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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dismantalling a Bookstore

The bookstore is closing and I've bought many of the bookshelves for the bookstore/tattoo shop that the Artist and I will eventually (hopefully soon) have. This entire week after my teaching/directing job, I've been going over to the bookstore and dismantling bookshelves. Unfortunately, it's never as easy as it appears to be. My boss designed several of the bookcases and the front counter and put them together with her boyfriend. They put them together very well with lots of screws. Some are phillip's heads but the rest are torc screws. Only I thought they were hex screws so I brought the wrong wrench. Oh well. It's all been pretty weird.... it's like undressing a lover from the inside out. Which, I guess, would actually be disemboweling a lover. Mmmmmm... not so sexy.

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