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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Theater Distraction: part 2 (fiction)

I led Laderris into the theater, up the stairs and to the back of the audience. There were only a few other moviegoers besides us and they were all sitting close to the screen so they could read the subtitles. It was part of the reason I'd chosen this rather plot-less but highly erotic flick. No one, except for Rachael, was going to bother us. Laderris had been talking nonstop about how he liked my coat and that my eyes had some gold to them and that he liked how glossy my black hair was and something about the film classes he was taking and wasn't it odd that I had suggested a foreign film when he was the film buff (I rolled my eyes at that one) and on and on like that.

"Enough," I said over my shoulder. He fell silent.

As we got to our seats, I stood watching him as he sat down. As soon as he noticed, he popped back up. "Did I um, should I get you something?"

I shrugged, just looking at him. After his being late, I was in no mood to explain.

"Oh, your coat!"

I nodded. He tenderly removed and folded the coat before setting it next to him. As he started to remove his own coat, I said, "Keep it on." He did so without question. As the theater went dark, I had him stand in front of me. With me sitting and him being well over six feet tall, I was at eye level with his crotch. "Open your coat," I murmured, appreciating the bulge in his jeans. I slid my hands up under his shirt and gently ran my nails along the sides of his slightly round belly. Unbuttoning the first two buttons of his pants, I was careful not to accidentally brush where his member strained against the fabric. He inhaled a sharp breath as I trailed a finger through the top edge of course fur. He was wearing no underwear. "Good boy," I breathed. "However, you were late and it took you almost an entire minute to remember your manners. I believe that deserves some punishment, don't you?"

"Yes," he whispered, his body slumping at the disapproval in my voice.

I raised my eyebrow. "Yes what?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Hand me my coat." I took the little bag out of the pocket. Behind him, the screen flashed with previews giving him a glowing halo. "Now lift you're shirt to your chin." He did so as I took my new toy from its pouch. I couldn’t see very well, but I could feel the cold metal and the rubber. "Kneel." I commanded. The space between my seat and the seats in front of us was narrow and he had trouble folding his long legs, but he crouched down as well as he could. Attaching the small clamps to his nipples, I screwed them tighter and tighter until his body shuddered with each shaky breath. I tugged lightly on the chain that connected them and he squeaked. "Oh, this is fun," I grinned, pulling a little harder. Opening the drink he had set in the armrest between us, I fished out two ice cubes. He whimpered beautifully as I pressed them onto his sensitive nipples. Once the ice was fully melted, dribbling rivers down his chest and belly, I licked the water off his musky skin, pausing frequently to bite marks into his soft flesh.

Moving the drink, I lifted the armrest that divided our two seats and patted the cushion next to me. "You can sit now." He climbed into the seat pulling down his shirt and reached to button his pants, but my hand on his wrist stopped him. "No."

"Yes, Mistress." This was the first time he'd used my title without me prompting him. The demureness of his voice was delightful.

"And you can keep the coat on, but you have to take off that shirt." He slipped off his coat, removed the t-shirt and quickly put his coat back on. I leaned my shoulder up against his arm and twined fingers in the chain, pulling one side then the other. I yanked it a bit, drawing him to me with it. "Do you like my new toy?"

"If it pleases my Mistress," he gasped as I jerked it harder.

"That's not what I asked. I asked; do you like it?"

Laderris whimpered, "I do."

"Good," I said gently. I tugged on the chain. He leaned closer, tilting his head. My lips captured his; my tongue explored his mint flavored mouth as he melted into me.

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