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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Austere: part 4 (fiction)

Constance’s sessions with Laderris became part of her routine. She charged him less than she did any of her other clients, telling herself that it was only fair since he was a college student like her. At first, she would invariably find herself wondering how he felt about her. But after a while, she incorporated her desires for him into the scenes they built and pretended that’s all it was… just part of the job.

Laderris liked to be punished for any small infraction. He’d keep a tally of all the mistakes he made during the time he was away from her and put it in a notebook for Mistress Constance to look over. After she read all the bad things he did aloud, she would rate each violation then scold and punish him accordingly. He would cry and beg for forgiveness, but she would always tell him he would have to be punished before he could be forgiven.
After he’d been scolded enough, Mistress Constance would then strap him to the giant black whipping chair in the middle of the room, or chain him to the large wooden Catherine’s wheel, his naked body in an X, or suspend him in shackles and whip him as he danced on his toes trying to keep his balance.

At the end of the scene, she would hold him while he cried and tell him that all was forgiven. The scenes would vary, but the ending stayed the same.

He also liked scenes he play different rolls in. The two they played the most often were the damsel in distress (he was the damsel) being captured by the fierce yet sexy pirate and the very manly warrior enslaved by the merciless guard. But his absolute favorite was the schoolboy caught masturbating in the classroom by his teacher.

About three months after his first session, Laderris arrived with an exciting new idea for a scene. He wanted to play himself, a college boy and for Constance to be a strict librarian who happened upon him napping in one of the reading chairs after the library was already closed.

“And you don't even have to change or anything. You can just adjust the teacher outfit you’re wearing.” He looked up at her from his place on the floor; his eyes shining with excitement. "Whadaya think?”

Constance, who was lounging on the chaise, grinned. “I think that makes you my favorite.”

Laderris blushed. “Really?”

Constance nodded. “It’s like pulling teeth to get most of my other subs to tell me what they want.” She snickered. “Or to get them to say something other than ‘whatever pleases my Mistress,’ for that matter.” She shrugged. “I don’t mind coming up with things, it is my job after all, but it’s nice not to have to figure out every detail all the time.”

He smirked. “Whatever pleases my Mistress.”

Constance nudged him with the toe of her boot. “Jerk!”

He grabbed the tip of her boot and shook it. Then, with a mischievous grin, bounced up onto on the Chaise and straddled his Mistress. He tilted his head and smiled slyly. “Yes Mistress.”

She pushed at his chest but he grabbed her hands. She tried to get up, but he had a better angle and fell on her, his nose inches from hers. “If we’re going to do that scene, we should probably get started.”

“Yeah,” he agreed, but he didn’t make any effort to get off of her. Instead, he got more comfortable and lowered his lips to hers. When she didn’t resist, he deepened the kiss until she was kissing back.

Constance, her business side thought, you shouldn’t be doing this. You know better! But the other side, the side that was fully involved in the kiss, the romantic side, grabbed the business side and gagged her. Constance hadn’t really kissed anyone in a long time and Laderris was an amazing kisser.

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