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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Theater Distraction: part 4 (fiction)

I held my hand out to Rachael for the tiny flogger she had. Pushing Laderris’s legs further apart, I flicked the whip along the inside of his thighs.

"That's for not trusting me," I said as he winced with each strike. He yelped as two thwacks stung his penis. "Shhhh!" I hissed, looking quickly around to see if we had been heard. Fortunately, the movie was at a party scene so no one heard us at the back of the theater. I nodded curtly at Rachael, who obediently lowered her mouth onto his cock. "Don't make a sound," I whispered as a grunt escaped Laderris. He pressed his lips tight and squeezed my hand. Reaching over, I gently guided his neck to my mouth. He moaned as I nibbled and bit his skin and Rachael licked and sucked, bobbing up and down and grazing him lightly with her teeth. The slurping blended with the moans coming from the party scene turned orgy on the screen at the front of the theater. Spying a floor walker, I pulled back and said urgently, "You might want to hurry up. We might have company."

Laderris gasped as Rachael took him deep into her throat and began working her well trained muscles. He clasped his left hand over his mouth and his right hand gripped my upper thigh. Convulsing silently with Rachael working him harder and faster, he exhaled a loud, "oh gods," then went limp. The noise from the orgy scene covered his words so not even the theater attendant heard him.

Rachael sat up, licking her lips. "Mistress, may I be excused?" She smiled sweetly. "I have to go to the ladies room."

"Yes," I said, taking her offered hand. "You've done well." She pulled my hand to her lips and kissed it without taking her eyes off me, then shuffled to the aisle and skipping down the steps. "You too," I said to Laderris, who had just managed to get his pants back up. He grabbed his t-shirt, kissed my cheek and staggered out of the theater.

As the movie ended, Rachael and Laderris made their way to me. They sat on either side of me; Rachael wrapping her arm around mine while Laderris held my hand to watch the credits roll down the screen.

"You miss us?" Rachael asked.

"Terribly," I said kissing them each on the cheek.

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