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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Under the Seats

After reading my story, "Theater Distraction", one of my readers asked if I'd ever had sex in a theater. Initially I answered no, I've never had sex in a theater. But then I thought about it. It's true that I've never had sex in a movie theater, but I have had sex in a live theater. So instead of going back and correcting my statement, I decided to post that scene here. enjoy!

A quick background... The Mentor and I had a complicated relationship. I had just turned 20 when we met, he was 27. We went on one date then decided to just be friends. He was pretty well established as THE Stage Manager for the professional theater company attached to the school I was going to and decided to take me under his wing. He was a fantastic teacher and we became a great Stage Management duo. Somewhere in the midst of our working relationship and ever growing friendship, we started dating.

One evening, as we were setting up the theater before a rehearsal, the Mentor asked me to help him get a large oriental rug from the storage closet under the seats. "There's no way I'm gonna be able to drag that rug out by myself."

"Sure," I said, setting down the props I was carrying. "I didn't know that was a storage closet under the seats."

He grinned. "Yeah, there's a lot down there and I have the key."

The closet under the seats was more a wide hallway than a closet. It stretched from one end of the auditorium to the other. The floor sloped down to the middle then rose up to the other side. Because of the unexpected steep slope, I fell into him, giggling. He caught me, but lost his own footing and we tumbled onto the rug we needed to bring up laughing and kissing. The laughter faded as he wrapped me in his arms and kissed me deeper. Beyond the doors, we could hear the voices of our actors arriving.

He sat up, but I pushed him back. "But we should..."

I touched my finger to his lips. "We have an hour... or, rather, half an hour? Until..."

He shushed me.

"Is anyone down here?" The voice of the set designer echoed down the hall. I buried my face in his chest so not to give us away. The light switched off and the door slammed shut with a resonating boom. I snickered and grabbed his dick through his pants.

"We've probably got about fifteen minutes," he gasped.

I busted into a fit of giggles as he quickly removed my pants. I zipped open his jeans, slid them down, slipped a condom onto his erection and straddled him, pressing his back into the dusty carpet. He grabbed my breasts pulling one to his mouth as he fondled the other. He moved in and out of me as I rode him. I tightened my vaginal muscles around his member; he gasped. We came together muffling our moans and squeals. I collapsed onto him.

Beyond the walls we could hear the stage crew asking for us. Getting up, we quickly redressed, grabbed the rug and brought it out from under the stairs... trying not to giggle.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First Date with the Coffee Maven

The Coffee Maven, who is hotter than the coffee she sells, and I met at the bookstore a week before the bookstore closed. About a week ago, we did the, "are you creepy" check when we hung out. She wasn't and I wasn't so we made a date for today.

When I got off work, I headed over to the Coffee Maven's shop. We hung out there for a bit then went to my favorite Thai place. Yummy, yummy Thai food! After that, we hopped on the El, where legs leaned up against each other and arms "accidentally" brushed, and went to the Museum of Contemporary Art where (a) it's free on Tuesdays and (b) she'd been told that the exhibit of Jeff Koons's art was quite good. We were particularly glad for (a) since (b) wasn't quite to our liking. There were some interesting pieces, but overall it wasn't all that grand. The 'sexually explicit' pictures were more pornographic than artistic to my taste. Don't get me wrong, I like porn, but I expect more from something passing itself off as art than penises, boobs and assholes in typical sexual positions. I was intrigued by Kara Walker's large installation piece and would go back to view that again.

After the museum, we decided to go for a walk by the beach. As we were walking towards Lake Michigan, a girl in front of us had on hot pink sweat pants had in bubble letters and in a rainbow arch on her ass the words, "True Love Waits". I was trying not to laugh when I caught the Coffee Maven's eye and saw that she had seen it too. We both squeezed our lips tight as the man who was with the "True Love Waits" girl hit on her while talking about Jesus. Once we were past them, we both about busted a gut laughing and the Coffee Maven summed it up on one word, "Hilaaaaaaaarious!" Since it was over her butt, my one question was, "does that mean 'true love waits' for anal sex?" We couldn't stop laughing after that.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Austere: part 5 (fiction)

About five o’clock in the morning Constance woke up. She was in her bed in her room on the second floor of her house. Lying next to her was her youngest client, Ladderis. She eased her way out from under the comforter, careful not to disturb her companion. He couldn’t wake up yet; she needed to think.

