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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Theater Distraction: part 1 (fiction)

Thunder rumbled with the arrival of my tall man. He was wearing a black trench coat and matching cowboy boots that slapped the wet asphalt as he hurried across the street. Pulling his collar up to his ears, he stopped just in front of the shadow where I was under an awning and stood with his back to me. I watched the thick mass of brown dreadlocks sway from side to side as he looked around.

"Laderris," I whispered.

He practically jumped. "Mistre - I mean, Constance?"

"You're late," I snapped, adjusting my leopard print coat.

His dark skin flushed a hint of crimson as he lowered his head. "I'm sorry, I..."

I touched a finger to his cheek. "What have we said about excuses?”

He lowered his head. “Yes Mistress.”

“We should get in out of the rain." I turned and walked briskly into the building. After a stunned second, he followed.

Rachael was leaning against the far corner of the concession stand watching the meandering patrons. Her long black hair was up in a glossy bun and she was wearing a short red dress with fishnet stockings. Her round face had a glazed look to it, but perked up as soon as she saw me.

I pulled Laderris down to my lips. "Be a good boy and get us a drink to share. You can get whatever else you want for yourself. Then meet me in front of the women's washroom." I lightly squeezed his ass and pushed him towards the counter.

Walking past Rachael, I could smell her lavender perfume, but I didn't look at her. She followed me at a trot. Once we were in the bathroom, I had her get on her hands and knees to check under all the stalls, making sure nobody else was with us.

"Did you bring everything?" I asked as I adjusted my vinyl skirt and checked my make-up. I was actually watching her crawl with her pert round butt bobbing up and down as the dress slid up past her waist, revealing matching red panties.

"Yes Mistress," she said, standing up by the stall closest to the door. She brushed off her hands and knees then put an Out of Order sign on the outside of the door and locked it. Taking the black purse from her shoulder, she handed it to me. "And," she held up a clear plastic bag, "this came in the mail today."

I lifted the bag to the light and inspected my new toy. "Oh, pretty!" I grinned. I put it in my coat pocket then rummaged through Rachel's bag. Everything was in it; she had done exactly what she was supposed to. Well, I thought looking at her hopeful face, almost exactly. "I expressly remember telling you to have your hair in braids." Her mouth fell open then snapped shut.

Quickly unraveling her hair, she stuttered, "I, I'm, I am sorry; it's just that I was rushing from work and…"

She fell silent as my right eyebrow cocked at the word sorry. I reached into her bag and took out a small wooden paddle. "Grab. Your. Ankles." Emphasizing each word with a clap of the paddle against my palm. She bent over and I gasped her hips to position her, sliding her dress to the middle of her back and pulling her panties down. That's when I saw the tattoos. On each pale cheek were two words: spank me on the right one and whip me on the left. "I don't remember giving you permission to get tattooed."

She giggled nervously as I tapped the paddle against my thigh by her face. "Sorry Mistress, I wanted to surprise you."

"And it's fresh."

"Well, you did smack this ass just last night."

I traced the letters with the edge of the paddle, causing Rachael to shiver. "You got this today." She nodded. "Shame," I muttered, pulling back my arm and landing the first blow on the spank me cheek.

"Uh!" she grunted. Gulping, she asked, "Wh-what's a shame, my lady?"

"It's a shame," I stated, landing another thwack on that same spot, "that you only want me to spank one side." Thwack, thwack, the paddle fell in a series of hard blows causing Rachael to whimper and the tattoo to ooze. Her hands tightened to white knuckles around her ankles as she yelped at the pain. "Don't you dare scream," I growled as the paddle hit faster and harder. Her whimpering grew with each smack, but she refrained from screaming.

I yanked her up by her hair, pulled her face to mine and licked each salty cheek. "You will spend the first part of the movie in one of these stalls thinking about how you've displeased me. However, because you did everything else you were supposed to, you may join us after half an hour. And clean this up." I shoved the sticky paddle at her face.

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress." With her panties around her ankles, she hobbled to the sink and cleaned off the paddle before limping into the closest stall as I left.

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