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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Philosopher's in town!

Sorry I've been slackin' on the posting. Erm, yeah... is it obvious I've been distracted? In fact, he's nibbling on me right now. ;D

One of the more "special" customers who patronize the bookstore came in. He told us the Philosopher does not exist; that I made him up. He told us the Philosopher is made of wind and if I push my button he'd cease to exist.
He asked, "do you know what he's good for?"
I said, "yes."
He ignored me then proceeded to inform me that the Philosopher was good for carrying packages in the rain & keeping them from getting wet. Then he left.

While I agree that the Philosopher is quite good at carrying his package (hee-hee!), I'm not sure what all this not getting it wet is. I also happen to know first hand that he's oh so good at quite a few other things.

I asked the Philosopher if I could call him Windy... he said, maybe.

And also... the button is my bellybutton. Don't push it!

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