Last night, after the kiss, Constance had pushed Laderris off her and scolded him harshly. He’d hung his head and mumbled an apology. Grabbing the ruler she’d intended to use for the classroom scene, she rapped it across his knuckles.
“Now go sit down!” She ordered. Once he was settled in the chair by the bookcase, she turned to leave the basement.
“I’m truly sorry.”
She paused, still facing away from him. “Yeah, well, just… just be sure to grab one of those books to masturbate to or this library scene won’t work.” She hurried up the stairs to adjust a few aspects of her outfit before he could say anything else.
With a pile of books high enough to make it look like she couldn’t see over them, she walked down the basement steps and found her naughty little schoolboy with his pants around his knees, his dick in one hand and one of her smut books in the other. He was moaning. Pretending not to see him, she shushed him from across the room and walked towards him. He groaned louder. She slammed her stack on the table near him.
In her loudest whisper she reprimanded him. “Young man, if you don’t quiet down, I’m going to have to toss you out of this libra…” She gasped, pretending to see him for the first time. “What is this?” She snatched the book out of his hand, tearing the cover a bit in the process. She’d intended to shout at him about how a young boy like him should not be reading such things when a piece of paper fluttered to the floor. She grabbed it, brought it to her face and her tirade stymied. On the paper was a picture of her, but it wasn’t one of the ones from her website. It was a picture of her in a library selecting a book. She wasn’t wearing any make-up, her hair was a mess and she was wearing regular clothes.
The paper once again fluttered to the ground. In a tiny voice Constance asked, “Have you been following me?”
Ladderis gasped, alarm etched into his features. “No! I just saw you at the library and I was taking pictures anyhow so I snapped one of you.”
Shaking herself back into the scene, Constance strode over to him, jerked him out of the chair, grabbed a handful of his hair, sat down, yanked him over one knee and clamped her other leg around him so he couldn’t wiggle away. With her bare hand she smacked his ass twenty times.
“That’s for masturbating in my library!”
Twenty more smacks.
“That’s for ruining a book!”
He was whimpering with the next set of twenty.
“That’s for not being quiet when I told you!”
The last set of twenty came hard and loud. He was full out crying.
“And that, young man, is for taking my picture without permission and for kissing me and for…”
Shoving him off her lap, she watched him tumble to the floor. She stood up and turned her back to him. “Red, okay? Red.” She was crying but she didn’t want him to see.
She inhaled deeply to steady her voice. “Go home Ladderis. I won’t charge you for this session.” She felt him move behind her.
“Ladderis, I said leave!”
But he didn’t. Instead he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him. Unable to stop crying, she sobbed into his chest. He lowered himself to the chair with her in his lap. He stroked her hair.
“Constance, I’m sorry I upset you. I didn’t know…” he cleared his throat. “I was foolish. I should’ve asked or at least let you know or at least said hi. But I was… I don’t know, I don’t know why I did it. But I brought it with the best intention ‘cause I thought it was so beautiful… you’re so beautiful.” He put his finger under her chin and kissed her.
Constance pulled away shaking her head. “Ladderis, I…”
“I know. You’re right. I should go. But can’t I stay? I mean, not as a client, but as a friend?” His dark skin flushed darker. “I mean, you know, if you want a friend. I’d really like to have you as a friend.”
Constance smiled. “Okay, you can stay.”

So he did. And they talked and talked and ate pizza and watched a movie. They both fell asleep on the couch. When they woke, instead of sending him home like she knew she should have, Constance invited Ladderis up to her room. They didn’t have sex; they merely cuddled and kissed and tickled and talked then slept some more.

Constance stood in her bathroom looking herself in the mirror. “Oh Constance, what have you gotten yourself into?”

