mean, if we could meet? Maybe at that café Buddha place? Maybe tomorrow?”

“I have classes all day tomorrow.”

“What’re you studying?”


“Undergrad or Grad?”

“Grad.” Constance bit her lip. What the hell was she doing? She was revealing too much of her life. It had to be because she was in the bath and so relaxed. “Hold on a sec.” She set the phone down, stepped out of the tub and put on her purple satin robe and sat on the toilet before putting the phone back up to her ear . “I’m free on Friday after three, you?”

“Yeah! Well, at four, is that okay?”

"That'll do."

“Then it’s a date!” Laderris gasped. “I mean, a… a…”

“An appointment?”

“Yeah, that. See you then.”

“Bye.” Constance flipped her phone closed. This one was gonna be tricky.

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