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Dismantling a bookstore is exhausting. I will post a real post tomorrow. I'm also shifting my Saturday posts to Sunday... let's see how that works.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dismantalling a Bookstore

The bookstore is closing and I've bought many of the bookshelves for the bookstore/tattoo shop that the Artist and I will eventually (hopefully soon) have. This entire week after my teaching/directing job, I've been going over to the bookstore and dismantling bookshelves. Unfortunately, it's never as easy as it appears to be. My boss designed several of the bookcases and the front counter and put them together with her boyfriend. They put them together very well with lots of screws. Some are phillip's heads but the rest are torc screws. Only I thought they were hex screws so I brought the wrong wrench. Oh well. It's all been pretty weird.... it's like undressing a lover from the inside out. Which, I guess, would actually be disemboweling a lover. Mmmmmm... not so sexy.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bookstore Sex

We had a condom and half an hour.

The thing to note is that the bookstore has two huge bay windows. Since we've been in the process of closing, if someone were to stand in the center of the second one, that someone could possibly see all the way to the back of the store. So we rearranged the furniture. We laid down the futon and hid it behind the front counter, a rolling bookshelf and another counter.

We had twenty minutes.

The idea of getting caught, even with the doors locked & the window blocked, got me wet. I'm not much of an exhibitionist, but I like the risk of possibly getting caught. I was removing my clothes quickly, but the Philosopher's kissing and fondling slowed me down.


We removed the rest our each other's clothes with kisses and tickles and giggles. He ripped open the wrapper and slid the condom on.


I tried to keep my foot out of sight as he was on top of me, holding my calf over his shoulder.


He slowed, nervous about being seen.
"Fear of getting caught, not your kink?" I whispered.
"Um, not really." He blushed. "That's why I suggested the bathroom."
I grinned and kissed him. "Bathrooms, not my kink."


We snickered as we put the bookstore back in order.

We hugged and held each other. kissing deeply before we let anyone else in.

I opened the store.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Wee Bit Late... & a bit about CampOUT!

Hey All!

So I had every intention of posting yesterday, but exhaustion won out. We got in from CampOUT Monday evening. After unloading and putting several things away, it was quite late when I got to bed and I had to work quite early yesterday morning. As my teaching/directing job is with teens - and a few above teenage years as I recently discovered - is quite active, I was tired. Even after a nap, I was still exhausted. So I lounged about then slept some more.

Despite the incredibly long drive (that hit the point of crabbiness about the 7th hour on the way home), the lack of cell phone reception, and the humidity, CampOUT was delightful! Even though I spent most of my time assisting the Artist & flogging books, I had a WONDERFUL time! I enjoyed meeting so many new people, flirting with a few lovely creatures, listening to some wonderful discussions and having a few quiet ones of my own. I do wish I had more time to play, but alas, the Artist was there to work & I would be a poor assistant if I flounced off on my own. Besides, I do so love being of service to the Artist.

Some highlights:
  • I met Lee Harrington & bought two of Lee's books (a fantastic writer and awesome individual!) = Shibari You Can Use: Japanese Rope Bondage and Erotic Macrome & The Toybag Guide to Age Play I ripped through the latter while still in the woods. What a delightful little book! It is very clear and to the point yet had a storytelling air to it. I am slowly working my way through the Rope book and am looking forward to trying the tying out. And it just so happens that the Philosopher is visiting this weekend... *wicked grin*
  • Sexy Trans exhibitionism!!! Yippy!
  • A pool, a hot tub, trans kisses and cuddles, Bear lovin', grrrrrrrrrrrreat!
  • Fabulous fire spinning by the Artist, delightful drumming by a yummy hippie woman, fire cupping by Jinx AND she gave me a handout on Fire Play!!! Yippy!!!!
  • A Dungeon in the woods. I didn't get to play, but it looked really good & one of the St. Andrew's Crosses is now in MY possession. :D (A bit of a late payment for a tattoo that I got to benefit from.)
  • And Jake's cooking. Jake rocks my entire sock drawer!
  • Plus ideas for future collaborations, negotiations & temptations.
All in all, it was grand.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Body Parts I like to Fondle - Hands (part 4)

One of my dearest friends likes to touch. She has strong hands; she used to be a masseuse. She will massage my shoulders and sometimes my hands while we're talking. I adore her touch.

I enjoy looking at hands as well as fondling them. I will hold them out in front of me and trace the shape of them; stroking and massaging as I study them.

I spent one entire evening learning the hands of a lover. I traced each line, touched the veins and just held them. I had massaged his body until he fell asleep so I spent hours stroking and touching those rough, calloused hands that were somehow strong and tender at the same time.

A night at the theater I sat next the Photographer. She held my hand as we watched some well-acted but very depressing action on the stage. She was sitting between her husband and me and she was holding both of our hands. Her finger ran along my knuckles as my fingertips caressed her wrist.

The softest fingers I've ever felt belong to the Philosopher. I adore the feel of them on my flesh... in my mouth... massaging every part of me. His palms are gentle and strong. He holds my hands over my head or behind my back as we're wrestling and, no matter how rough he's being, I enjoy his touch. I pet his hands as he spoons behind me and wraps his arms around me.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

LaGarou - hangin' out with the werewolves

Next week the Artist and I will be going to CampOUT at Longfork in Walton, WV.

"CampOUT is a unique event whose heart lies in both the transmasculine and leather communities. They host a gathering that is conducive for people to explore their gender and sexuality safely."

What does this mean to you, oh my loyal readers? (or is it reader?) After a week of being rather lax in my posting, I'm going to be gone for a week. But once we get back, I'll return to my regular writing schedule. ;D

Thursday, July 3, 2008


It's been an exhausting week. Along with the Philosopher coming to visit, I started my new job, hung out with a friend who's moving to Japan (I'm gonna miss her like crazy cakes!), worked at the bookstore, had a few meetings connected to my new job... And then there's all the thinking I've been doing about what I need to do before we leave for West Virginia next week. (I'll be posting about that later this weekend.)

When I got home today all I wanted to do was eat some lunch and take a nap. The Philosopher had some things to do so I ate and went to bed. Just as I'm drifting off to sleep, the Philosopher wanders in and lays down with me.

"Oh, what's this?" He said, kneading my boob. I giggled. He pushed up my shirt and suckles my nipple. With a mouth full of my tit, he asked, "is okay?"

I nodded, enjoying the sensation. Sleepily stimulated, I moaned.

"You like that?"

"Mmmhmmm!" I grinned.

"Is that yes? Or do you want me to stop and let you nap?" he asked.

I smiled. "If I wanted you to stop, I'd say stop."

"Good to know." He took off his shirt and mine then kneaded and nibbled until I was fully aroused. He took off my pants and massaged my inner thigh. "Such sexy legs." He sighed, then started rubbing my clit.

Overstimulated, I stopped him. "She's sore."

"Oh?" He asked, kissing me. "Has she been receiving too much attention?"

I shook my head. "Not too much, but waaaaaaaay more than she's used to so she's tender."

He switched from rubbing to sliding his finger into my wet opening. "Is that okay?"

"Oh yessssssssss..." I breathed.

He slowly built up, kissing me while shoving one then two then three digits deeper and deeper and faster and faster until I came, gasping. With one hand still inside me, he removed his pants, slipped on a condom, folded me in half and replaced his fingers with his cock. A series of small orgasms shook me as soon as he entered me. He thrust harder, pushing further in and increasing to a rhythm that promised an explosion as we sweat all over each other.

He started to nibble my neck, but remembered my comment earlier about not wanting bruises since I was directing teens this week, kissed it instead. I whispered, "you know, I'm not teaching for over a week. You can bite my neck if you want." Without a moment's hesitation, he bit down. It was enough to push me over the edge and I came twice as hard as he bit. As he came, I came a second time.

After a few minutes of convulsing and snuggling, he went to go clean up and I melted into the bed. He crawled back in bed with me just as I was drifting off to sleep. This time, he let me sleep.